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Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
Star-struck by your eyes
the magic in them shining on me
with such an angelic light...
Oh Lord, there's no other place I want to be
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
All around my world crumbles
no peace or love in me
and yet, after so many years
I can't shed a single tear
I guess I'm just used to it. It's kinda scary, to be honest...
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
It was quite windy today
and while looking outside
I suddenly realized
that my mind is like a yard
filled with dry leaves
all floating around
and me? I'm just running about
trying to catch 'em all
but when I'm almost over
sweating and making clouds with my breath
all the leaves fly away
leaving me standing there
tired of a work
that will lead me nowhere
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
I feel a hole
gaping in my chest
dripping dark red blood
******* all that was left
of me, in the past
my smiles and sunny days
leaving nothing behind
but frozen shades of gray
And in my sleep I feel like falling
never stopping 'till I reach my doom...
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
I wish I was always inspired
by Light and all its daughters
by rainbows, sunny days
and afternoons filled with laughter
but Darkness
her rainy days and chilly nights
touches my heart in so many ways
I can hardly fight
So, I give in
letting it all flow trough me
turning my sorrow and tears
in this what you read
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
To feel cold
when hugged by a friend
to feel alone
among so many others
maybe this is
the winter of my soul
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
A chained angel
with shredded wings
a room full of people
screaming at him
lusting for his blood
calling out his demise
taunting him with words:
"Oh, little bird, why don't you fly?"
And one day I shall fly, my wings finally open, ever reaching for the sunrise...
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