My head spins,
My heart is tipsy
and all my feelings are behaving weirdly,
and here I stand, not knowing
the whats, the whens, the who's and the whys.
Round and round, here I go,
taking everything down in my way,
topsy-turvy along the windy path,
tripping down on the air, someone hold me,
I'm goin' to fall, with a big crash...
****, what a night was that.
Now as I wake up and then open my eyes,
I feel the pain as it hurts to see the light.
Bang and Boom, echoes my head,
so, so many regrets.
But after all, you are in my toughts,
again and again, as it was before.
Five bottles and some shots weren't enough to send you away,
and maybe I should had done that ****** ******,
oh well, the past is gone, as much as you are,
but I'm coming to you, I swear, my heart,
because to live without you is to wish to be away,
is to much to take, too much pain,
so I'm ending this, slowly and steady,
because I lack the guts to do it at once...
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
How many times I'll have to say that I love You,
for you to perceive my feelings?
All those sugary words weren't for nothing,
they were for you,
so please, realize that it is about us I'm talking,
and take your head out of the blue.
I may not be brave enough to say it directly,
but I'm saying it nonetheless,
being as much I can be lovely,
but you don't see over your sentimental blindness.
Oh Heavens, make him look at me,
the way I want to be seen,
and maybe, just maybe,
all those I love you's weren't lost to the wind.
Love You Lost Brave Absent Feelings Shyness
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
Oh Moon, take me away,
to a place where I can be myself,
and be it with the one I love.
And when thy brother, the Sun,
shines again upon the lands o' man,
may it shine in a new day,
when I'll be happier,
and me heart lighter
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
For all the noises in the world,
silence is the one I hate the most.
See, the **** thing is just too loud!
If it comes from You, it's hurtful,
it annoys me, makes my anxiety go up the clouds.
Makes me think I did something wrong,
fills my mind with all kinds of doubt.
I long for hearing your voice, it's like a drug to me,
and you, sir, got me addicted to it.
But these days nothing comes trough,
so I just stare at your picture, waiting for it to speak to me,
in that same sweet tune.
I sound crazy to you? Well, I might be.
I need something to muffle your silence,
and for it, craziness is the perfect sound,
makes me breath, lest I drown in this quiet swamp that is being alone.
I really hate being alone. Being alone and in silence? For me, it's like ****.
I have constant nightmares about profound and still silence, but maybe getting my fears out there will make them go away, eh?
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
Here I stay with a smile,
while my mind floods with tears,
waiting for something to happen,
to take me out of these years:
Years of pain,
months of  hopeless crying,
days of feeling my inside dying.
Hours without an end, waiting for you to call,
infinite minutes, looking at the watch on the wall.
And every single one of those precious seconds,
when I firmly believed you were the one for me.
****, I was naive.
But now the hours go by and I don't even see,
all those ticks and tocks don't let me sleep,
because I miss you, ******,
and I don't even know why,
since I've never had you,
not in any moment in time.
You were always of another one,
one that you loved truly,
and even if it hurts me,
that's what it is.
Time will go by,
and I shall let you go as well,
and ringing far away,
won't wake me up all those bells
as I will sleep my pain away in that day,
never to rise again
If there is one thing I learned recently, it's there is no better medicine for the heart than Time itself. It's a bitter medicine, and it hurts so much, yes... But there is no other solution as efficient, be it for the good or the bad.
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
****, am I tired of this.
I'm tired of my heart,
'cause he keeps me up all night.
I'm tired of him,
who also keeps me up, alright.
Hm, I really tought this was a longer list.
Guess the one who I'm most tired is me, then.
Sorry, You thought this was a poem?
Then I shall do my best for you.
You there, reading this: You must be tired of me, too.
Everybody is these days,
so why shouldn't You?
I'm just a waste of space and time,
my toughts ain't worth a single dime.
Yeah, that's pretty much it.
Just a self pity explosion,
nothing worthy to hear.
Bye for now, see you soon.
who knows?
By then I may already gone boom!
Wonder who will give me an eulogy,
as there isn't much to say.
So young!, they will weep,
as I still had so much do pay.
Sorry to take you on this sad ride,
but I kinda needed this.
A place for my tears to fall, there is.
Now, I really must be going!
And maybe I will come back,
once I'm done living this nightmare,
where everything is pitch black.
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
I've never tought of You like this,
You were my friend, and that was it!
And yet, when I look at You,
my heart starts to race,
turning me eager to see your eyes,
hungry for your embrace.
But now, You are with someone else,
I was too slow to see myself, to learn that I liked you.
Oh Fate, make him come to me,
so I can wipe off my tears, so I can be out of feeling blue.
Oh, who am I kidding?
I will never be brave enough.
I will still keep on hiding
like I was doing before.
Trapped in the proverbial closet,
afraid of my own kin,
a mind confused,
unconfortable on my very skin.
You showed me the way out,
but never how to live in here,
so now I'm lost without your light,
afraid even to fight.
Will You come to me, my love,
or this is only a vain hope?
Should I still believe,
or should I start with the loneliness cope?
I didn't felt like this for anyone before... It hurts like ****, indeed! I will carry on, of course. But the Lord knows I will cry a few more nights before I can smile again...
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