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Lor Aug 2018
The ripe old age of 25
where I'm supposed to be alive
and prospering.
But instead, it is an uphill climb
to those two digits which seem so high that
I cannot reach.

Because there is a whisper- screaming- in the back
of my head
saying that nothing's ahead
and what is scarier than nothing at all?
Lor Jun 2018
We were backwards
Singing breakup songs to each other with
On our faces

Tears when we laughed
Anger drawing out giggles
****** jokes strewn on our tongues
well past both our limits

In reverse, fast, I could not see
Whether we were en route for collision
Or destined to live happily
Lor Jun 2018
I just want someone to lip sync love songs about
To live with and without
Two minds two bodies in time
Coming together like a perfect rhyme
Lor May 2018
My ears bleed from the bullets
gone into others
That I see on a screen
either near me or with me at all hours
So I hide from the fun-house mirror of
society's flaws and hate amplified
letting the bitter slicing voice of one like me
strain to send itself amongst the waves of a chilling sea
I cannot swim
And revert to ink recounting
the horrors of her present
she is still too loud
Until all I can know is told from

a mouth who's lip quivers and teeth


leaving my mind

to create Hell itself.
Even the pretty pictures can't fool me
Lor May 2018
I spend my days lighting candles




Hoping you'll call
To ignite our extinguished love
Title for last my love
Lor May 2018
The cracks interrupting my walk
Are not cracks at all
But veins of sweet
Sweet blossoms fallen

Gray stepped-on concrete holds tight
To the cells of sweet traveling
Amongst the deep
Mimicking bright of the sky they once reached

My step carefully avoids
The soldiers on their plight
Their helmets a warm rose
Filling those trenches awaiting

A gust of fresh air set the sweet cells to dancing
A cyclone of chaotic beauty
And once again the cracks of my walk are empty
With only the memory of their visitors
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