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Ms Noma Jan 15
A man’s love be fickle
His eyes do wander oft
He’ll sell you for a nickel
Just to buy a simple broth

A man’s love be instant
Leaves as quick as whence it came
Behaves as if an infant
Loves and leaves you all the same

A man’s love be finite
His passion one day ends
He leaves, he’s gone, he’s out of sight
No care to make amends

A man’s love be selfish
So beware, give love in doses
Too much and he’ll turn oafish
Give only that which makes him notice.
Recently watched Erica Whyman's (Artistic Director) rendition Romeo & Juliet (RSC; Barbican Centre, London), and the opening act of Romeo's pining for Rosaline reminded me of how quickly the male attention diverts(!) To all the Rosalines, let's not get ourselves caught up in Romeo's games too much. Take caution(!)
Ms Noma Jan 2
Starry night
So clear and true
Oh what a sight
To look at you

Blanket black
With jewels a’strewn
A night-time plaque
Hangs up the moon

Comfort in
Your cold embrace
Icy velvet
Pinned with lace

I see each star
Has light, has hope
They’re not so far
I know we’ll cope.
Couldn't sleep last night and spotted the stars from my window, which made me smile :)
  Dec 2018 Ms Noma
Madisen Kuhn
why do i crumble
fall into pieces of
oats and sugar
something beautiful
in a white bowl, but
a mess on the floor
when i wake up
in an empty house
why do i wither like
brown leaves
under brand new and
borrowed boots atop
autumn sidewalks
when i’m alone,
i’m alone,
i’m alone
it is not enough
to eat breakfast
however small
to wash my hair with
coconut milk
to not step out into
the busy street;
i freeze before the ice
touches me
i do not allow
the chance to warm
my own hands
i lie down, on
***** sheets,
and wait for someone
to awaken me
Ms Noma Dec 2018
Little lamb
Speak to me
We’ll make a plan
Just wait and see

Little lamb
Share your woes
We’ll make a plan
To oust your foes

Little lamb
Hold my hand
We’ll make a plan
To make a stand

Little lamb
Don’t give up
We’ll make a plan
Trust me pup

Little lamb
Promise me
We’ll make a plan
Just wait and see
Ms Noma Dec 2018
Fresh greens sprout anew
Shaking off the morning dew
Waking up to a golden kiss
Whose magic touch unveils the mist

Born again post-winter death
Branches bud with each new breath
Their leafy splendour slowly grows
As Mother Earth within them flows

Something magic is in the trees
Their quiet quivers, the dancing breeze
The birds are chirping, the winds are singing
In celebration of new beginnings
#newgreenbeginnings #newbeginnings  #trees #nature #motherearth #trees #life
  Dec 2018 Ms Noma
Emily Miranda
She was beautiful and so full of life
She was as bright as the sun
She brought a smile to anyone she met and to anyone that she saw
She was brave
She was fearless..or was thought to be anyway
She was unforgettable until they forgot her
She was like a flame until they put her out
She was like a lion until the poachers came
She was like a wild flower until they picked her
She was like a tree.. oh so full of happiness until they cut her happiness down.
She was everything until they made her nothing
She was kind
She was.
I don't know what to say about this one honestly.. What do you think?
Ms Noma Dec 2018
I moved my feet
In time with yours
I stayed on beat
With heels so sore

I sung and sung
My throat so dry
And parched my tongue
But still, I tried

I smiled a smile
Through tears and pain
To hide the bile
A smile in vain
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