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Britt Nichole Aug 2019
..Kiss me like you love me in July.
I will kiss you into July
I will kiss you until my lips melt like July and August, and then when September returns I will kiss you like I want the leaves to stay on the trees
I am staying
I will kiss you until you are me
There are soft spots and then there are spots where my lips touch that make you soft like pudding
I will kiss there
I will kiss where you hurt and where you have healed
I will put my lips on your lips when you are hot and I am cold
I will feed you with these lips  
I will feed you until you are full of me
Kiss me and then kiss me again.
I will do it, honey.
I will
Britt Nichole Jun 2019
When I miss you
   I hurt well
I ache in my chest for the love we had in the moments that were pure between us
We were body on body
    Body in body
       Body with body
    We shared time
        We shared soft moments
What am I without what you made of me?
What are you without what all I gave to you?
Britt Nichole Feb 2019
I kiss softly because I am afraid of commitment
I kiss lots of people because, why not?
I kissed a dead body before I kissed my first love
I miss flowers when the grass is brown
I miss flowers like how I miss you every single day
I missed my pills and now I just miss myself
I think infinity is a lot of sleep
I miss you now more than ever
Britt Nichole Oct 2018
I know my love like I know the sound it makes inside of yours
I know my love like how I know nothing other than living it through you
The moving on will not happen
The moving out eventually will
Britt Nichole Sep 2018
Sweet love,
If I leave now,
come back when time has forgotten forgiveness, would you still hold me?
Would you still reach out for my hands like you want to plant your roots in them?
Britt Nichole Jul 2018
..I love you
I love you more times than I have loved myself
I carry you with me like my body carries my own blood through these veins
Each time I wish myself away from this place I think of the way your clothes smell when I inhale them
Cinnamon and something safe
You are something worth breathing for
You are a thing that brings my heart to a glow so bright that my eyes reduce to water
Kiss me sweet
Britt Nichole Jul 2018
All of my breaths stick to your skin when you move between my thighs
We make humidity
Our song gets lost in the haze
You cradle me like baby
You cradle me like broken body
I lose my thoughts when you push into me slowly, and I taste copper in my cheeks when you groan
You are a body like no other body I have been with
You are a love like no other love I have shared
I get dizzy when you kiss me sweet
Kiss me sweet again
Kiss me
Kiss me
The Sensual Series Three
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