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Sara Lindsay Nov 2018
I never understood what was so important about my favorite color when you wanted to get to know me when, the thing that mattered was I felt black and blue on the inside.
Sara Lindsay Oct 2018
I’m sorry I couldn’t be as interesting as the things you haven’t put your gentials in.
Sara Lindsay Oct 2018
I’ll never forget the night you drown me in alcohol. You pushed me into the ocean and instead of a raft, you gave me a half empty bottle. I couldn’t walk, so how could I swim? If my eyes were hardly open, how could I give you consent? I thought you were a life boat, but you were the hurricane that pulled me under.
Sara Lindsay Aug 2018
I use to jump in pools of liquor and call it happiness,
now I jump in pools that look empty but they’re filled with things that I can’t see.
Sara Lindsay Aug 2018
I stayed with you that night.
And we were drunk enough to cry about the things that hurt the worst. The things that mattered. I couldn’t mean anything to you, but
In the morning I was confused because when I told you I had to go- you told me no. “If you leave, then I’ll miss you.” I thought you were talking in your sleep, but out of everything you forgot you remembered me.
Sara Lindsay Aug 2018
Don’t you dare push me away again.
Because I’m now sitting in the grass I pulled out- calling them weeds. I won’t allow you to say I wasn’t there when things got messy.
Even after the rain, I laid there covered in mud and at your mercy for you to stay; while you tried to act like I was the one walking away.

— The End —