Autumn Apr 15
I would’ve
Self aborted
Had I known
What I was
Being born
Autumn Jan 15
Strike the lighter-
It only burns a bit.
Get the needle-
Press it to your skin.
Tell yourself-
"Never again."
But you always give in.
Porcelain skin.
White as snow.
Wounds that easily show.
Polluted skin.
Littered in shame.
Riddled in pain.
Cover it up.
Conceal the hurt.
Don't sit and suffer. Get help.
Autumn Jan 15
My body is a mirror.
And you.
      You're distracted.
Too distracted.
    By your own reflection.
        To look deeper.
To realize.
              This mirror is broken.
Autumn Jan 12
A puppet on your string
A life according to you
I cry for freedom
But how is that possible
I'm nothing without you
We all have times where we're someone's marionette.
Autumn Jan 11
I'm an old toy.

Waiting in your chest.
And I'm trying my best.
But these feelings won't rest.

You pull me out of hiding.
When your new love is dying.

Your new toy breaks.
And I'm yours to take.

I'm your second best.
Only wanted in times of distress.

So what happens to you?
When I finally break too?

I'm not an old toy.
I'm your old toy.
Sometimes you just feel like someone's old toy. So many good times together, but no time spent with one another.

— The End —