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londin Oct 2019
You can’t show up fully right now.

I believe you.

You open your heart
and give a dose of
what we could be
to keep me close
but you close it.

And I keep holding on
just like I’ve been
you shut me out
and **** me off it has me
crawling out my skin
You keep me close.

you can’t show up fully
“right now”
and the only thing that's new is
is I believe you.
londin Oct 2019
I'm always on my phone
I isolate 'till I'm alone
I'm feeling some regret
I feel the need to disconnect.

I had to urge to write a song
So I opened up my notes
And I'm typing on it now
Cause it's so hard to put it down.

I'm addicted to the screen
I'm always scrolling down the stream
It's really pretty sad
I'm feeling empty in my head

I've got the blue-light blues
It's just addicting as the *****
It's where I get my news
It's where I listen to new tunes

It's how I keep in-touch with friends
I haven't tried to see them in a bit
But I can't say I've even tried
Because it's easier to type.
londin Oct 2019
At comfort knowing
We're an option
In the multiverse.
londin Oct 2019
Hype beast, hype beast
He's wearing ***** Nikes
Daddy wasn't there
So he's not acting very nicely.
Its likely, likely his room is sure a mess
But he's feeling real clean
Cause it's all in how he dress.

***** pack across his chest
Ego real big
Man he feels like he's he best
But he's just a P.O.S.
And never any less
Cause it's all in how he dress.

"Give me that new season
I can't wait until it drop.
Limited edition
400 bucks so I can cop.
I want the most exclusive thing.
*****, my styles so supreme."
"Sole purpose to impress all these self-conscious depressed *******
And when I'm feeling threatened
I resort to molesting pretty misses."

Diluted street wear Nike s.b.
Whatchu' coppin' on this drop?
I rock hyped ****
Just so I can get the props
Got no self worth and it costed me a lot.
No personality?
***** look at what I bought.
londin Oct 2019
You're playing games.
While you were sleeping I heard you whisper someone else's name.
Now I'm creeping through your profile trying to find her page.
I love you so much
I thought we were past this silly stage.

Tell me, what do these others have that I can't offer?
Perfect hips, expansiveness?
You know my love for you is stronger.

If you can't keep up with me how are you going to keep up with someone else's humor?
with someone else's daughter?

If I'm "the one you were made for"
don't go searching
Just stop and try to learn me.
londin Oct 2019
I want a relationship
Not a transaction.
I want more than just a fraction of you.
I want the best for you
I want success for you.
I want to block out every distraction just to be next to you.
londin Oct 2019
I must have forgot to pick up the Living Handbook
when I came into this life.
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