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londin Nov 2018
It's habitual, your love is like a ritual
often feeling unrequited
my love is so one sided
can't say I ever minded though cause at the end of the day once you've hit the hay and gone to sleep, I lay up reminded to really love myself deep because nobody can keep myself like me
and no one will love you true quite like you
londin Nov 2018
What wanders above?
Could it be we are in many, many other universes?
londin Nov 2018
I can't believe I made it out the cabin
man I thought that'd never happen
only four months but I payed for it
worst part, I got ***** in it
but thats some stuff most can't handle to hear it rough but that could be your little girl
but you won't catch me playing victim
cause theres no justice in the system
I'll turn my "L" into wisdom and throw it on a rhythm
londin Nov 2018
I tend to get rowdy so tell your men to watch their mouth when they're around me
londin Nov 2018
Lord melt away my sins, I know I'm better than this
I'm bigger than the bottle but my addiction is awful
help me model your love and marvel in your glory sent from above.
I should be searching for you instead of turning to *****
If I'm not writing or rapping I'm losing my mind in my room
I'm fighting demons that aren't even mine
Proverbs 31 while pouring some wine, I see why they call it spirits
londin Nov 2018
I never had expensive taste. That explains why I'd get wasted off of you until I woke up to a hangover
every time I said we're over I'd drink you down again and every time we would split I would try to be your friend. that solidified my addiction, I mean that in every sense. it explains how now that I am sober we are over.
londin Nov 2018
You remind me of a mistake I once made
You remind me of an ache I still crave
I'll try to tame my imagination, but I think you've dreamt about it too.
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