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Question: How can Love be extremely simple yet severely complicated?
LolaPark Feb 6
Strangeness in the air
seeping through my pores;
when I look at you,
shadowed overtone.

Debated, unsolved
slippery like soap
The age old battle,
Me Vs. my own-mind.

Time and time again,
I hear eerie tones.
warning shot sounds "boom"
to the mat here we go.

morning fades off
as we stomp along
to the song of cicadas
to face each other once more.
LolaPark Feb 1
Lost in your thoughts
and dreams
heading somewhere
that never seems to be reached...
     Write to me when you make it there,
       so that I know it's possible.
LolaPark Jan 31
We rarely, if ever know what the point of it all is until it comes to pass.
LolaPark Jan 25
How do I find it?
the way home seems so hard.
walk over mountains,
hope the mountains won't collapse.
what day is today?
the day I meet my chance...
the chances are, I don't know how
far I can walk

I know the trees talk
              the trees talk
they call my name so clear and proud
what do they say when I'm not around?

Find me a willow tree
so I can rest my head
when the morning breaks
hope to find my bed instead
what day is today?
the day I find my place
but the chances are, I don't know how far
I can walk

I know the trees talk
              the trees talk
I wonder if they'll answer if I ask
Don't leave here
fruits may be poison
don't leave me here
the way home is what I seek
    Find me a house with the lights on
                                  with the food warm
                                  with the bed firm
    Find me a house with the clock on
                                  compass north
               So I can find my way home.
LolaPark Jan 23
He said he knew me...
Not me per se, but people like me.
"****, I use to be you"
he continued...
"hopeless and lonely with a front row seat to tragedies,
wasting time, killing hope,with *** bottles from ABC,
fearing the living and mourning the dead,
paralyzed in a loose chain,
in a globe that seems to contradict it's every turn,
that's what you're doomed to be!"
his worn out eyes turned to me
"but isn't that everybody?
I know it's still me...
afraid that my dreams will be swallowed up by reality"
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