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  May 2019 danne
I think I may have been cursed
To hold you up in a pedestal
Inlaid with silver and gold
Sharp and blinding and beautiful
I think I may have forced myself
To fix my eyes on you
That when I dare to look away
I only see black and gray
You are becoming more perfect
In the widening gap between us
I think I may have been cursed
To be the human to your sun
I am so in love with the idea of this person in my head.
danne Feb 2019
trace the mistake
he coax me
don’t leave it to dust
you’re no angel or demon
so let’s have a non-divine ****!
my tongue speaks of torment
like it’s the only language that exists

he pass me chaos
bottled up, besides the thunder
perfect for a black little sheep
impressing me with his fake tattoos
Dream Theater on the left, oh have you heard of that band?
a scorpion on his right
because of course
he’s a scorpio
a cryptic cliche walking on two legs
but he’s everything i wanted to be
living in galaxies i’ll never see

eyes bloodshot the blues
i crash deep
to the way miles blow his tunes
to the way i thought of you
that one in a million shot
a promised dance in all white
and all the things in between
not here for the minute past
not there for the next
rewind & replay button on repeat
i only fold the past back into the present
never to let myself wake up to a new dream

ivy wrap its arms
around my old skin
let me shed
let me leave
strike the matchstick
to the person i ache to be
bye baby boy blue
man *******
this was my first poem i performed live and for all intents and purpose i will present it as it is.
  Jan 2019 danne
I told myself I would never love again
But what is this thought swirling in my brain
The stupid smile I have when I think of you
And how I’ll shake quickly convincing myself it isn’t true

All your simple gestures, they’re so small
but what is it that’s making me fall...
Is it the way your eyes light up when I make one of my ridiculous jokes
Or is it how you would look at me, even in a large crowd

You don’t think you’re good enough for anyone
Which is why you choose not to fall prey
It makes you stay away, even if you have so much to say

The things we talk about, they’re so vague
It makes me go insane
I want to know what makes you the happiest
Your biggest fears, I want to know what makes your eyes glisten and what kind of music makes you whistle

Do you think about me the way I think about you?
I wish I could know the truth
We’re so similar, it’s exciting
I want to know more, but it’s frightening

It’s too early to say this
But I want to ease your tides, heal your wounds,
Fix your broken heart, I want to love every inch of you
And help you fly to the moon

For now I’ll admire you from afar
And let you live, grow and run far
I’ll save these words for you
Maybe one day I can read them out to you
Love, Trish
danne Nov 2018
a catalyst
the trees, the skies
the universe & i
never cradle, your spirit
so gently
in your wake
no lullabies were sung

solace & sorrow
we are six feet deep, a net let loose
a promise fulfilled, to be in the present
when the ocean is but a drop
no elegy was inscribed

a garden
i am left to wither away one day
as notes, i immortalize my visage
in my wake, wild teens
will sing a melody of me
revision for 2019
danne Oct 2018
hear me, look at the cracks of their smile,
how dark it is as their eyes glimmer
taste the sweet words unraveled from their tongue
and how quick it turns vile

if you don't stop
morphing your face
to not stand out from the crowd

tracing along steps
so your shadow is less lonely
mimicking their thoughts
to the point your mind is a foreign place
they'd turn around one day & ask who you are

where once was your face
would only reflect the barren
tell me
what would you answer then?
danne Sep 2018
from the slumber
to throw their name in the lake
if the wind ever returns
to appeal onto the yearning
lift it from your shoulders
and crush it with a boulder.
danne Sep 2018
when i am gone
do not weep for me
on the ground
beneath your feet
look above
to the stars
that burn red, white and black
for i have found peace.
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