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They came and went some time ago
Left their imprint deep in snow
To flare through history's dawn to dusk
In massive curvature of tusk,
Vast woolly flank in shaggy pelt.
An intelligence, expressly felt,
Of sadness in the way of man
Whose savagery of intellect, would plan,
A woefulness of short insight
In determining the Woolly Mammoth's plight!

Like the candle's brief, bright flare
Great herds, once roamed, no longer there,
Majesty's lost innocence
Now extinguished in intransigence.

Taranaki, New Zealand
11 July 2020
Where in the world is the sanctity kept, when the truth seeps away to a lie, how can it be that a few furtive puffs, separates the low from the high?
Can you promise, in honesty Sir, that a black man can make like a white, or that whites make adjustments to be like a black, knowing difference indelibly bites?
Protest pedantically puffs up the crowd, though most go along for the larks, but the whole world contuses in radical rage because cops use their dentures like sharks?
Blue the shade of endless sky, black the shade of pitch but green's reserved for envy, friend, when trading with the rich.
How then the love that all kids wear, is as shallow as mist in the air...and their Kardashian cravings make millions for some, but leave most in utter despair?
What's with the content she rattles around, on the average day in her head, for the blood that she bleeds obscurely deceives, even though it's a bright shade of red?
Sacrifice counts in a family way, though a marriage may fast disappear, when the glue dissipates then the thing that rates, is that  maintenance payments are dear?
Where are the leaders to show us the way, how can we possibly see, when obsession and greed are compounding to bleed...Can this really be happening to me?
Surely goodness and mercy shall furnish the way...Now aint that the teaching of Church... or should we confess that it's all such a mess, that we're, now ******* bricks in the lurch?
Maybe the sun will shine today, maybe it will rain, but the one thing you can bet on, pal'll, definitely, come with pain!

10 June 2020
Sittin n' grizzlin in the rain.
 Oct 2019 lmnsinner
Nat Lipstadt
called me in for a consultation,

lean in,” he suggested, with nearly closed eyes,

“see the youthful optimistic predecessor,
the conqueror, who could not be defeated,
his thin images within still resides

the man of firm voice who when he spoke
above the rabble, all fell silent, and when he looked,
all could share his visionary insights and did not hesitate,
saying, we will do and we will listen,
but to follow, just did, wrapped
in your confidence

I want that boy back, smooth skinned, fearless,
do not return him till the shadows have dissipated,
the bruised lines of worry have evaporated,
the hands look unscathed, then raise them in
self-supplication, demanding satisfaction,
then in success, born overhead, marking appreciation,

let us adventure forth, straightening tilting windmills,
punishing renegades and dragons fearful,
saving damsels who waited just for our arrival,
shedding courage upon those who watch us,
cheering and being cheerful

here is your mighty pen,
cut sharp the poems out from the within,
read them slow, winding to now crooked old friends,
who remember everything dear, their youth of no fear,
the best of past, dreaming poems, mist born, fog vapor gone,
of black and waiting white, worthy words all revived

return to me in blazes,
sumptuous colors of derring-do,
I need that child brave, for perhaps
you have not noticed my flaking slivering skin,
the expanding cracks that cross my images,
just like you!

I need you to rebirth you,
I need you to rebirth me!

8/16/19 reflections from a blue glacier
 Apr 2019 lmnsinner
you returned as you left
sure-foot fleet & elegant

black eyes see all and one
you always saw everything

perspectively right or wrong
we two were dangling

precipice arighted you
found us to be true

we won the day
Life and Time
are an illusion
only in the minds
of we humans.
All other living
things on this Earth,
pay to either, not the
slightest attention.
The human brain is a
marvelous tool, until
we over think everything.
Perhaps innate animal instincts
are better. When our mistakes
and greed lead to ruin, who
then will survive? Us or them?
Sepia sown as best it can
Where you and I, as one, once ran
Across, beyond a savoured sea
Where lust became reality.
Where spiraled lust, intwined, entrenched
Left you gasping, pale, enbenched...
a figment of a thought, now lost what cost, what cost?
 Aug 2018 lmnsinner
If I close my eyes
maybe you can’t see me
and I won’t have to lie
here, still and silent -
on my side
of the great divide
that’s come between us -
the quiet nights
no longer dreaming
go on and on -
living, breathing
beating hearts, forgotten
seasons lost -
in distant canyons
we once walked
our paths entwined -
companions once
leaving shadows
aligned in the sand -
in the canyons
where we left our hand
prints on a wall -
side by side
you and I.
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