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She robbed me, untill
There was nothing left.
I too did the same while
She was busy at it.
Who did first, or what exactly,
All that are immaterial.
I could vividly member
What her eyes did magically,
Bringing us to
The point of convergence.
Then a haze did spread
Our hot pursuit started,
On  planes higher and higher.
Then there was the
Request from her inner depth
Without any word uttered.
"Oh! take it all" a blanket permit,
No doubt,
I heard my heart echoing it
With a fervour to outmatch,
When it got back to her
We were fighting the fire
Our hearts set on with desire,
Isn't it she who  first
Sobbed with pleasure?
No! we both vied with each other
To make it a sonorous chorus.
In this heist who did what
Could never be charted
In any order,
Time and space got jumbled
During the course of this heist!
Suffice to say, it happens
Mostly once in a lifetime,
If lucky you really are, that is.
What more can one ask for
To recount to your kids
On the ritual of passing the baton?
She whispered this to me softly,
"I know the birds really love you"
When we two rubbed shoulders
As if it was by chance, when
All eyes were busy on other things.

"Were you spying on me, may I ask?"
I faigned hurt, just to add a needed drama,
In fact I was glad she had found out  a thing,
That stands me apart in a crowd like this.

"Strolling in the park, I chanced upon you,
And curiously watched how the birds
Thronged on branches under which you sat,
I guess you are  an ace  player of chess
Who knows what to move how and when"

With curious eyes I peered  at her and
Felt wonder;she knows something
About me that I wasn't really aware of
Though I had enough reasons to suspect it.
Though in one thing she went wrong,
I never was one believed in secret moves
Never was one adept in what, when, how
Part of things, but sought mystery
That nature brings at every turn!

Weren't birds my best friends I recognized
They found something in me that they loved
But thought it all so normal a matter, till
She found out the esoteric bond we shared.

Perhaps she is right, or the opposite, wrong
How much of us is hidden from ourselves
I stood undecided, she lets out the secret,
"Do you know you have hidden wings?"
At that precise moment I find she too has wings.
Bird esoteric bond drama spying. Love mystery secret longing
Crushed flowers are more beautiful
Than those that are not
They tell a story
Much like the scars we carry
Be it on our skin or in our minds
Our tales are what define us
And not our appearances
That wither just as the flowers
That are in bloom and shining so brightly
Give them a few more days
And they'll be no more
Than a fleeting memory
Once when my world was blue
You came and turned it anew

You painted it a sunny yellow
And turned goodbyes to hello

You turned my gloomy frowns
Inside out and upside down

My life was a chaotic mess
But now I'm happy and blessed

You turned my head and my world
With your sweet, sweet love
Love you :)
Aren't we praying enough?
Has our love gone cold?
Why is there so much heartache?
Why is peace rare like precious gold?
Home is a lazy day
With earphones on
Sometime in May
When rain has come

Home is a warm bed
And a soft, cozy blanket
A waking yawn at twelve
When morn and noon meet

Home is in the midst of friends
Talking boys or latest trends
Where there is no bad blood
Only love's abiding bond

Home is in my dreams
Buried in faraway things
Things I never had
And might never will
We walk not of this world way, but by Faith.
For each of us has been promise different things.
Yet we still walk by the same Faith as the other.
We each are on a different path with him as well.
Some Faith may stronger today, but not tomorrow.
For Faith is by hearing, then believing it is true.
We all have the very same objective here in life.
It is to finish this race=Journey that we are on.
Thus then being told by our Savior well done.
 Apr 2016 lluvia de abril
Love is like driftwood
coming and going
with the tide

Love is a hurt animal
breaking the quiet
of the night

Love is like smoke
through a spiderweb
hard to hold onto

Love is pleasure, love is pain
like sunshine and rain.
 Apr 2016 lluvia de abril
The moon wades the sea
and lifts his curved blade

to cut loose the tide
tied to the shore

and it's high time I listen
for the secret word

that tells me to turn
out the light and go home.
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