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When you didn't see the wrongfulness of your side,
I'll stand alone and blame it to me.
If you see me ******* my whole life,
I'm proud 'cause thats all I want to be.
James Lloyd Feb 28
My times eating me softly,
I need this time to be alone think of anything else,
While I'm losing my most precious possesion,
Water that touches my hair was like your smooth hand.

The showers drowning me alive and I'm hardly breathing,
I think I'm breaking down and fall on the cliff,
I wish I never let you go,
I wish this shower will stop forevermore.
James Lloyd Feb 27
O! my heart that sing a song for gold,
she that seek for goodness and love so pure,
O! her heart a magical blistering coil,
that he who dare touch will suffer to death.

Then nightmare comes rushing through darkness,
when the man who sung had striked her with arrow,
an arrow with fire of blue and green,
she dropped in colds for what she'd seen.

A man that stood by words and for actions,
never been lucky to glance of a star,
the man walks in to take her a lift,
beautiful scenery like a pure white teeth.
James Lloyd Feb 9
The fire that burns beneath one man's skin flux,
Revenge succeeded after everlasting bidding fight.
They fought and scream until a man's life retreat,
For love and so long they've seen things and sigh.

Not to love or to do it a destruction from our minds,
That man's mind still the higher of all scenes they've been through.
But was the man hoping? dream or he adore?
May his life walk through his path then burn as he soar!
sharing this :))) hope y'all like this.
James Lloyd Feb 2
Time is on your side
overall precious thoughts
I also got the time
but losing it directs clots
Did I go back?
Need to go back to sleep.
James Lloyd Jan 30
I'll never be the person who'll drown himself in gladness,
I provoked the rights of being able to connect with the life they seem to see.
In the world full of judgment and reasons not to be perfect,
I am trying to fight alone to know who exactly is me.
I'll never able to write a piece whom praised by all,
But seeing my grace alone I could say I wrote incredibly.
Better thank angels and demons for not leaving my side,
From this world you will be exposed by disgusting **** lies.
Never let words nor action make you breakdown,
'Cause by the end of all endeavours you'll receive the real crown.
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