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E li za Jun 2018
Something more fearful than death I perceived
To be alone or abandoned I feel less unhinged
Castle built underground, vain to be seized
So all Kings will never find this Queen's lone field

Counting small staircase steps with her head down
Once glitter-blinded now a wrecked grace gown
Threw her name low, echoes of falling crown
Just a chess piece forgotten by the town

Something more dreadful than dying I suppose
To be found by love while lost in your course
Can't hold on your dreams when everything falls
To never be truly loved, curtains close

Forever in the dark her eyes are blind
To see the face of love and understand
That when the Heart argues, follow the Mind
Only love is right when both intertwined

Something more tragic than ****** I ponder
Killed by silence while love screams however
Only eyes talk, waiting in the corner
Counting all these wasted time in number

Plunge your pride with the Sword of bravery
Run Great Knight, chase Queen's heart while it's timely
Conquer her castle of deep misery
Take her in your kingdom, captive yet free
E li za Mar 2018
When a girl doesn't smile a lot
Maybe something sad like pain of the past spoiled her heart

When a girl used to frown a lot
Maybe she did something bad like buying people's flak

But smile even they don't understand
They will never understand this sting cut in your hand

She won't truly smile anymore
But maybe with lipstick of deceit she'll try for sure

It rains when she smiles going home
As she can never fool the clouds when she hides her gloom

Smiles she keep but inside she weep
Raindrops joined her tears to streams to seas and ocean deep

Smile at least 'til you're ninety eight
By then stars outshine your teeth, frown all you want asleep
E li za Mar 2018
The cold prison bar is our legal boundary
Now that you left my character drenched in blood
Critics and juries virtually, invisible enemies
Stomping words in my face while groping my pride

Collecting flak in your pockets because they tell the truth
At least that's what you believe, and that's all
You need to hear their loathe in your dark room
Their laugh haunts you more than nightmares

No guns or bullets but they use to ****
As you turn your back, they stab, you kneel
They got the knife of deception and treachery
Wish you die like a blink yet they torture gradually

You always say, you're such a prey, a dupe
Who would believe when you're the willing one?
Stay in the cold prison bar where you belong
Grasp you hands 'til it warms, you're safe for now

All they know now is your shame penance
Cold prison bar, you were jailed for their crime
You died from all their stabs of criticisms and lies
Thinking are they enough, are they satisfied?

Wish you could tell them you're not a culprit
Who takes the blame of your offense or their offense
But a lawbreaker of her own pity constitution
Who put her ordinance behind to lavish their pride

Thought restrictions would drive you wild
But dark walls were painted of a free hand
Thought solitude will lose your mind
Yet you found the old self, your true friend

You've never been the same, never been better
Like a spy with filters in hands sifting hurtful words
That no matter how they abuse, damage or ******
Love makes you brand new to go overboard

Walking past through the hall of deliverance
Found golden keys to release your handcuffs
Your uniform now glitters changing in white dress
Only pure hearts can recognize your new price

At the end of the spectrum love is patient and waiting
It blinds you the moment it swallows your dark sides
Echoing something you've never heard of
"That when you die, you didn't lose. May you die all the time."

Like a dying tree in front yard that is too sick to save
Left unmoved could **** other surrounding trees
So in cold prison bar, they planted your roots to die
But from that safe place your roots reached their soil of disgrace

Victims learn from mistakes but you never did
They hunt you again this time now in your white dress
You flew with your butterfly wings to soar in the sky
Above those hunters, above the cold prison bar
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E li za Sep 2016
So young He engraved the Law in your fledgling heart
Covering your mind with the depth of His wisdom
Tell no language exist that could translate its art
Hopeless to assess its perfect scale and freedom

The Law is His breast milk you sip fervently
Howl in agony, your stomach digest it not
Fathom submission, son of debauchery
To merely **** is short; apply what has been taught

Sets of teeth sprouted in your gums like white pebbles
Overdose with confidence, sleep without a sword
Stars in woods they seem, Alas! Wild, wild eyes of wolves!
Fight the fine fight of the faith, shine light of the world

A state of armed conflict, His Law against your Flaw
Just streak of insanity in the family
Epitome of cross swords yet who will win in awe?
Glitch in your body, vow in its supremacy

— The End —