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Liz King Nov 2014
Fish in aquariums make me dizzy
they swim in circles as though
there is somewhere to go

I pity their hopeless journey
someone should tell them
it’s all a trick

But most of all
they’re reminiscent of me

How many circles have I spun
how many times have I thought
I was going somewhere?
Liz King Nov 2014
Did you think a kiss
would buy my everlasting affection
that you only needed to caress my skin
and I was yours for life?

A woman needs a man with soul
one who knows how to empathise
who can hear her speak
and leaves her feeling whole

Hands and lips
have a lot of lies to answer for
Liz King Nov 2014
At sunset you told me
what you were holding back
your plans
your dreams
how wide they stretched
your eyes sparkled
at the road ahead

At sunrise
I found you missing

I recall
your plans
your dreams
the light in your eyes
did not include me
Liz King Nov 2014
I thought I knew
the answers
believed I understood time

Time is man-made
and so are the answers

I’m allowing myself
to say I don’t know
unravelling my assumptions
I don’t wish to miss reality
Liz King Jan 2016
There's a joker inside
a jumbled girl
dreaming of rebirth
by night she's gone
the morning brings her back

If she could step towards the light
vision running wild
hide in the radiance
her battered face
smiling and shouting loud
she'd listen and wait
for the calling voice
find the balance
before the fall
not blind-sighted
never banished from home......

*I step towards towards the light
imagination fades
vision runs wild
I hide in the light
my battered face smiles
shouting loud
Liz King Jan 2016
What I see
is not what is

I tell myself tales
of how life appears
of where I’ve been
where I’m going

That’s the trouble
with a writers mind
you never know
which part you should believe

— The End —