46m Cné
Brianna Love
em>she said to him…
i love you
    in the quiet of the morning.
i love you
    in the heat of the day.
i love you
    when rain comes without
i love you
    in every other way…

lay your head down
            on the
                soft of my soul
let wander your mind
                 of beauty and love.
close your eyes my love
     as i whisper breathy kisses
                 into your ear
as the moon shines his
                      caressing light
and the pretty angels
        send butterfly kisses
                 from above.
  3h Cné
From the stores of love i purchased a kiss,
to paint your cheeks and to tell you how much i miss..
From the markets of dreams i brought the seeds for our kingdom  to flourish,
Where you my king, ruling the territory of my entire heart and everything will be  just as you wish...
From the oceans of life i brought, depth and mysticism to make my love incomprehensible to u, to trap you in its mystery, it will be fun to give u such a misery...
From the trees i brought ways to stand clam, when you  will be too far and i will be all alone in  rough and cold nights, or in war..
Form the winds and storm, i brought the anger, to blow things away to make and to clear the way for u...
From the stars i brought the shine , after i make you mine, i will give  you all that i have, be i have to stay in dark, i will make u shine.....
I am all set with  all my learning and assets...
Your song, and my heart is ready to play it forever like a cassette...
To give you sweetest phase in life i am willing to stand with the armour of love even against the fate, i am  here waiting for you to come, before its too late...
  7h Cné
Undaunted I look
senses flooded by her senselessness
an embattlement of flesh and bone
at the edge of despondency all alone

Leather ripped skin laid
upon the open wounds of the road
driven hard and left to rust
a bust where broken was trust

Blood leaks through the lesions
and scraped off pebbles still sting
the blackened memento's of her charm
tattooed with a bullet left on my arm

Undaunted I look
the sun begins to descend
I pretend not to notice
the end
  1d Cné
Nat Lipstadt
be my therapist

massage both my temples
from whence these poems originate

will your fingertips perform tailored alterations,
will they insert strange spices and your favors,
unfamiliar but imagined overtime desirable flavors,
thus resolving the question that my answer perpetually fails,
to satisfy my unending need to understand:

how do my temples

speed the heart
bring forth whole poem utterances inconceivable,
reminding me to remember what has yet to occur

she grins and whimsies me and suggests:

“that’s why they have been appointed anointed announced
as the temples of You”

2:19am 2/19/18
I (vile syllable!) asked for this,
True. My goal was never bliss,
Though I would be hard pressed now
To determine exactly what or who
And by what means, how,
Exactly, I did in fact expect from you.

I asked for the sword, to bleed
When you became my only need;
Or did you? There’s the rub, ay.
You have put me to confusion,
Compounded by my propensity to lie
(Only ever to myself). O, Illusion!

Did I ever in fact enter the mystery
Or have I only recast history?
Have I been duped? If so,
It is surely you who have done
It. But, I have allowed you,
You’ve already, finally, won.

The pain of doubt doubles
And again, exacerbating troubles
In proportion to the gravity
Of the thing doubted;
Is there a secret depravity
That I, ignorant, have not outed?

You know, and I do not.
There is a heavy, smothering, hot
Cloud of thundering sadness
Here, in my secret heart.
As ever, to discover gladness
Is beyond the scope of my poor art.

But, to stop is death,
And so we march on, weeping,
Forward, with every haggard breath
Recalling at least that we’re alive

The fog may yet clear, dear heart
Cné 1d
em>Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason
Cné 1d
em>Dreamy Stars At Night
Spooning Up To Me So Tight
Sparkle Lullabies
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