7h Cné

Drawn to forbidden
Like a moth to your dark fire
Finding heaven hell

  7h Cné

I will love you
From here now on
Right or wrong
I will share
Your secret pain
I will ride
Your hell bound train
Down and out
Out of work
I will love you
Beyond your worth
I will love it
When you smile
I will love you
For a while
'Til the end
Where love flies free
I will love
Both you and me!

Traveler Tim
"Happy Thanksgiving"
  1d Cné

In living there is light
tearing at a soul to keep
tender moments tight
into every crevice, deep

Bringing forth love and hope
where all her goodness lies
dwelling in that which is beautiful
drenching us with sunny skies

In living there is dark
bleeding through the nights
where troubles find their way
draping on to fear and fright

Here we find our pain and grief
raining down, continued waves
clouding up our skies
holding on to all that raves

in living we must trust
it's not just one or the other

in darkness there's a guiding light;

the shadows loom —
                     a wicked lies
but still,
        in the gloom of it all
                     the flowers bloom

  1d Cné

Walking past the old homeless man,  
just the clothes on his back and a old holed blanket for warmth
which he's draped lovingly over his old black mongrel friend.
Flipping him a coin thinking I still have more than him.
Even though he looked like I felt,
tired of trying to turn obstacles into pedestals.  
But as my coin hit his begging cap
he gave me the kindest smile and words that stopped me in my tracks

"I see you coming with the world on your shoulders dear friend.
What ever bridge it is you need to cross, cross it.
If it's a bridge that needs burning, burn it to the ground
but remember never to stop building new bridges, never lose faith.
I only have the clothes on my back a shared worn blanket
with my old faithful friend and that coin of kindness you gave me.
Yet I look at you and can't help but think how care free and richer my life is
and for that I thank you."

Sometimes to have less is to have more.
Just a scribble :)
  1d Cné

Some mornings I lie in silence
just staring at the walls
not a sound at all around me
except the ticking down the hall
it can feel so refreshing
without a trouble or a care
but then I start to thinking
how I wish that you were here

Some mornings I bask in sunshine
warming up my bed
I lie in all its comfort
but outside I need to head
I close my eyes and wonder
about your pure and giving heart
how I wish you were near me
as my day's about to start

Some mornings I wake to darkness
there's thunder in the air
rain's upon my window
and in my heart a growing fear
I cuddle with my pillow
pull my sheets up top my head
it's then I miss your body,
your warmth and presence in my bed

Some mornings I'm rushed and hurried
no time to lie in bed
no time to think, plan or ponder
no time to dream, to hope or wonder
It's then when I miss you darling
when I need help getting out the door
those little daily reminders
getting my feet upon the floor

Some mornings I wake and smile
with kisses upon my cheek
wind blowing through my window
and soft touches is all I seek
it's then I know I'm in heaven
with you right by my side
we lie in endless mornings
just me and my soulmate bride

look at nature
with the lover‘s eye
not the hunter‘s

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