7d Cné
she asks at last,
is this one for me

“of course it is,
was waiting for visualizing
the Oh,
when I heard
you stumbled into it”

she then confesses,
she has
a “tendency to stumble”
without an explanation

her answer is in her manner subtle,
that instantly invigorates,
so decidedly her style,
her answer,
raising more questions,
defeating the illusion of
anybody masculine overconfidence of the challenger

she puts the ”oy” in coy,
deflating my upper-handed attitude,
with an answer tantalizing and hinting,
so simple, it explains everything
and nothing

it seems that when she stumbles,
it’s me that actually,
“all fall down”

ah woman,
when you best me,
it brings forth the best
and adds an
in this poetic beast,
two play fighting cubs nipping
each other. the in us gaming

in this wordplay game,
so exciting,
her subtle reasoning teasing
results in a man as
a happy sore loser
  Oct 4 Cné
Half-bare she lies in wonderment
as new light uncovers day
caressing every speck of her
pleading that she stay

her smile shows her happiness
way deep inside it burns
warm and soft, it's comforting
for her I dearly yearn

up and down those curves I travel
lighting little fires as I go
to her I gift my tenderness
the one who ties my heart in bows

our eyes do meet and linger
I see the sparkle and I know
there's no other out there for me
when two bodies are aglow
  Oct 3 Cné
Temporal Fugue
Whispers on wind and breath
hard to catch harder to hear
faint kiss upon my cheek
soft nibbles at my ear

Wings and fluttered softness
demure and yet they do insist
leaving me in anticipation
feelings no way I can resist

Velvet silken flutterings
smooth timid and serene
alighting upon memories
alluring lustful and
Fingertips, and tongue tips
sensations gentle and so prim
arriving oh so sensual
where you and I
  Sep 30 Cné
Nat Lipstadt
~for she who knows whom I mean~

do not beg to differ
just do

she is progressing true,
but the process is foretold
three generations of tracks
the line is map drawn

she and the generations before
and the generations to follow are
a work in process

the process is forever foretold
the genes are in control

do you ken the difference?
do you ken the compliment?
and the complement...clear
mother daughter mother
Cné Sep 21
When summer ends and it’s fall time,
they'll be no floating with my wine.

No more upon the float I'll lie
amused by moon-lit clouds up high.

No more the current of the pool
adrift around the bank so cool.

No meditations in the night.
No solace, cloaked in inky sight.

And yet, t'is but a price I'll pay
to see an end to summer's sway.

My nightly swims, I gladly cease
to gain the autumn's cool release.

So, for the *****, I nightly glide.
But, friends in thee, I must confide...

I wait with glee for leaves to turn
and for wood smoke, begin to yearn.
In honor
of the last day
of Summer,
though in Texas,
it’s still hot.
Cné Sep 18
There's a flower
that grows
in the darkness.
It actually flourishes
in the shade.

It blooms in spite
of the darkness
when sunlight
begins to fade.

So many reasons
it shouldn't exist.
I wish it’s beauty
could be celebrated
with a smile.

As one of
those flowers  
I may as well bloom,
because it’s gonna be
dark for a while.

There’s a flower
that grows in darkness.
Lily of the Valley is said to be biblical.
Legend has it that Lily of the valley
sprang from Eve's tears
when she was exiled
from the Garden of Eden.
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