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Haley 4d
Oh how I love winter,
for winter is when you find those souls
who love the snow.
Haley Oct 1
I could only love you
if my heart was bulletproof.
Haley Sep 27
She always wore black nail polish.
I don’t know if that should’ve given me a hint.

My nails are always colorful,
I like it when they reflect my feelings.

I guess I should’ve thought,
Maybe hers did too.
Haley Sep 22
why is it

that I can feel

your cruelty

weigh on my soul?

But I can't see any

residue on your own?
Haley Sep 13
somewhere off the coast of my smile,
you fell in love with me.

You and me fit together,
my forever puzzle piece.

you inspire my optimism ,
you're the muse to all the poems in my head.

sure, maybe I'm young and gullible,
and maybe you are too.

But there's one thing I know will always be true,
I love you.
Haley Sep 11
they were hurting
her soul was burning
his words hit her hard
they left her charred

one fateful day
he was begging her to stay
but still she flew free
and left him to explore the span of sea

not long after he opened his mouth
and a snake slithered out
and he became a good man
but she would never return to the cruel man from whom she ran
Haley Sep 8
If I was a flower
I’d be a sunflower,

Always following you,
My sun.
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