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 Sep 23 Olivia
So buoyant
 Sep 23 Olivia
Tonight the moon isn’t so kind
when I see her out on the water
all pale and wide eyed, she reminds
me of a drunken sad waterman’s daughter
who loved the sea more than life
so buoyant in the dress he bought her.
 Sep 23 Olivia
The cutting wind
I walk amongst puffs of white
Dwindling in the air
Ever so harmonious
The scenery so luscious
A frozen idyll

Yet I wander
With a frozen coat
The fur spiked
Silver traces
In an air so frigid
In the world so cold

Beads of scarlet red
Velvet drops that descend
On a sherbet of ice
A blanket of frost
Puncturing the thin veil
And tainting the ground

An endless stream
Gushing down the faucet
The metallic tones
Intrude my palate
I heave my nose
Waiting until it ceases
 Sep 23 Olivia
Hope is a dangerous thing
just existing on dreams
in the mist of time, and we
well, we’re like ships slipping
by silently at night in the fog
dots and dashes all I have
left to say to you these days
ice drifts, a cold monologue.
 Sep 23 Olivia
Her smile sits
on the curb of a road
between Summer
and Fall.
 Sep 23 Olivia
Ruth Cardenas
A water so murky
So deadly and plagued
Floods my foundation
And I suffocate

I bleed in the silence
I've dug my own grave
Wait, stop! I'm not ready
I was only afraid

But Torment inhales me
"My Dear, it's too late"
It spits with a smile
"You're my eternal slave"

"You were too weak to live"
"A decision you made"
"You will reap what you sow"
"Oh, the Hell you will pay"

But God opens my eyes
To the shelf where you wait
Stumble towards you, in panic
And I throw you away

My sobs fill the kitchen
For forgiveness and grace
For a moment of weakness
An eternal mistake
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