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rhiannon Feb 13
You laughed
but i didn't get the joke-
you always were the funny one
and i'm a child with a big mouth,
spewing words that taste like a summer
that was lovely-only-in-retrospect,
built on the backs of elephantine promises
never meant to be honored;
in fact, darling,
we poached them straight into extinction.
And I'm still waiting on the punchline.
rhiannon Feb 13
I wonder sometimes at the ghosts that haunt your soul
Do you give them names?
Do you cower in their shade?
Do they whisper sweet nothings inside of you
waking echoes, long forgotten
like the artifacts of ancient loves?
Do you tie them down with weights for them to sink
into the dark
so those who seek them out should drown
before they ever reach your depths?
I would tell you that I am not afraid-
neither of the dark nor of the tides.
I only wish I could make friends
with the phantoms acting the part of you,
and soothe the storms that sink your spirit.
rhiannon Feb 2
I try my best to fend off these hungry,
snapping, fretful jaws as they grow angry and lash out,
rising up from the dark to spite
the brave few sprouts of daylight
that dare to peak out of the night.
I want to let them starve in the shadows-
that shady selfish love that could never feed itself.
Let them rest
and rot and fester in their loneliness
til the bones are picked clean
and it can be beautiful again—
buds sprouting up from the wicked
black bones of a fire where once was a bountiful forest
and will be again.
rhiannon Aug 2018
If I took off my skin
Maybe then I could be beautiful.
I would change it every day
Like ***** laundry-
Hang it out to dry a while
And not fret for the neighbor's eyes.
I'd cut it into shapes
That don't fit quite so tightly
Or open up a window
And let a bit of air in
(I know me well enough-
I'd hold my breath.)
  Dec 2017 rhiannon
Lauren R
I wait for peace to find its way into my bones and hair ******* with bows
by the train tracks.

I throw stones
that skip over a river like
Bradley Nowell, slurring out
the same line
over and over and over,
something about a corner store,
a collection of words that when I sing them,
taste like July.
1, 2, 3,
the rock disappears.

A train passes by,
engine huffing,
wheels churning out a steady rhythm of
"Please don't leave me, please don't leave me."
Dead reggae and dead love,
tangled in its underbelly,
rusted metal guts.

I look into the river to try to find the stone I skipped again.
I think I almost see it,
dead weight,
a speck under the surface.

(Do you believe in ghost trains? I hear something howl every night.)
The seniors are leaving school for good next week, and I don't deal with distance well
rhiannon Dec 2017
a friend told me
"we're only bodies."

molecules sewn together just right to
make the meat stick to the bone
keep the blood inside
keep the thoughts from wandering outside the hard case
soft parts inside not to be damaged
there, but never seen
         (except in thought which happens to happen
         just behind the eyes)
carefully written blueprints hidden
deep inside so small but makes up everything
that makes me
         even the parts I wish I could delete
         except there's not a backspace button
         away from the internet.

my feet take me places but never far enough.
i always find the same places again
over and over
the same old ground
the same old fears same old
errors in the coding:
why do I think those things?
why do I say those things?
who made me this way?
the cells remember,
keeping score of every time i bled
tick marks like attendance slips
to prove i showed up

         i was there
         i don’t know why but i was there
rhiannon Dec 2017
who are you?

upon whose skin comedies are written
in bruises and scars like graffiti on your heart
scrawled upon the walls in the language of
maddening imperfection.

who exhumes the bones of demons
from the graveyard growing
inside of you
the cemetery where you bury your grief.

who are you?
who rebels at the crimes,
self-inflicted, yet
cannot bring yourself to bury the hatchet
(a hurricane that refuses to be named.)

who has learned (to your sorrow)
that the world has teeth
and homes cannot be made
out of human beings.

who cannot help but idle
on the question
"what parts of me still function
i wrote this when i was about 16 but wanted to share
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