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exist 3d
without you i haven’t been the same
but really who is to blame

you tried to impersonate me
i’m honored honestly

but it was worrying
how ****** your life must be

to try to live it in my shoes
where is my mind
exist Apr 1
though you many feel lonely
with what you’re feeling
you are never alone
exist Apr 1
i know this will all makes sense one day
but right now i just want to fast forward and then hit play
because in my mind demons stay
and nightmares haunt me even when awake
exist Mar 30
identity vs role confusion-
you must lose yourself in order to find yourself
exist Mar 16
it’s not that i don’t trust you
i just have trust issues
i guess i’m trying to say it’s not you
it’s me
or does that just sound too cliche?
exist Feb 18
the more memories in my head that become unrepressed
the more i realize that i’m blessed
it took a lot to get me here
and the end is nowhere near
because life is a journey, not a race
i’m so grateful to be in this place
and i tell myself
it could always be worse
practice positivity, sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude
exist Feb 11
it’s funny that we push people away
when we want them to stay
no wonder people drink
it’s like humans just aren’t meant to think
a human without emotion
is just a robot
not knowing why you’re feeling these feelings
is worse than having a reason
i’m in habit of giving someone pieces of my heart
without referring to the return policy
but i guess i’d rather be deep then shallow
i see my reflection in my shadow
and in the end i’d rather feel everything
than feel nothing at all
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