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exist Oct 7
here i go again i’m pretending that i’m okay
when honestly i don’t feel that way
don’t ask me i really can’t explain
just know there’s no one but me to blame
all these feelings won’t go away
certainly feels like i’ve been lead astray
in times like these i’d be looking for you to hold
but it’s because of you that i’m so cold
3 am thoughts
exist Jul 23
although we’re in the same town still
we’re on separate planets
and every time our worlds collide
i find you on my mind
exist Jul 8
there’s a hole in my heart
but what does it need?
i’ve tried drinking, juuling, ***, and smoking ****
whenever i felt this way you were always there
but now thanks to you it’s why i need repaired
exist Jun 9
my worst days now
are my best days then
and i have never felt more alive
exist Apr 15
without you i haven’t been the same
but really who is to blame

you tried to impersonate me
i’m honored honestly

but it was worrying
how ****** your life must be

to try to live it in my shoes
where is my mind
exist Apr 1
though you many feel lonely
with what you’re feeling
you are never alone
exist Apr 1
i know this will all makes sense one day
but right now i just want to fast forward and then hit play
because in my mind demons stay
and nightmares haunt me even when awake
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