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26/F    Artist
growing and glowing
13/M/Nowhere u need to know    Love to write and draw
Teyah Nichole
23/Cisgender Female    here to share, learn and grow. always with love🖤 *all posts my original work, not to be used without my consent*
Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso
M/Chile, San Antonio    " IN THE DANGER GROWS, WHICH ALSO SAVE US..." I´m Touristic Consultant & Marketing, cinematic amateur writer, photographer, and amateur illustrator. Musician aspiring to professionalism. ...
21/M/Far away    Catch in the dark
16/F/England east London    Poetry is keeping me alive and I'm here to inspire others. Determined to make a change in this brutal world. All words are my own. ...
Roger Kennedy
34/M/Cork    I've always been interested in writing down how I feel and storytelling. Not a great poet but I'll try
Lewis McCleod
21/M    I write what I want to write! Come take a look and scroll down if you like!
Benji James
30/M/The Batcave    Hello, I am Benj. I mostly write lyrics. Sometimes I attempt other forms of poetry and writing. Always like to keep those creative juices flowing. ...
Christopher Niles Redding
27/M/Wherever    Christopher “Niles” Redding ™ - He wasn’t always this dark. From a light of cheeriness & hope he was simply - here. An inbetweener & ...
20/F/Germany    Letting go of my emotions with writing...
20/M/Kenya    Eat write study write work write eat write sleep repeat
21st Century
Man in words.
Andrew Guzaldo c
59/M/Las Vegas    Published BEST SELLER Author IMDB "The Loyal Disorder 1" and the "Ardor of a Poet "starting on my eighth novel "The Loyal Disorder 2" , ...
Angela Baerthel
40/F/Everywhere    Shes classy. .but a little off. Shes been writing for over 25 years. She dreams deep in to other dimensions and speaks to ones who ...
Mathew P Nangolo
24/M/Ondangwa/ Namibia    #instagram @mathewnangolo #rule no.1 Don't bite hand that feeds you #Writing industry is my play background #writing is my therapy #My pen speak louder ...
New Mexico    I go to a VSA building. VSA'S an international organization of artists with disabilities, I have experience in many forms of art.
D William L
M    I write free verse poetry, non-fiction short stories and prose sauteed in mature debauchery and poverty.
19/F/Brooklyn, New York    I’m just an ordinary girl who had an interest in Poetry ever since the fourth grade. Ever since, I’ve been writing. I also love to ...
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