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Sagarika Das Jun 17
I'm sitting here and falling in love like stars,
And in the end I'll disappear if my sun is lost.

Even though I'll always be pretty as you say,
But in the last I want to be called as yours.

This life in a big city is called nice,
But it'll  be happy if you'll be right next to me.

I'm trying to do all my favorite things,
But  you're the thought that always wins.

I want you to stay but it isn't a fairytale,
So I'm just going to enjoy till it lasts.

But you'll be always the one I'll crave,
So I'm going to celebrate each day that I can.

No one said it'll be easy and it's been long,
And all I'm left with, are memories of yours.

But I'll always wish for you to be well,
Because my love for you was a lumineer.

Like stars that helps in dark to see,
Our love will keep my heart to glee.

And one day if I meet you again,
I want to be an exemption not a liability to hold on.

For my love I was a shooting star,
That disappeared with Dawn in sight.
Sagarika Das May 18
It's been months and it's has been a year,
The day had been beautiful when I met you there.

It's isn't a single thing that I remember,
But thousand little things that you did I became part of.

It wasn't just your smile that I saw,
It was the laughter you shared to brighten up others.

It wasn't just the songs you had sing I heard,
But also the lyrics that I couldn't decipher.

It wasn't just the care I always loved,
It was also all the little flaw you had.

It wasn't just your charm that you had,
But all the things that had made what you were.

But it has been a year and months,
And I  wish that we meet again.

If there's a someday that we meet again,
I want to have one day we can be us again.

One day where I won't be shy again,
One day where you won't hold back again.

One day where I don't have to pretend again,
One day where you'll have courage again.

One day where I'll write you a poetry,
One day where you'll sing songs again.

One day where it'll be just you and me again,
One day where we wouldn't care about a forever again.

But it has been a year and months again,
And I wish we have a someday we can meet again.
Sagarika Das May 12
Time after time I have thought of giving up,
Time after time I thought of leaving all.

Time after time I gave you my all,
Time after time it didn't mattered to you at all.

Time after time I woke to the feeling of being numb,
Time after time I wanted to scream my pain off.  

Time after time I want to reach out to all dreams to fly high,
Time after time the shadows of misery kept me in cage before all.

Time after time I wanted to apologize,
Time after time I kept dying alone.

Time after time I wished for my one day,
Time after time I wished for day to stop grieving the past.

Time after time I realized It wouldn't matter at all,
Time after time I felt I was only suffering all along.

Time after time I saw the beauty of all,
It maybe a nightmare but there will still be light in all.
Sagarika Das Apr 25
He was the ruin that she kept running to,
Though the Salvation was far from truth.

The hello was he that she could never say,
A goodbye he was that she had never heard him say.

A look was he from far to see,
With love in his eyes he would only look at the she.

A tune of a song she would hear him sing,
A song he would sing only dedicated to the she.

Unknown to them memories they made,
Treasure were it for lifetime to keep.

Colors they shared same to match,
Unknown to them a smile has been shared. 

A stranger with smile he will always be,
A stranger with light would she all be.

But destiny played a game in life,
And shattered were the treasure together they had.

Nothing more and nothing less were they,
A stranger in life were only they.

As a memory the stranger remained in life,
A small part to cherish they remained for lifetime.
Sagarika Das Feb 2
Amid all the stars you were the moon for me,
Amid all the sea you were the land for me,
Amid all the darkness you were the light for me,
Amid all the sadness you were the smile for me,
And amid everything we became a love story to live.
Sagarika Das Oct 2017
I thought I was that special one in your life,
Never knew I was living a life full of lies.

Terrified here I am thinking about all yet again,
Hurt you caused that can never be described by a simple pen.

With a smile I will never tell you what I felt,
But maybe you could see it all in my eyes if I can't.

Nevertheless because replaceable I was again in your life,
No matter what you could always find a special someone in your life.
Sagarika Das Jul 2017
Everyone has one fate but that's just nonsense.

If the 5 fingers are not alike then how can be the fate?

Karma is bae because it makes my destiny.

The world is nothing but just vulnerable place where I live in.

Do good, Be good & put yourself in makes you a being.

But the place that I belong is not getting along.

People are of 2 faces because all they seek is on the top.

The world that I like is so of fantasy type.

All people be happy is place that I want to be.

Helping hands all be where I belong to be.

Qualities on the top where being seeks to be.

Recognition should they all get not marks where one has to be.  

Dark knight should we all where darkness has no place at all.

Skyscrappers all should belong with no poverty getting along.

Hence the world that I like is so of fantasy type.
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