Raz Rix Apr 4

i'm going to fight for her
to keep her by my side
you don't deserve her;
her love, her effort, her dedication.

if break her again, or force
her into this kind of situation,
i'm going to take her from you
because she deserves happiness,
love, kindness and someone
who can stand up for her; who
will stand up for her.

i will take her from you,
because she is my sister,
my best friend, my soul mate mermaid.

i love her too much to let this keep happening.
Raz Rix Mar 30

i can barely breathe
the weight inside my chest
is weighing me down
dragging me further
into the darkness below
and i don't know
how much longer i can
hold on

letting go.
Raz Rix Mar 14

i can see them standing together,
holding each other's hand in the summer
and i want to tell them to leave, that
this is wrong.

i want to tell her of his fury,
of the force he will inflict on her children.
i want to tell him that she's isn't right,
that they will have fights and things,
that they will forever regret, will happen.

i want to tell them that if this happens,
they will put the kids into unhappiness
and their fights will affect the whole house.
i want to tell them that if this didn't happen,
they could meet people better for themselves

but i don't. i am selfish and i let them go,
i let them meet and hold hands and fall
madly in love. i let them fall out of love,
and i let the bad things happen

because i want to live, and i know
that love is just another person

i can never tell them.
Raz Rix Jan 25

i want to crawl out of my skin,
out of my body,
and leave it all behind.

farewell to the flaws,
to the walls,
that have kept me so confined.

3 a.m. thoughts.
Raz Rix Jan 18

each moment passes by,
and i can barely pretend to care.
i watch them pass with less
emotion than i watch the street below,
wondering when will my time
to live arrive?

each moment stretches out,
around me, and closes in,
but it's no different than yesterday
and the day before.
as the moments suffocate me,
they make me wonder:
when will my time
to live arrive?

it's messy.
Raz Rix Jan 12

when you're stuck
and reaching up,
knowing that everyone
who walks past
is pretending not
to see the
in your eyes

i hate this place. i wish i could be done with it.
Raz Rix Jan 11

you pretend to miss me
but i know you better than you think
i know the giveaways when you're lying
the words you use to avoid the truth

the pretending needs to end
i can't be your last call anymore
i don't want to be your second thought
when you're planning things

i've been debating about whether or not i'm done with you for over a month now. i guess we have my answer.
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