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Each pink curving line my lips would kiss
Gentle press of flesh against sacred flesh
Divine sculpture, shaped and sealed like this
Scars as vines of life beginning afresh
Next trace along each ink line, old and new
Histories of life lived and battles won
Windows of a soul I could fall into
Warm and soft like the rising of the sun
Morning sun stretches when kisses meet throat
Along jawline and across cheekbones to nose
Songs of dawn birds meaningless and remote
Wrapped as we are in this sublime repose
Skin to true skin, heart to exalted heart
I am devout worshiper of your art
So the relationship isn't what I'd thought it'd be, but it's a **** good poem
My love for you came in on little cat feet
That is, to say, crashing in at top speed
Landing with no warning in the pit of my stomach
And leaving me gasping for breath
Even long after you have left
Outcast and outlaw and wild Romantic
May I rest my heart in thine gentle hands
Let it beat naked, open, and frantic
Will you pluck its strings, kiss these shiv’ring strands?

I pray, will thee guide my wandering pen
Across the page, through the spectral divide
Help find the words that evade me again
Trying to make sense of the mess inside

A desperate plea from a kindred soul
Seeking anyone who can understand
To find the words that make me feel whole
And sink teeth into the life I had planned

Find me, my lost flame and distant lover
Together, what worlds can we uncover?
Empty sockets watch the sky
Reflecting clouds in collected rain
Birds make nests in open palms
Fungus grows in grey folds of brain
Mouth full of moss, ribcage full of flowers
Winds taking bones to dust
Memories that time devours
Let it break you
Cut your fingertips
On the shards
Let it change you
Find new edges
And shapes in the glass
Let it remake you
Reflect the damage back
With bloodied mirror fragments
Leave your memory
Deep in their marrow
Haunt the corners of their sight

— The End —