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Lara Jul 2019
like an anchor you kept me safe between the ocean waves
like and anchor you held me steady so I wouldn't drift away
like an anchor you chained me down
like an anchor you let me drown

Lara Oct 2017
His voice said
Nice to meet you.
His eyes said
You look good.
His hand said
I want you to notice me.
My head said
Stay away from him.
My heart said
Kiss him.
My voice said
Nice to meet you too.
Lara Oct 2017
You look lovely he said
I smiled
Thanks I giggled
Little did he know
That I was crippling inside
Lara Oct 2017
When I was 13,
I swallowed a fly.
It was an accident.
I was scared the fly would eat my brains.
So I ran to my mum
and told her I needed a doctor.
She didn't believe me.
And so the fly ****** the blood out of my brains.
And all my feelings became numb.

Lara Oct 2017
Today I decided to be happy
So I woke up immediatly after my alarm clock went of,
wore my yellow polka dot dress,
made funny faces in the mirror while brushing my teeth,
ate breakfast untill my bely was full,
tried to smile at every stranger
and hummed along to my favourite song.

But it didn't work
for I was not happy in my soul.
It was still there, in the back of my mind,
how you kissed her
as if you were drowning and she was the oxygen.

I will never get to lose that sight.

Lara Oct 2017
I lie awake.
The half moon,
whose soft white shine
invades my room
and makes the tears that rest on my cheeks sparkle;
illuminates half of my face
so that the moon and I
can become a whole.

Only me
and the silence of 2 A.M.

Outside goes the party-goer
-knackered and filled with a portion of fresh memories
that won't be found in the morning-
to his rest.

Only he
and the silence of 2 A.M.

Outside stumbles the drunkard
-with repressed thoughts and events
that he couldn't erase out of his memory by a bottle-
to his end.

Only he
and the silence of 2 A.M.

Outside staggers the broken one
-with blood that’s drowning in wine and as red as the lips of the woman he tries to forget-
to his death.

Only he
and the silence of 2 AM.
Lara Oct 2017
I kissed his broken heart
and let our colours blend

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