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Karen Jan 2015
heaven could be your
resting place, but our hearts will
keep your precious days
haiku 13: i'm only starting to understand death, and how much luck is involved in everything. i'm lucky enough to have stayed alive to write this, and you're lucky enough to have stayed alive to read this. people die every day, but we're most devastated about the deaths of people we know, and love. a poet dies, and there's one less poet in this world. but a poet's not just a poet. he's also a son, brother, lover, friend, teacher, and many things. we regret the death deeply, and we can't help but think about what could have happened if one element that led to his death did not take place, what could happen if he is still here, and what would happen when he will be there. we regret that his dreams are severed, along with our own. but only the barcode of an event can be blamed, the wind that blew any one domino. it's an immensely ambiguous feeling to be here, taking part in a new beginning, while others have had their last year.

this one is dedicated to my late professor, a brilliant young poet, f.r.g. (1982-2014). i started writing because i couldn't accept such a loss. i used to think learning more meant growing sadder; i was hopeless. but because of his lectures, i wanted to get better. he was one who moved every single person he met, a dedicated teacher and a highly sophisticated thinker. he had a whole head of knowledge and wisdom, and a heart made of courage and humility. many were crushed when the road stole you away, but i'm sure you have no regrets as you did what you loved doing until your very last breath. we love you, requiescat in pace. ♡
Karen Dec 2014
orange blossom, fresh
breeze; quick flashes of sweetest
childhood memories
haiku 12: (also a ten-word-story) december is ending soon, and the holidays got a pleasant atmosphere - it's the perfect time to reminisce about our younger days! a new year means we'll get a lil older again, hopefully a lil wiser too. i wish you all a merry christmas! ❅ ❆ ❄
Karen Dec 2014
the gold sky taught us
no empty assertions, no
false hopes; no regrets
haiku 11: i was always scared of making mistakes and wondered how people do things without looking back. my friend asked me once to give one good reason to regret. i was wordless.
Karen Dec 2014
aromatic night
black, bitter; minds kept awake
and hearts filled with hate
haiku 10: to our sleepless nights.
Karen Dec 2014
bodies withering,
shaking and searching; we all
just want to be home
haiku 09: we grow old and our bodies get tired of the weight of the world, and in the end, we all just want the same thing - a place to call our home. i hope you find yours.
Karen Dec 2014
swift astral glimpses
trace unique constellations
formed in our bodies
haiku 08: eyes caught only quick glances, but were sharp enough to carve stars into bodies.
Karen Dec 2014
a flash of pale skin,
the smell of lush vanilla
distract starry skies
haiku 07: today i felt as if my skin wanted to show itself to the world, and the stars above would want to watch too. found some confidence.
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