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Little Ghost Mar 2014
tonight she threw away those photos of you that i took
on that film camera i bought in orlando
she tossed me my pile of developed photos
i knew the photos of you were missing
and she insisted that she didn't take them away
but i insisted that she did
and she did
and she cracked and told me that she did
in a weak attempt to censor my memories
after censoring every other aspect of my life
she censored my friendship and love and now
she tries to take away my memories of you
but they still linger despite her attempts
and yes, of course i still think of you
i think of those photographs i took
and the time we sat and stared at the ceiling
and the time you held me while i felt close to death
it was nice
i could never forget any of it
but i wish i could at least have those pictures
i want as much of you as i can get now
even if it means that those photos are all i could ever know of you again
because i don't see you anymore the way i used to
i think of you and i smile
wondering if you think of me anymore
and if you do
then do you think of me with a smile
do you still have the photos you took of me
i just wish i could have the one i took of you
you were smiling
you were happy
you were fine
and i was happy and fine, too
i just wish i could have a reminder
of the way it felt
the moment i pressed down on that button
and saw a bright light before my eyes for an instant
hahahahahahah feelings
Little Ghost Mar 2014
i just realized that i will be doing this for years
this cycle makes me sick and i can't escapee
there are countless more days to sit through
countless more days exactly like this one
and what will i do once i've lived through them all?
and what will i go on to do?
there is the potential to get caught in another trap
at first i'll want it in the same way that i wanted this
but then i'll find that it's the same thing all over again
it could be just another misery
just another whirlpool
and i'm not sure i want to go on to find out
but there is the possibility of an adventure
which is what is keeping me going at this point
i am gambling and the odds are against me
but i still insist on playing this endless game
i wrote in physics class. i got scared.
Little Ghost Mar 2014
this morning there was fog over my eyes
and every time i looked to the left or to the right
the clouds would be pushed to the sides of my eyes for a bit
and there was a light pulse behind my temples but my head did not hurt
it was more of a confusion that was lingering
and oh god i just lost my train of thought
there is a teacher here and i should be listening
but i always tend to write during this class
my handwriting won't be able to be read by anyone else
i hope that i can read this later on
my teacher is trying to read this over my shoulder while she talks
and i should probably feel bad about it but i don't
there are a lot of things that i should do
this is my first step towards invincibility
without feelings i don't need, i can do anything
and this is a fairly average writing style but
i am trying not to care, i don't really care
there was something i was going to write
but i keep forgetting what i was going to say
there is the fragance of cologne masking the stench of substance
and it is greatly distracting me
from the distractions that i have set in place for myself
i don't need the help i thought i did
i wrote this yesterday. i don't feel like this anymore.
Little Ghost Jan 2014
i am writing this to remind myself
of what i thought this morning
as i walked the sidewalk
with cars rushing by
i could see my breath in the air
but i could also see the sun
and the way that it pierced through
the tops of trees and her hair
i took a moment to see the sky
it was empty and vast
floating across the top of the earth
like that parachute game i used to play
at recess in elementary school
and ****
how great is it to be alive?
a smile spread across my face
and i skipped to the lunch room
i don't care that i look like a fool
because i am happy
and if you're happy, you should
embrace it while it's here
so i danced along with the cold wind
and i smiled back at the sun
hello, this is Not a Poem
Little Ghost Dec 2013
i am here
i don't know why i am here
but i am here
maybe it's the moon
it's probably the moon
i love the moon
it keeps me company when there's no one
thanks, moon
you're a good friend
listen to those harmonies
do you hear them
i hope you can hear them
they are beautiful
almost as beautiful as you are
you have your own harmonies
our voices sound nice together
our voices harmonize
let's go see the trees and the stars
let's take a trip to the moon and look at earth
it's funny how we live there
the earth
it's a small place
we are small
i love you though
you may be insignificant in the grand scheme of things
i am as well
but i love you
and somehow you are significant to me
because you care
that is nice
it is nice that you care
i love you
this is a Not Poem about nothing
there is no point
i just started writing and this came out
it is not good, i know
Little Ghost Dec 2013
anima mea dominum
i don't know what that means
i've sung it in a few songs before, though
i've sung so many words i don't know the meaning of
just because i was told to
"sing these words this way"
but what am i singing
"just sing them with emotion"
but which emotions
i don't know what i should sound like
am i happy
well, no
but should i act like it
or are these words meant to be mournful
i can play the Mournful Singer
if you want, that is
******, you
just sing
the ****
Little Ghost Dec 2013
do i have to title my poems
are these even poems
are they really
i don't think so
but it doesn't matter
i am writing
do these words mean anything
probably not
don't try to find meaning in this
there isn't any to be found
so, do i have to title these words
i wonder what they think
they probably don't like my words
maybe they would if i
gave them a title
but i don't
i am untitled
yeah, i'm just gonna post all of my poems from yesterday at once
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