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Lissa Heli Dec 2013
While a wonderous widow soon shall dine
On a feast of divinity and sorrow soaked wine
She ***** up her fist and uses a wish
The rules that a lady should abide
"But who makes these rules?" She spoke to a crow
"The best of the best keep their heads down low
Let your head go up should you end up in the sky
Your people will cry unless you should rise
So best follow the rules that a lady should abide
Keep the red on your lips bold with a charming lie."
Lissa Heli Nov 2012
Star Bright eyes
Looking up dreaming of the skies
Got her wondering what's beyond the threshold
She's got the stars in her eyes
and the universe in her head
Made her wonder why she bled
the first time the arrow of affection hit her

Don't mind her she's just hoping too hard
To make a difference in this world to realize this time
Daddy's never comming home
Sisters already full grown
now its time for her to come into her own
Like the first time she felt hate first hand

Still trying to find her home away from home
outcast since they threw the first stone
she'll never show it though, she'll never shed a tear
rather bite her toungue untill it bleeds than to show her fear
She's used to it, she's beat up and she hides it well
maybe she's just lost and confused
won't take what the world tried to feed her, she refused
keep walking mile after mile
even if it kills her she won't stop
She'll keep going until she drops.
Lissa Heli Nov 2012
Maybe you just think too much.

You want to think.
You want to think that you mean something.
To them at least.
So you listen carefully to everything they say.
You swallow every word, every syllabel, every meaningless sound that escapes their lips.
Looking for something.
Something that might not even be there.
But that isn't going to stop you.
Oh no, it will only make you try harder, dig deeper.
You'll drive yourself insane, even cry over something that was never there.
You feel like a child
a child that wants a toy they see
so like that child you do everything to get it.
You see I am a child. And you my dear, are that toy I want.
you are the first colors a baby sees
the first tooth a child loses
the first love a person has
and the first nightmare I ever had.
And like all those things I will never forget you.
You have the beauty I try to capture but always fall short.
I stayed away for a while.
Hoping that these sentiments would leave and I could stop thinking.
I did.
But not for that long.
I came back eventually.
Like a dog you feed. It becomes a habit.
It was okay at first it was even fun.
but then it happened again
I started analyzing every cursed word you had to say.
I started looking for that something again.
I started looking for hope.
And now here I am thinking, thinking, thinking and thinking.
dreaming about love affairs that I havent had yet. Or even ever will.
playing out different scenarios in my head.
asking the always puzzling "who, what, when where, and why?
It's all a vicious cycle that you are in charge of.

But I don't know
Maybe You just think too much
Lissa Heli Nov 2012
A girl by the name of Josephine
was once destined to be a great queen
married off to a prince, a boy
but never let her true feelings show
for she was in love, this was true
but not with the prince, a boy
her true love she could not enjoy
there were stolen kisses
snuck out at night for passion so vicious
don't get caught my sweet Josephine
for the two of you they will get in between
you see Josephine's love was forbidden
with a girl by the name of Rosaline, so it's best to keep hidden
they spent countless nights enjoying eachother
with no cover but the warmth of the two lovers
but eventually everything must come to light
during an encouter of the sweetest kind
a night of moaning and arching of their back, everything felt so right
when the prince, a boy
caught both of them in the middle of their throws
while the girls were still clutching hard at the bed
he screamed ****** ****** "off with her head!"
So the his guards grabbed Rosaline
and led her to the guillotine
Josephine looked at her lover for the last time "Rosaline"
her deep brown eyes,golden skin, a girl so divine
before the blade was let loose, not even a scream
Josephine swore, she cried a whole stream
she drowned in her tears of sorrow and pain
the girls blood on the floor it did stain
when Josephine took her last breath upon the pool of her tears
she felt Rosaline's hands around her waist and her breath in her ear
saying "My sweet josephine, don't worry I'm here."
She believed that Rosaline did not die at the guillotine
but they died together without fear and completely serene.
Lissa Heli Nov 2012
I hate using words
because no matter what they can never justify the beauty I see
no amount of adjectives, nouns, or verbs
they hardly come close but if I try harder then maybe
they maybe enough to capture you
capture  enough to make you turn around
these words I speak are raw and true
now listen to my alluring sound
because rhyme schemes are just a fancy trick we use
like the fox and the hound
I just try to  amuse
but only you
would I make a fool, with a smile on my face
"who are you?"
that simple question that started this beautiful chase
we all try to find who we are
but I'm much more interested in the creature before me
where you are still seems too far
I ask "am i worthy? Pshh hardly."
but enough with these metaphors
It's time to take action
I think i found the key to open this door
because we all know you are the main attraction.
I am rambling I will stop using words
because no matter what no adjectives, no nouns, and no verbs.
Lissa Heli Nov 2012
She'll never see you.

She'll never see the love behind my eyes.
I think you must be color blind.

when you see red
can you love me instead?

You know me  better than I do
what can I say? To get you to stay?

When you see blue
I'll still be here for you

Brown eyes **** me in so deep
that part of my heart? That peice you can keep

When you see pink
I wont let you sink

You crept up on me and i didn't see it comming
you showed me affection and I stopped running

Because when you see grey
everything stays the same way

So open up your heart to see the love behind my eyes
because it's not fun being color blind
Lissa Heli Nov 2012
Show me all the scars you have,
and the stories behind them

I want to see the scars on your fingers.
And hear about all the demons you had to fight off with your bare hands.
did you win?

I want to see the scars on your back.
From all the people who have ever hurt you.
And how I vow to not add to that collecetion.

I want to see the scars on your heart.
well i can't see them, but i can assure you i feel them.
those are the scars that hurt the most and im  sure some of those wounds are still open.

And i want to see the scars on your face.
those distinct markings that give you your features.
those marking that say you were not afraid to get up close and get hurt
for a reason you saw fit.

Will you show me all your scars?
I wont try to fix them, i promise.
because i know some of them you hold dear.
you can give me any scar you want though. i want a reminder of you.
i wont flinch, it won't even hurt.
Im used to it, so cut as deep as you want.

Darling, show me all your scars.
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