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i stopped wishing for you
mainly because
i never truly wished
for anything for me
unless it involves you and i
so instead of wishing for us
i wished for you
to have better days
to fall in love with life
to kiss it with open arms
and your eyes closed
for life to fall for you
hard and fast
with lips so soft
and a gentle hand on your cheek
because it’s what you deserve
70 · Jul 9
thought about it
i thought about kissing you today
not because i’ve seen you
or came close to it
but the memory of feeling the way i did
when your lips touched mine
caught my breath
and made my lungs freeze
i went on long drives a lot
i use to park my car on a hill to watch the sun go down
but now i find comfort chasing that light head on
with my hand out the window
and the breeze hitting my face
for a moment
my mind goes blank
and i find myself constantly looking for a space
or time when something or someone
could make it go quiet
who knew that it was me
all along

— The End —