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Lisa May 2016
River river,
Sway way
Effortlessly elegant,
From far away,
What do you seek
To see a new day?
Keep on moving
Even when the sky is grey
I envy you river,
So cool and calm
Unlike my heart,
For it can't move on
What is left once he is gone
Lisa Apr 2015
A final gasp,
A loosened grasp,
The sadness of lifeless eyes,
Filled with premature goodbyes,
On that day we lost a soldier,
Who lost the internal war,
The cancer had won this round,
But she had bet it many times before,
With strength I have never seen,
A veteran on how to live,
To be a loving mother, sister, friend and so much more,
She's gone now,
Knocking on heavens door.
A poem for the death of a family member
Lisa Apr 2015
Tension builds between their stare,
Unfolded in the un forgotten air,
Of how it feels to taste and touch,
Exploring each other's expressions,
Searching for signs,
Hoping to catch out the others bluff,
Knowing full well it was a ****** love,
Where mere love wasn't enough.
Lisa Mar 2015
Broken branches,
Fallen leaves,
Silhouette of one to greaves,
Muted laughter,
Solum sighs,
Eventual loosening of ties
Darkened clothing,
Untold lies
All enwrapped in premature goodbyes
Lisa Dec 2014
I love the colour of his skin,
And the warmth in his eyes,
I love the freckles dispersed across his nose,
The mark under his right eye,
I love his his brutally embarrassing dance moves,
that he calls me "my girl"
I love How he can throw me over his shoulder like a doll,
how he makes me feel beautiful, brilliant and ****,
I love How he calms me when I spiral,
How he makes me laugh so much I cry,
I love his clear ,crisp, distinct voice of reason,
And The little things he does to supprise me,
I love his road rage,
And How he makes me feel brave,
I love How hugs me when I cave,
His smell when I nuzzle in
I love how we never run out of topics,
How the day can fade away.
I don't love that he loves not just me,
The pain I've caused him,
Spit Roads to uncertainty,
I don't love how I fear he can sink and drown,
And I don't feel strong enough to rescue him,
To bring him back to safe ground like he could do for me,
I'm not qualified in that field, like she.
But what I don't love the most is even though I would try my hardest to save him I'm afraid he could drag us both down.

All three together, rock bottom searching for stable ground.
Lisa Nov 2014
At the beginning we were like a tree
Strong, natural, beautiful completed
Now we are like a feeble branch,
Broken under the pressure of circumstance.
There is no life here anymore.
Lisa Nov 2014
Running and running,
through fresh cut grass,
He could hardly breath, just gasp
Feeling the deep crescendo of his heart
Not knowing where to go,
Searching for something,
A new start.
Frantically looking behind him,
Through tear stained eyes,
And what could he see?
The ghost of a man
A man he never wanted to be,
Although just a figment of his imagination,
It was as real as the ground beneath him,
He needed an out,
He needed to be free,
Far from that man he would not let himself be.
Written very shortly after reading the short story "Feathers" by Raymond Carver :)
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