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Jul 2015 · 317
Let me go
I scratch
I claw
I bite and scream but I can't
It. Won't. Let. Me. Go
It took me in
And now it won't relinquish
Its hold on my every waking thought
Let. Me. Go.
Jul 2015 · 294
My mind
I wish I knew what to write here
But nothing seems to come to mind
Its like there's this hole in my brain
And all the creativity
And all the emotions
Escaped from my mind never to
May 2014 · 771
Even a white rose
Has a shadow
Apr 2014 · 272
value of everything
Some people know
the price of everything
the value of nothing
Apr 2014 · 332
Suicide is not a means to an end
but instead an end to a means
Apr 2014 · 5.4k
Throw me to the wolves
and I will return
leading the pack
Mar 2014 · 283
love is forever
Understand that we own nothing
Everything that surrounds you is temporary
Only the love in your heart will last
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
I was your cure
but you were my disease
I was saving you
but you were killing me
Mar 2014 · 294
Through Heaven I go
I dream of walking through heaven
The gold streets
The angels
I'm at peace
leave me alone
Don't wake me up

— The End —