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Lindsey Sherman Nov 2015
I have an enemy.
I have an enemy.
She has been my nemesis for my entire life.
She is always working on some sort of
to weaken me.
She wishes to weaken me.
She wishes to distract me.
She wishes to
She wishes to
She wishes to
She makes me doubt.
She makes me uncertain.
She makes me discontented.
She stops me from doing, which is really the worst of all.
And she will not leave me alone.
She will not let me be.
It looks like I am stuck with her.
I am stuck with her, so I will have to learn to live with her.
I will have to learn to
limit the damage.
I will have to learn to limit the damage she does to me.
No, I can't destroy her.
She is, unfortunately, immortal-
While I am not.
It is an unfair advantage.
Lindsey Sherman Sep 2014
Every living thing
holds the same value!
The tiniest flower that grows through
the cracks of a sidewalk
is worth the same as the 70 year old
Oak tree
in your front yard.
The man who collects the garbage
from your office building
is worth the same
as the CEO of your company.
If you were gone
Or if she were gone
Or if I were gone
Or if that tiny flower got stomped on
And giant oak tree          
Got chopped down
The world would be a different place...
Even if it only caused the slightest change
In oxygen.
Lindsey Sherman Sep 2014
A huge kinda toothy smile...
A smile that fills her eyes with light
-a light that shines through everyone around her.
A smile that says,
"I live my life shamelessly

A smile that says,
"You can throw anything in my way, but you'll never beat down my
optimistic flare."

A smile that says,
"I appreciate all that I have
& do not dwell on what I don't."

It's that real, honest
kinda genuine smile
that does not conceal her problems...
It conquers them.
A smile that blames no one for its frowns.
A smile that makes us all smile
just thinking about it.
A smile that always stays with me
even now that its gone to a better place...
A more deserving home.
This is for my beautiful friend, Melissa.
Lindsey Sherman Sep 2014
Hudson to my right
nyc to my left
leaves up above
grass under my sneakers
perfect amount of chill the air
not a chilly chill
just a chill sorta chill
tea in right hand
apple in left hand
no! bagel in left hand
forget the apple
take a bite
take a sip
look at the view
I tried to refrain from writing a Fall themed poem, but I couldn't...because Fall in nyc really is as beautiful as they say.
Lindsey Sherman Sep 2014
We're all going somewhere else
(some place different)
than where we are right now.
We're all going to go on our way
to somewhere new one day.
I may go with her.
She may go with him.
He may go with me.
But wherever we're going
we're going to be there.
someday soon
someday later
we'll be there
About saying goodbye (for now).
About choosing your own destinations and your own way of getting there.
Lindsey Sherman Sep 2014
Inhale exhale
Counting breaths
Can’t stop the thoughts from
Have to stop the thoughts from
Before the day begins.
Before feet hit the floor.
Inhale exhale
Counting breaths
The only way to
Calm the mind.
Inhale exhale
Can’t stop the mind
Can’t stop the mind from
Lengthen breath-
Inhale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 exhale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Inhale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 exhale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The thoughts fly in one ear
And out the other.
Out **** thoughts.
Out I say.

Relax the feet
Relax the ankles
Relax the calves
Relax the knees
Relax the thighs
Relax the hips
Relax the stomach
Relax the chest
Relax the shoulders
Relax the neck
Relax the mouth
Relax the face
Relax the mind
Relax the mind
Inhale Exhale
Relax the mind
Relax the mind
Exhale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…
A note on my meditation.
Lindsey Sherman Sep 2014
A classy kind of car ride:
1950's radio station at a comfortable volume.
10 minutes later and we arrive.
Sun block on.
Sneakers tied.
Water bottles in hand.
Round and round the lake we go.
Just he and I.
The sun is yellow
The grass is green
The sky is blue
All the colors in their rightful place.
It's more like a walk filled walk
than a talk filled walk,
but that's the way we like it best.
No small talk here.
Just big talk for us:
the speed of light,
the start of humanity,
the purpose for our existence.
Otherwise, we just walk
oh and sometimes we jog too...
(His legs are long,
so sometimes I have to jog
in order to keep up.)
We have our own routine
our own system
our own pace.
Just he and I
Just he and I
This poem is dedicated to my grandpa, my walking buddy
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