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Jan 2018 · 461
Wait Not More
LNMVDS Jan 2018
It’s been so long
The distance begs
To be traveled on
By weary legs
I rise again
But do not flinch
I cannot stand
To move an inch
Nothing waits
If I go back
I am too late
It’s time I lack
You made your choice
And I made mine
Quiet your voice
I think it’s time
I’ll give you up
You’ll let me go
Begin to cut
The ties we know
I’ve come not for
The love we shared
So wait no more
The end is here.
Jan 2018 · 432
I would, You might
LNMVDS Jan 2018
I’d travel for miles,
You might wait around.
I’d lay down my life,
You might watch me drown.
I’d bare my soul and open my chest.
You’d most likely laugh or smile, at best.
I’d be there in an instant,
You might show up late.
I’d place you first,
You might save the date.
I’d give you the stars and all that comes with.
You’ve been promised before so you won’t hold your breath.
Who ruined you?
Why can’t you show love?
Why do I try when
I’m never enough.
I’d be loyal to you and I’d never stray,
So why can’t you just meet me halfway.
May 2014 · 365
Last Resort
LNMVDS May 2014
I’ll get rid of your family
And leave you all alone
Turn your friends against you
With some lies that “they should know”
I’ll get you kicked out of school
And fired from your job
Leave you in the poorest health
All your money, I will rob

I know I’m not priority
So what else can I do
Than to remove all of your number ones
And make you start anew
I’ll isolate you completely
With no where else to turn
To change my place as last resort
All your bridges, I must burn
LNMVDS May 2014
What's in a soul
That we find of such interest
Captivating and consuming
If the eyes are its windows
What do we hope to find
For even windows tell lies

About what is within
We see what we want
It stands to reason to believe
That eyes are not the windows in fact
But they are the illusion makers
And perspective shapers

The eyes hold other eyes
Convincing while locked
Displaying what is meant to be displayed
The soul stands on its own
It is not shown until it is desired to be shown
LNMVDS May 2014
I’m slower than most
I walk my own pace
I speak my own words
To match my calm face
I’ve never moved fast
I’ve never rushed time
I’m cautious I know
But it’s worked out just fine

Until I fell for you
I knew not of speed
I dived in headfirst
I lost track of my feet
But quicker than that
Was the length of your stay
As I miled-a-minute
You pulled far away

Now my heart rate has settled
Back to slow and reserved
I miss the thrill of your rush
With my caution unnerved
I’m slower than most
But I just never knew
How painfully slow I’d be
Getting over you
May 2014 · 346
LNMVDS May 2014
Some things are just not
Meant to be
Like peace and war
Or reality and dream

Rain rarely exists
While the sun is out
Unless by some happy accident
Or misguided route

They should find one another
And learn to share
A sky near the heavens
Spreading colour everywhere

Is it too impossible to think
That magic should start
From two things that are fated
To be forever apart

Could we be beautiful together
Or does an attempt end in vain
As you stay the beautiful sunshine
Without I: the sad, dark rain

— The End —