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Lily Mayfield Nov 2013
Oh, my dear,
Come to me.
Hear my screams,
Set me free.

I'm trapped,
Inside my mind.
I haven't snapped,
But I've gone blind.

Help me see,
I've lost my way.
You won't believe,
What I'm about to say.

I'm stuck inside,
Once more.
I can't be your bride,
You'll find me on the floor.

I lost my voice,
When I needed care.
I had a choice,
It wasn't a dare.

I've no more air,
I took my last breath,
But to you I swear,
I'll see you after death.
Written on November 5, 2013
Lily Mayfield May 2013
Four walls
A roof
And those days waiting for your calls

500 days
And you're still not here
You said always
But it's been over a year

First it was Thanksgiving
Then it was Christmas
I feel guilty
For being unforgiving
But you chose to miss this

I'm not the only one
We all shed tears
We hide it in the sun
And we'll hide it for years

You left us here
You went alone
You chose to disappear
Now we're all grown

Please come back home

*Written May 15, 2013
Lily Mayfield May 2013
Would you hear me,
If I screamed in your ear?

Come inside my mind tonight,
Will you love me in the morning?

I''m falling into an abyss.
Catch me if you can, and
Give me one last kiss.

I've already said good-bye,
Did you hear me?
I feel like I can fly.
I feel so free.

If you wait around forever,
I'll surely bring you down.
A promise of forever,
When you start to drown.

I've started descending.
Too far deep,
There's no defending.

I'll be your angel,
I'll watch over you dear.

I started drowning,
Without a warning.

*Written on May 15, 2013
Lily Mayfield Dec 2012
Don’t get too close
You’ll crumble
It’s not the life she chose
But she doesn’t grumble

You’ll turn pale
You’ll become ash
This isn’t a tale
You’ll be gone in a flash

If you get near
You have a last request
Steer clear
Or death will infest

She’ll choose your fate
If you take another stride
She’ll find the right bait
And a grave she’ll provide

I warned you
I wasted my breath
Everything she touches
Turns to death
Written in October 2012
Lily Mayfield Dec 2012
In bed we lay
We don’t speak
I don’t pray
Please don’t freak

I won’t beg on my knees
I won’t justify my sins
I won’t say please
And I won’t sing hymns

I don’t understand this hell
But I don’t need god
I can excel
Without that fraud

I’m sweet as can be
But stand for my rights
I want to be free
Not bound by unseen sights

Not everyone will concur
And I don’t really care
But if you must infer
Of no god am I aware
Written in October 2012
Lily Mayfield Dec 2012
From the very first day
I had to have you
You looked my way
And I just knew

Your smile caught my attention
Your words drew me in
You left me in suspension
Now I’m happier than I’ve ever been

I’ll never leave your side
I’ll never hide away
Even if you died
I would never betray

I’m here for good
I’ll never leave
Like a good wife should
I won’t decieve

Take this as a dedication
Of my love to you
I have no hesitation
When I promise my love to you
Written in October 2012
Lily Mayfield Dec 2012
I am so elated
No more sorrow
My scars have faded
I have a tomorrow

I was trapped
I was petrified
My life was undiscoverable
My life, you electrified

One smile
One look
More more dial
My breath you took

Forever and more
I’m no longer distraught
I have something to adore
In more than a thought
Written in October 2012
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