Natasha 6d
The rain puddles in the cracked city pavement, a drowning vision of striking familiarity. Nostalgia encasing those mulling over their Earl Greys in coffee shops. A wooden stir dissipates the bubbles in the steaming liquid, contrasted by the cool droplets streaking down the ordinary windows. As breathing slows, eyes lock deep in thought upon the bustling, grey castle streets. She slows as she steps to the sidewalk, meeting a gaze before they realize. Her face like snow, her lips like two tiny rose petals just starting to push from their blossom. Her eyes as dark as they are deep, rounded and child-like. Coming to, the strangers been locked on one another for just half a second longer than deemed socially acceptable. She breaks stare, adjusts her bag; and with her hooded head to the ground, makes her way past the old coffee shop.
Natasha May 10
the shadows dance on the spot you left
indented in the mattress
a reminder of its emptiness.
we destroyed ourselves in the nick of time
to sell our souls to the new age
and uncover all the sins we wished to find.
the wind shakes the trees and my bones
our bodies no longer a place we call home
through trouble and turmoil
you'd think we'd have grown
but instead, we're trapped
in crowded bars, streets and houses
Natasha Apr 27
You're inconsistent
and so dramatic
True to yourself, chiselled from stone
sometimes I've just about had it

But as your lips trace my collarbones
I remember why it's all worth it
And as your hand tightens around my neck
I think what did I do to deserve this?

This ecstasy, true to the name so perfectly
electric static pleasure, a conductive party
all squeezed inside of me.

And the way you kiss me- so rough yet tender
sends me on another bender
and daddy I can't come down
even when you just stop and watch me tremble.

So I'm begging you please,
shoot up my veins with your
uncontrollable hunger for me
cut my wrists and drink the endless
euphoria I bleed.
Natasha Apr 25
Instead of counting sheep,

I'm counting all of the sleepless nights

I'm alone with my bleeding heart

and aching feet.

and all of the mornings, where I

wake up and I can't breathe

where the sun streams in through my window panes

and I can't bear the stifling inferno of my own sheets.

I'm drowning inside, and I'm burning all over

and I can't stop.

I'm slowly wasting away.

I'm only breathing just to prove I can live another day.
I'm sorry I couldn't be any better than I was
Natasha Apr 24
you are the flame
I'd burn myself with
over and over again
Natasha Apr 21
she loves him,
              &  he loves her
and not time or space
or catching glances
from arm & arm linked
couples disturbing the twittering birds
could halt that.

for, she loves him.
and he loves her.
Natasha Apr 9
Sometimes I wake up
And it feels like you never left
In the morning, I’m going to roll over in bed
And doze on your chest

Like I’ll come home to
The smell of old carpet & cigarettes
And watch reruns
Of the same cartoons
Over and over again

But, awake- I blink my eyes
And realize
That part of me & you have died
Now any emotion, I choose to hide
For it reminds me of you and I.
it's okay, I'm alright, I sew the stitches on my heart the best I can this time.
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