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unmartyred Jun 2019
How long will it take
For the clock to tick
For the seconds to make
The day that I wait.

How much shall i bare
Holding your hand not
Voided from your stares
Consumed by pain can't compare.

If thy Lord could speed up
A second each hour I kneel
bleedin and bruised, id be
Just to be closer from until when.

Lord, is it forever?
If must, my soul will
Would look forward still
Til our love prophecy be fulfilled.
unmartyred May 2019
Lord, bring back
not the love i gave
But the courage i had
when I loved someone
I didn't even know

Lord, save me
Not from being alone
But from the crippling fear and loneliness
for being me

I am but a sinner
but I need your mercy
I am but a Judas
but I need your unwavering salvation

For you are a haven of the broken
You are the refuge of the fallen
The rest of the tired soul
The life of the dead

Lord, oh save me.
unmartyred May 2019
I am no more a prisoner
From the blade, then bleed
Then call love an art
when to weep mascara was all I did

I am no more a slave
Of a toxic desire
Of lust that i perceived
from the heart that i give
from the thing i thought i cannot live with

I am no more a victim
From the sweet sharp tongue
From the hallucinated hugs I long
From memories of every song

I am no more alive
But I have awoken
Thus i am no more dead
from our death dance
And from that devilish romance
unmartyred May 2019
Thoughts of our future
meant buried for the past
The hate standing where i am
Was then failing, falling me down, then has kept me alive.

One day hoping to marry
And put a ring on your fourth
The plan im putting now
Is a soil stained tight ring on your neck

Thou pierced me with sweets
Let us see now
If what happens when I stab thee
Deeply strangle into your heart

Hush, dont cry when you taste rusty death
Only last for 10 minutes
I have been from the pain you dealt
For about 180 days now

Thy blood on my hand
Can be washed off with water
But my blood on yours
Will haunt thee forever

One day, apart, I shall **** you.
I hope you know how much hate i have unto you. I wanna **** you.
unmartyred Mar 2019
You have happy but weary eyes
From the endless tears
You have lively voice
But no one can even hear you sorrow scream
Your skin have scars
And you seem healing is no hope.

Can I be the one to put all your pieces back?
For I'd be so willing to kiss away your pain
Let me embrace you with all i can give
Let me be with your fights everyday.

*** you are the one i prayed
The one i crave
And i wish would stay
I kneeled before God
For nobody one else is more lovely and beautifully shattered
And I think you are the one
*** i cannot see anymore myself living without you.
To the love of my life.
unmartyred Nov 2018
Everyone's laughing
How ridiculous i am
Weird eyes, funny face

If only i look great
If only i look good

Everyone's finding love
How lonely i am
Hopeless romance

If only i look great
If only i look good

Everyone's taking for granted
How loyal and loving i am
But no one chooses to be with

If only i look great
If only i look good
unmartyred Nov 2018
Im left here all alone
No one to hold anymore
Cold hands, frozen blood
Back to self war

The heart filled
With promises and vows
Sliced open its eyes
That fairy tales are impossible now

Bring back the gray
Love come no more
I'm tired of your dramas and dreams
And who needs love after all
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