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 Jul 2017 L
Paul Jones
Dyad - 73 -
 Jul 2017 L
Paul Jones
An ocean apart,      but a bridge is built
and old souls meet on      the road less travelled.
21:20 - 09/07/17

State of mind: joy; peaceful.
Perspective: personal; spiritual.

Thoughts: from thinking - about impossible dreams. There is something instinctive about striving after goals that are hard to reach or have never even been thought of before. To achieve this is to have walked the road less travelled.

The fourth part - 'the road less travelled' - is inspired by M Scott Peck's book of the same title. The overall message of the book correlates with that of this dyad, which is that love is not necessarily a feeling but an activity... such as a dance, I would say.

Questions: would you care to dance?

Listening to: Ed Sheeran - Perfect.
Senja perlahan tenggelam melahirkan sebuah bisikan
Ombak perlahan datang diwaktu yang tidak diharapkan
Bulan bermunculan lalu tenggelam
Dalam ruang beratap bintang
 Jul 2017 L
 Jul 2017 L
I’m here.
I sit here alone.
I don’t really have words to say.
There is so much and absolutely nothing all at the same time.

I’m here.
I don’t want to feel.
All these feelings rush around inside me, but they aren’t real.
I don’t know what’s real.

I’m here,
And you’re there.
You with your perfect smile and thought out words.
You are always there.
That’s the problem.
You are there,
And I am here.

You are just out of reach.
When I think I’ve finally reached you,
I turn around and see it was just a mirage.
I run into the wall you built.
All I have are these two hands.
With blood and sweat, I tear down the wall
Only to see you placing the last few bricks in the next one.
I’m stuck.
I’m here.

I wish I could fly.
I would soar above the rest.
Nothing would tie me down.
I think of living in the sky. Then,
I look down.
I see the shackle around my ankle.
I have been rising up with the rest,
But I can’t move.
They all pass me by.
I’m stuck floating just below the rooftops as I watch you fly away.
Nothing keeps you here.
I’m here.

I don’t have anything to say.
I can’t hold my grasp.
You slip out of my hands and soar.
You are beautiful.
I cry for no reason.
All I want is for you to be happy.
I’m here for you.

We are similar, you and I.
I’m tethered to the ground.
I fight my hardest, but the shackles are too tight.
As you float away, I see you grasping something tight.
It’s another line,
A mere rope secured to a tree.
You can fly as high as you wish,
But you continue to grasp onto this rope.
Nothing is keeping you here, but yourself.
You hold on to the end and float above me.
You stay there.
I’m here.

It’s hard to look at you.
The sun behind your sky blue eyes blinds me.
You are there, but behind you is a constant reminder.
You are hot as the sun.
I am the cold hard ground.
Many try to dig through me and throw me aside.
I am poked and prodded.
I am manipulated and covered up.
You are too hot to touch.
I am burned when I reach out,
So you are there.
I stay right here.

I’ve stopped trying to leave the ground.
I get into my head that I can fly.
I try only to get surpassed by others.
They cover up the sun,
And I am left in the dark.

I’m here.
It’s lonely here.
People come back, but they don’t stay.
No one is here permanently.
Except for me.
I am cold.
I am hidden.
I live in the shadows only to get a brush of the light.
I see it shimmer through the shades.
It lives wonderfully out there,
But I’m here.
 Jul 2017 L
 Jul 2017 L
I'm stuck in a room with my thoughts and a wall
There's a hot loaded gun of all I've done wrong
A laundry list of the things I shouldn't do
And at the top is the Love that I hid from you
What causes people to behave in a
manner that is unpleasant
Blanking you out.
Making people excluded.
Feeling picked on
It's disgraceful
It's not acceptable.
It's uncharitable.
It's mean
 Jul 2017 L
 Jul 2017 L
it's funny how.. we both want each other(?) to be happy...
but why can't you just understand that i'm happiest when i'm with you?

 Jul 2017 L
Stephen E Yocum
Upon awakening I almost never,
jump right out of bed, as I once did.
Slowly I rise to sit awhile on the edge
of  my days desired intentions.
Stiffly I stand and tentatively step away
towards the bathroom to relieve my
most pressing bladder urges.

Those parts of me that do still work,
do now mostly hurt and that's for certain.
Like any other machine, my body's warranty
has long ago mostly expired.

When we old friends now gather,
rather than palavering about our kids,
our golf game, or our ******* Boss at work,
the collective commiserating talk always turns
to our individual deteriorating health matters.

How things once were and no longer are.
Our new hurts and concerns laid out in
vivid detail, what the latest tests revealed
and what the Doctor said or concluded.  
These shared aging complaints you see,
seem almost limitless and all consuming.

We become a little like a hapless clergyman,
preaching wishful consoling rhetoric to his choir.
Not one of us knows, or has the answers
to any of life's BIG questions and actually
never did.

Misery you see, does indeed love company,
talking and sharing seems to help I guess,
being the only real tonic offered or taken,
no prescription required or need be written.
For all of us, limping along through the
aging process. Nothing to do for it but
to laugh and accept it.
 Jul 2017 L
Amirah Shahari
And completely drained;
Of songs being played on the radio over,
And over,
How I have to spent my time,
Almost everything.

And lonely.
Almost there,
I almost let them go,
But I am a sea of hello and goodbyes.
They are the waves that comes back everytime.
Without failing.

If there’s a more accurate word,
To describe being,
With emotions,
Which then I’ll turn into words and words,
Of poems.

I am tired,
From this rain,
I want sunshine.
Not to live in;
 Jul 2017 L
Xiao - SparKticas
I wish I was,
For if I could,
Be it a moment,
Or for an eternity,

I would travel back to then

For if it were,
That it was possible,
To correct my wrongs,
All in one go,

I would travel back to when

Nothing but a chance,
To make it up,
The wrongs I made,
I am truly sorry,

**I would travel back to then
I wish I could go back to then, back to when I was wrong, and make it right
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