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Lightbulb Martin Mar 2018
A Lie About
Never Getting Up
Leastways Lascivious Silly
Lightbulb Martin Jul 2015
Half in black but on a track
Only lacking challenge in his dreams.
Working hard if not inspired
Smoking out the jackpot grows unseen.

You needed to listen
You didn't listen.

Sacked Mack don't look back
Turn around this season's to grieve.
Take it all and make it flow
better lay so hollow will agree.

She didn't listen
She needed to listen

Believe there's a reason God gives us an age.
Believe there's a reason God gives us this age.

Give you a perfect example.
She Should be closest to me but she's the furthest away.

Believe there's a reason God gives us an age.
Believe there's a reason God gives us this age.

Give you a perfect example.
He Should be closest to me but he's the furthest away
No.  I don't. I just don't know.
Lightbulb Martin Jun 2015
Sleeping. A minute or two at a time. Mark. This guy hit somebody. Awake. Coat on. Front door out. A silver hatchback is parked blocking our driveway. Drivers Door opens. A man with dark hair gets out. Italian maybe. Takes three steps. Sees me. And at once without any acknowledgement beyond eyes meeting he is back in the car. And it's all you can do to stare at the rectangle of pressed aluminum. It's white characters on green. 638 UAR 638 UAR. And then his car is gone again but not before you glimpse the passenger side front quarter panel. What's left of it. Man he did a real smack. And then Still in Costco house shoes You listen to the scrape of his tires drive away and walk the outer line of the front fence along the line of cars parked in front of your house and up the front door of your rather dory sort of spry 84 year old neighbor. As you reach her front door You see it is open and only the glass screen door is shut. Think about rapping but reach for the doorbell instead. And there she is. Hi you say. A guy hit one of your cars out front. Four cars parked out front. two silver two redfish.   Well come in she says. You apologize for the house shoes. A dad don't. As you step inside you realize how close to Christmas it really is. Her entire house. Silver & red. Four women Sitting around The dining room table. Someone's car has been Hit 84 says. The murmurs at the table soon turn into realizations. And questions. Which car?  I don't know. He left. I just came here straightaway with the license plate. You realize you've been saying it aloud this whole time. 638 UAR. And now you and 5 bible studiers walk back outside.   It's the first car. A white silver one. Joy for not much damage but Enough to pray over.
They caught the driver based on the license plate info That was provided.
Lightbulb Martin Feb 2015
Hey it's _
Give me a call I'm
At the firefly I
Dont know Where
Ocean people are so
Have a good issue I
Was going to be

Alright make sure you
Press the pictures
From the later...
Lightbulb Martin Nov 2014
Ha ha doesn't do it.
Ha ha can't be it.
Nothing like Nihilism
Enlists the whole lament.
Slack relief in disbelief
mine of God
I just figured
No halo

Next line no using
phones please and no
cursing please think
that's going to ****
off the young,
when all they read
How mellow
Now trees?

So you think getting
pregnant tired driving 40
on the night they drove
old Dixie down it
couldn't rain enough for
me I wanted to see
their Wagonwheel slats
stuck up to their humps
in dreams. It's easy to
get a palm trimming.
actually think they
read anywhere
can write some

At least I have a
******* palm
yes I'm lying
in bed now get some
sleep it's who
they all say you're *******
my recording girl
you took my
only lighter.
what God
touts God
Routs and tryouts
buy shouts
yet still
Doubts if
She is really out.
Ha ha! Nihilists won't expound.
  Oct 2014 Lightbulb Martin
One day Bravery climbed all the way to the moon.
Yes, his name was Bravery.
And his middle name was Reagan.
And he was seven and three fourths.
But anyway, please pay attention to the actual story.
One day Bravery climber all the way to the moon.
He drew himself a staircase,
And he ran all the way.
He had to stop a few times
To catch his breath and take a drink of water,
You must stay hydrated.
But oh boy did he get there.

He was never "shooting for" the moon in the stars.
Bravery believes in strict gun control laws.
Plus he's only seven and three fourths.
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