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Jack Clearman Nov 2017
Against the grey shores of distance,
waves of small yearnings,
impossible to remedy, crash
and once more are pulled back,  
against their will, and folded into the sea

In their absence, a trace
of foam and mud and rock,
the outline of a feeling;
Steeped in strokes of mustard yellow paste
and orange dahlias, blooming,
echoes a gentle reminder

That the ever changing tides
which once worked to move us apart
will, with the same motion
bring us together
To float, with the same uncertainty
Together, with the tide
Jack Clearman Nov 2017
When I miss you most,

I make myself a cup of tea,

and stay with a moment

The table wedged between windows,

leaves blowing in the trees across the street, above

the ballet studio where we saw no one dance

Warm colors waft the air into a soft focus that

is soothed by your presence, glowing

— The End —