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richly held
hidden in
fractured chest

big people
shifting boxes

a child's fissure
clasping favourite shell

swift salvage
in tight world
rescue from
gaping hole

#family #disruption #moving #treasures #mementos #lost #ignored
For a very young child, moving house can be incredibly bewildering, disruptive, even traumatizing, especially when moving countries tends to mean belongings need to be severely curtailed.  Few remember their own childhood attachments, closely held treasures, even if perceived by harried adults as inconsequential as a bag of broken seashells.  Would a little more listening and empathic explanation with kindness ease things well at such transition times
 Jan 24 lifeonLSD
Sky Yang
sometimes. i live in my head so much.

i look in the mirror and
i'm an actual,
physical being. (whaat?)

and when someone comes and speaks to me,

" can see me?"
then they always say smthng like "you're bUggin"
 Jan 24 lifeonLSD
How can two people have it so good
yet so so bad at the same time ?
just a thought in my head
Artificial world
Under the sun...

Living beings started living
on this mother Earth,
Under the sky,
Covered with trees,
Iluminated by stars,
Path shone by Moon

All natural things gives
the strength
For one to
Live and Survive...!

Then came humans,
We created an
artificial world ,

A world of

False lights to replace stars,
False cover to replace trees,
False roof to cover sky,
False routes to cover Moon,
False AC to cover breeze,
False TV to cover nature,
False need of money
to cover freedom,
Slowly they became
slaves to it's own inventions.

Why do we have to live in boxes?
Sprayed with artificial colors,
Tiled with glazed tiles,
Comforted with useless furniture...!!

Life will not be
So uncomfortable,
So distressing ,
So meaningless,
Artificiality is taken off..!!

No poor, no rich
No big, no small
No black, no white,
No brown either...
No castle, no huts,
No schools, no illiteracy..
Just humans

Under the sun...!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Be real, be natural.
Smoking an endless line of cigarettes
Or drinking an endless bottle of *****
We all have addictions
They are who we are
A wise man once said a man without vices
is a man without virtue
but I disagree
I wish my addictions would let me be

I wake in the morning to the 5:30 bell
my back it hurts from digging wells
im just an old cowboy it's plain to see
their aren't to many men like me
But sure as come the first thing I do
A Marlboro red to get me through
A snort of *****
A pinch of dip
A sip of Johnnie walker
Now that's the ****

But it's getting bad
it's my convictions
I struggle with demons and many addictions
 Dec 2018 lifeonLSD
melissa rose
I captured the moonlight
in tiny incandescent jars
and watched it reflect for hours
glaring fiercely to reach the stars

I plucked The Hunter
straight out of the night sky
and watched his belt dimming
unfit to pursue Pleiades, he cried

I charmed the love out of Venus
desperate to call it my own
and witnessed her beauty diminish
while my vanity cast its stones

I harnessed the light of the Sun
selfishly hoarding the ultimate power
and witnessed my own life force
become increasingly dimmer

It is causeless to ransack
or squander gifts of wholeness
allowing our fear of insufficiency
to steal what we already possess

So bask with stars in moonlights’ glitter
Honour Orion’s strength as your own
Unbind the sun’s rays to kindle your spirit
Return Venus’ love and never feel alone
12/10/18 The human condition of taking selfishly the gifts we already possess is like a  giant wave of darkness that keeps pummeling our magnificent shores.  #lovemorefearless
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