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lifeonLSD Jan 27
feeding of currencies
moving forward expanding
- - -
following gatherings of elements
forming like clouds landings
- - -
picked up and carried away
making homes together in space
- - -
holding within its grips
creation of each step to not forget
- - -
see, feel or maybe even taste
the beauty of soft springs bed
- - -
moving to the highest of all
without hearing sounds of death
- - -
when purity comes
dripping from thy lips
- - -
thou faith be tested
like rivers breaking limits
- - - - -
we become rulers
of time too
lifeonLSD Dec 2018
I didn’t hesitate to utter your name
into existence, right next to mine

      I’m still holding onto the same
      breath I took

It never left my body nor
did it cease away

      The awaking of the soul
      while you spoke to me fluently in
      the language of a select few

Forging your lips in figures
only for my eyes to read

      I prayed to forget we belonged
      on earth

To take this leap of air and to
break this curse

      Let us dance at heavens tavern
      dance through sultry vengeance
      of hurt

Hold me, till the last wise has had
its turn

      Opening to us doors looking like
      gates out of this burning mad world
lifeonLSD Dec 2018
Only the fallen
can shatter
spread out
unimaginably far

while every part of
them whishing
soft little pleads
awaiting your call

forever incomplete
without each
always in search
of a missing piece

but oh
when you do
find them all

how you will
understand the puzzle
of interconnectedness
in every law

they had too
break you in more
than just two

and that this world
is too broken
for someone like you
lifeonLSD Dec 2018
i arrived
with eyes
wide open

hands folded
in fists
balding power

with a heart
too small
for my chest

they told me
i’m blessed

a healer
of broken halves

unfolding energy
by releasing
those hands

closing the two
leaving one
in sweet salvation
lifeonLSD Nov 2018
i like to be quiet
walk between the rocks

i like to watch them

watch them grow or morph
into so many different
shapes and sizes

if you look close enough
you can find nature’s
sublimes forming in lines
sending out glistering colours

i like to be part of
the change they go through
the process with time

it can take years
to stumble upon one

but when you do
you’re instantly drawn
and already hooked

blinding beauty
capturing the heart
they are much more
than just simply rocks

i pick them up

feel their edges
get cut by the pleasure
and now wherever i go
i take them with me

by closing my eyes
looking up to the sky

one by one i take
rubbing them together

i’m collecting stars

feeling their lives
once again
of sorts
lifeonLSD Nov 2018
i hold you
my heart

these walls
are breathing

the corners
the essence

the knots
unfolded by
the presence

the veins
onto dear

the blood
to your ever

the same force
turning on
the light

will follow
each shadow
into dark

  and if it all

if the world
falls apart

that i hold you

as you are
within my heart
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