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  Dec 2019 LaCayla
I ripped my heart out
And put it on your silver platter
And all you can say is
“ I’ll text you later .”
I guess this is how heartbreak goes for some people.
  Dec 2019 LaCayla
Keerthi Kishor
When I was five,
my mother told me I was loved.
Years later, she asked me to leave because
I was the reminder of the gruesome past that haunted her.

When I was ten,
my father told me he believed in me.
Years later, he refused to accompany me because
I was an embarrassment to him in front of the society.

When I was fifteen,
my friends told me I was funny.
Years later, they all laughed at me because
I was the gullible teenager who fell for their flawless façade.

When I was twenty,
this guy said I was beautiful.
Years later, he trashed me, tormented me because
I was ignorant enough to overlook my inevitable flaws.

So, sorry for not believing in you,
for questioning your intentions, inclusively, in-depth
when you told me you loved me because
I didn’t want to wind up years later,
learning it the hard way that people often don’t mean what they say.
"Pistanthrophobia is just not everyone's cup of tea."
  Dec 2019 LaCayla
He says
he loves me,

I say
I love him,

But then
He leaves me.

But I kept,
loving him.
We're fools In love, aren't we?
  Dec 2019 LaCayla
Nothing breaks like a heart
you'll either be overly emotional
not care at all
both is dangerous
it can't be easily controlled.
LaCayla Dec 2019
As I sit here in my bed,
I think about life.
The daring natures
that are thrown at us from afar.
The temptations entice us.
Like predators,
they hunt out our fatal flaws, as if it's just our human frailty to give in to such nonsense.
Leaning closer to such temptations with curiosity dripping from your eyes,
you cant your head to one side.
And you become mesmerized by the demonic allurment.
These forces attract you and involuntarily haul you into their fallacious lies.
Now you've been brainwashed,
and dont know right from wrong.
These lies indoctrinate you,
and teach you their tactless ways.
There's others all around you,
but you don't seem to notice them.
When they try to help you,
you become oblivious to what's going on.
You rarely let others in,
only when the cacodemons take a break.
Others try to debunk the situation for you,
but you see nothing illogical.
Only when reality hits you,
do you become scared of what its done.
You pretend like nothing happened,
and the vile temptations realize they still got you.
They start to reel you in again,
starting where they ended off,
pretending like nothing ever happened.
As if you never tried to escape.
each time they get you back,
it becomes harder and harder to abandon them.
I wrote this  a while ago, around last year or something I think
LaCayla Oct 2019
It's kinda funny how it started
But that's for another time
Right now they're being complicated
But who says that doing so is a crime?

I just wish I knew
How to fix my mistakes

I just wish I knew
How I could make it up to them

I just wish they knew
That I've tried what I can

I just wish they knew
That I can't fix my past mistakes

I just wish they knew...
That I'm trying my best to fix what has been broken
LaCayla Sep 2019
Can you please answer me?
I haven't heard from you in a long time
N I'm rlly getting worried
Ik that ur fine, but I want to talk to my mom
I wish that u would get ahold of me in someway
We were getting close
N now I feel like we're becoming distant now
N it rlly gets me upset
Bc I am rlly stressed rn
N rlly wish I could have my mom to talk to about these kinda things
Wen u get this, can u pls contact me somehow?
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