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Aug 6 · 39
Sam Aug 6
i must teach you not to bite me though i never taught you how to bite in the first place. weird.
Aug 6 · 198
am i the crazy one
Sam Aug 6
silence so sickening
chest grows numb
your words taste like luke warm coffee
stale and bitter
swallowing them into gaslighting if it’s unseen my reality is false
cry alone and catch your tears so you can bring them to your mom as proof
she’s absent
you’re isolated
he spilled hot coffee and burned me with his words
then called me clumsy
trust your reality, that’s all you have.
Jul 15 · 1.0k
Sam Jul 15
her life is an abstract painting,
a mess.
she just wants someone who will
step back,
and see a masterpiece
Jul 15 · 172
Sam Jul 15
the evening rolls in
clouds of pink and purple
the sound smells like roses
the ground purrs when i pet it
touching the soft grass in bare feet
my skin glows with life
my rings are just a blessing that i don't need
i make no sense right now
but i feel content so
i must make sense
the wet pavement sounds like summer
i think i'm in love with you
i can feel your energy
can see it
so i think
i'm in love with you
Jul 14 · 155
all in the eyes
Sam Jul 14
i taught my eyes to be vacuums
to take it all in
let nothing out
it’s healthy to cry
Jul 14 · 96
(k)no(w) self love
Sam Jul 14
Hollow me out till i'm but a shell
Eat up only what you can see
Don't make a **** sound don't yell
Don't show them that there’s a me

Hold my sounds in my heart
Let the silent cries corrode my mind
Build up like cancer then fall apart
But don't tell them their soul is blind

Pass me around like a ******* ****
Let everyone take a hit
I pray soon I wont live long
Leave me filthy with your spit

Don’t acknowledge my heart
Don’t remember my soul
When my world falls apart
I know yours is still whole.
you need to live with yourself your entire life. love yourself, respect yourself, keep your boundaries strong.
Jul 14 · 396
Sam Jul 14
you love me unconditionally
taught me the world is more than what we show to the ones we want to love us
I wont waste my energy trying to change your mind
or remind you that i am your universe
because that would be selfish
you are a brick wall
i can write on you and tell you what i need
but you'll never be there when i'm drowning beneath the breakers
you will stand there acting strong and tough
but you wont do a thing in the world about it
not even protect me
Jul 14 · 290
Sam Jul 14
coming home to a silent house
      it's cold and empty
              no sign of life
just the moon shining through the skylight
                     onto your face that
                             once made everything else look dull
and now you're more empty
                                  and deafeningly silent than
                                         this cold house

my lonely house is more of a home than you.
May 24 · 88
Sam May 24
another chapter just keep reading
hearts not broken but im bleeding
the other half will never care
though shes numb shes always there

smiling words when she cuts me
dripping venom while she guts me
im always winning or on the way
numb im numb another day

you can do a lot when you dont feel pain
but not so much when you feel insane
my body aches from standing up
i have good friends to fill my cup

or my lungs
my head
my heart
expectations will rip you apart

thats why im bad thats why im bad
you expect too much from me dad
ill cut your trust ill burn your hope
mom its just how i coop

i love you all i love you now
dont ask where just ask how
this poem has a lot of mixed emotions attached to it

— The End —