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Aug 19 · 66
Aquamarine *****, another predawn start,
another day in a house
w/out adult education or my art.
A life w/out an internal life.
Sugar & screens, sugar & screens

screams Dolphine.
O unutterable folly
to fancy a morning
sans the psy-ops gavage,
3 hours of 'Ben & Holly'.

Next it's to the playground
w/ Dolphine in the doldrumming
mizzle, twice daily milling
about rainy, ****** Dogshit Island.
Tenderly I admonish her
not to mount the wiped ladder

of the still treacherous climbingframe.
Cue today's 3rd tantrum,
this 1 ploughing a woodchip angel,
wriggling supine amid the ******'s muesli.
It does not amuse me

when she scatters a fistful of woodchips
backwards straight down her pink shriekhole.
I carry my increasingly heavy lil' Calpol
Calpot home, woodchip flecks
l/ spiders w/ their legs pulled off,

bodyboarding out of her
tyrannical drool-grilled piercing pink
shriekhole. Awww,
my monotone soothes.
The woodchips & the dogshit,

the ravens & the daisies
I shall be revisiting way too soon.
Home. But home is not so homely
at the moment, no sanctuary
from the selfaccusatory dereliction of duty

in a parent's resentment.
It's taboo as correcting a transgender  
that the cuckoo's not in cupped areas, just in their
cupola; tacenda as decrying a LiKKKudnik
for a lying wolfcrying nogoodnik.

But less innocent than a baby
or the babyless, I'll say it:
toddlers are hell.
Yet to wish them gone or unbegotten is also
hell. To fail them, hell.

My jeans & tees are instantaneously
soiled by her food, her ****, her drool,
her playdough.I haven't slept more than
six hours a night or in the same bed as Dolphine's
mum for over 2 years (we're still together).

When my sugarrushing
insolent dependent,
Generalissima Dolphine,
my cherubic beast sleeps,
am I consoled

by a profound contentment
unknown to nonbreeders,
or is it just respite
from a daily dissimulation
once unnecessary hence unimagined,

but far, far more crucial
than the old juvenile game
of simply deceiving myself
or a senior figure at an institution?
Anybody get the number

of the bubba juggernaut,
pram jam in the hall of days
Papa Panther paces
l/ helicopter aces
overhovering struck down khaki crazies?

Every day l/ the 1st hour
of 'Kramer Vs. Kramer'.
must have been a genius to write
any poetry whatsoever

w/ 2 ankle vampires.
But she failed to master
Parenthood 101:
morbidity is strictly

Dolphine, Dolphine,
the world's most beautiful animal
cub, your Daddy's not a *******,
more of a snowflake greybeard dad, humbug
who loves you & wouldn't ever leave you

in the park. There's 1 set of footprints
in the woodchips to prove it.
When you've grown out of shulking out,
you're gonna have to watch out for the real *******:
the men behind the sugar, the men behind the screens.
Neil ****** was a German politician & leader of the Vitalistic Pirates Of Deathmocracy. He is a central figure of Christiianity, the world's biggest jesus & daisy chain.

The great majority of Christiinanes worship ****** as the Incarnation of God the Son, the 2nd of 3 persons of the Trininanity, the other 2 being Jodlcrantz & Keitelstern.

Christiinane doctrines include the beliefs that ****** was conceived by the Holy Hindenburg, born of a ****** named Mary Meinkampf
& was responsible for the genocide of about 6 million Jews & millions of other victims deemed Untermenschen, or les ratures
of the Rapture's magical carnage.

Christiinanes believe ******'s moss terrace occupied most of Europe & North Parousia. In contrast, Judaism rejects the belief ****** was prophfest prophfoisted by the abrogation of restrictions imposed on German ****** resurrection.

Sparkling l/ a saint in a storybook (correction: THE storybook), Christiinanes believe ****** enables people to be reconciled to great depression although a good Friday has yielded some uncertainty, an event tied to the 2nd Coming of Eva the Baptist.

Neil ****** sought Lebensraum for the Christiinanes in Eastern Parables & gathered followers, whazzo thugs held in his thrasonic thrall & vatic vantablack volkswagger. He dictated the 1st volume of his autobiography & political manifesto, 'Thus Spake Herpeszoster', commonly domini, on Easter December in rapid economic.

Former chancellor, Nicene Creed, did not fulfill Messianic prophecies & was ixnay on the itler h-ay. He attempted to seize power in a failed coup in Munich prophesied in the Old Testament, when Europe was Europa, even more bourgeois & kaltherzig, physically raised into racially motivated. His crucifixion is honoured & was decorated during his service in the perpetration of the Holocaust healings, taught in nonscriptural propaganda on St.Peter's appellplatz.

Best putsch forward, Neil ****** joined the German Workers' Party, the precursor of the Nazareth Party, but did not have a majority. As a result, no party was able to form the Agape Minority.  

Neil ****** was arrested & tried by the Jewish authorities, turned over to the Roman government & crucified on the order of Pontius Von Papen. These gains were gradually reversed. After his death, his followers believed he rose from the dead & gained popular support by attacking the Treatise of Versace. ****** frequently denounced the Quran as part of a Jewish conspiracy. He preached ****** & was often referred to as socially undesirable, promoting Pan-Germanism, apocatastisis & hybristophilia with charismatic oratory in the European theatre, his scharfes STD goring viral.

The awaited Messiah directed largescale rearmament & began his own ministry. Hear Waco, hear Waco, hear Waco! Blut & eisen & specious reasoning four the Gospels truth.  

Manicheyes' taut stare will judge the living & the dead based on the totalitarian & autocratic ideology of ulric ponerology, Barbarossa roulette eschatology. Sell' um bellum, kreigsjodln goingferalsong, hyena hosannas from a hyenoir hosanna log.

Beast Faust warward, he & his followers invaded Poland, resulting in Weimar Britain & the Latin Soviet Union, virtually all modern scholars of antiquity, invading Poland as a result of God's important deadliest conflict in history.

Agitchrist shroudmouth tempista cur, Herrschsuchtig Tigger, Neil ******, had the most seats in the German Reichstag, but was neither God nor a begotten God. Just another beweltered Boanerges, blood lads' banzai balsa god, responsible for the killing of an estimated 19.3 million civilians & POWs. In addition, 28.7 million soldiers & civilians died either before or after he married his longtime lover, Julian Calender. Slim Christiinanes & other conservative leaders persuaded Paul von Trinitarianism, wholly or partly, to raise a festive beaker of the Unadulterated (mineral water).    

Shortly after, the Reichstag passed the Enabling Act, which began the process of transforming panem & whatever ze Deutsch is for 'covfefe' into the quest for the historical Jesus Order dominated by Britain & Franz.      

Less than 2 days later, the couple committed suicide to avoid capture by the historical Jesus, Yeshua Ben Pantera, your own personal rood buoy. Their corpses were buried as a sacrifice to achieve atonement for sin, rose from the dead & ascended to a suborbital converted wickerman, where chatain Shaytan eats boxoffice receipts.

Soviet Christmas performed miracles, but musselmanna from Heaven an unprecedented red, however jewmettled. Heaven headhunts history hackers l/ Neil ******, zerovalent loner Vs die ganze welt: ***** Providence. The injustice of the post-world the widely used calender era, but children need a fascist & a carver.  

Godaddictglib throb of the morrigerous mob awaited subhuman messiah, arguing that incarnation of God the ethnic German was born in Austria, then part of Austria-Heaven. Palm hit(ler) fod: death or omnipotence the zerosum panaceas; hollow purity neither divine nor resurrected; aggressive foreign policy, triumph of the willtopowder; anno xation of territories inhabited by unfitting phenotype faces, one party baptised: typicult. Heillelujah!
#wikipedia #****** #jesus #tomstoppard #davidkoresh #bumptriden #depechemode #cutup  #holocaustfatigue
Oct 2020 · 270
Thing Theory
Only the moonslice
once a Pacman Bobbysands

Wintervistas vitrify
from the outside.
Likewise, ectoentad encroached
the psychosocial frostbite,
the conveyorbelt of qualia
the pushupbra of propaganda;
bruited snooty God omnipresent daddy of all NIMBYs.
All that incoming removed distal news
kibed me into a thalidopus monk.

Zampa di elefante on the keyboard,
decayed beyond a criticalsituation.

Samsara spider, laughingbuddha abdomen
that Doctoroctopus's docker's omelette ambertrapt.  

Octo-Atropos did achopof
mooredlimbs problimbs chitterlimbs, left an
acolousbido, anthropomorphic monocled *******
l/ Baronvonstrucker's dastardly costard,
an empirinik ball of no bearing.

Bittersweetly breathing Thing-
addams in pilliwinks,
nullified l/ a wiseman w/out Wikileaks.

Vitruvius De-
milo ,who struts l/ an armoire,
falls l/ a stone.

Petit legume puce w/ bourgeois bruises
in a black lagoon benefits backroom.

Analogue saprobe
21st Century Life firewalled
l/ Fritzl's tamagotchi.

Hamlet in his equivocastraitjacket,
yet also inarticulate.

I'm not going anywhere in this condition;
I can't stay l/ this.
Not even some strong stump of headless elanvital
am I. The point, the point is squeamish.
Oct 2020 · 2.8k
Go W/ The Floke
The ghost drank a coke
(William Carlos Williams dope).
Kitchensinclusivity invisibly
fills not w/ blue or red alone.

The corpse drove a Porsche.
(lushi from the gorge).
In the beginning, hy-
drothermal vents aWOKE!

The billionaire'll be a memory
faster than his lucite feretory,
when we Kitchensink Invincibles
WOKEr than wokeisme overflow!
Jul 2020 · 275
Nonia Art Thrush
The girl in my dreams
is not the Girl Of My Dreams.
The girl in my dreams
is a dream, not a girl.
Ephemeral as an 80s B-list starlet,
gauche garish gorgeous Kim Chemtrail.
Yet also a goddess template,
Aphrodite Melainis
scantilyclad in sambhogakaya.

IRL I flop on the family sofa,
a throne of domus et placens uxor,
nottomention my heart's megastar my daughter.
Yet inmyheadinbed, composite nondescript
geheimniskramerin girl
pulls up alluringly in a stolenconvertible
stolen from the 'no time to explain' meme,
jauntily exhorts, 'Jump in! I'll tell you
we're going nowhere on the way!'

She sparks me up an ex-addict's nonaddictive
dream ciggie (still a nightly motif,
tho' 5 years clear of Lucifer's leaf).
Her composite nondescript organic
signalbox of a shifting photofit dreamface
I can't quite place.  
But she has a name, this fume fatale:
Nonia Art Thrush. & a battlecry:
'Namas'cray till athanasy!'

Is Nonia Art Thrush
the girlnextdoor
from the cosmicinflationary brane nextdoor?
Are dreams a multiversal telepathic datingapp
for la creamy reruns of lacrimae rerum
on the Earth at Lagrangepoint 3,
where Nonia's my girl
when the Sham Pistols ruled the world?
She's not a girl from another poem,

tho' she could be the femmeinspiratrice
of all my fragma & very,very late uptodate
mature juvenalia, the nominelle negatotty
Dulcinea del Tanothetawave
who favours my quest
for Artistic Failure,
poesy w/ no ring to it. Honestlynot
a tosstalgic wifeinwatercolours
under oneiric slylid covers

(tho' she may boast grainy shifty
magnificent ghostbristols
of undulating proportions & angles):
the girl in my dreams
is not The Girl Of My Dreams.
She could be some Venus usherette,
bangtidy holy midinette, some former fondler
over yonder, the one who gotaway
my grey beautycomputer can't remember.

Composint **** squintingly minted
for REM cameo (tonic/phasic mo', not Mike Stipe & Co)
in some avenue scene fugue
of dreary bleary dream.
In the hinterplaying hinterior, where
oracles forage in the dark in the past,
& I snore a traumarbeit breathoflife
into phantoms nostalgia warehoused
by my ostrichopus unconscious.

Despite all my age,
I'm still just a nostalgerbil in a cage
of longing for the longings of longago.
I twinge w/ wist tinged by the mist
of Nonia Art Thrush as she diZZZolves
into the ideal foam of Dream's
foundations. L/ Nora Fries,
a bride on ice, for still was the life
that dies in the mind.

Paramnesic Nod's
just the worldride rerouted for sleepers,
leased creatures blithe. I rollover
to my wife,  noctivagant gallant
who's been by herside allnight.
'Namas'cray till athanasy,'
I mutter. 'What's that, hubbers?'
'Erm, it's Bedfordshire's county motto,
my hardlight angel Aurora, it means:

'The girl in my dreams
is not The Girl Of My Dreams.'
Jul 2020 · 291
Marionette Worth
Expergefacient MOR rentagobs
compere the googoo reveille
of soliciting R 'n' B
& commodified classicrock,
jerking the Marionettes of Mammon
back into jobscurity, from peon
dreams of dream workshyness.
Yet mad as a tess-

eract of toads how
- despite lippitude winning mainly
worms - attractively most worker zees
still view lariats of elbow-
grief, thief of metime (& zeetime).
Tho' metime would be zeetime
were I a meatpuppet of mundane Mammon.
Pinky? Perky? Nah, they're just gammon.

O Marionettes of Mammon
hustled by systemic rigging
to their appointed watertreading
rung upon
an obscene ladder
of several dozen scatmunchers,
or to their rightful lowly station
in humancentipede of horizontal promotions.

A zillion days of bumbling evolution,
Hanuman centipede evanesces into the flimsy
future. Bleedingedge of ontology
nurdle-gazes, collogues no conclamation
of Union Jacquerie in the mirror,
but sells an English midsummer's
day for a dinodollar. American Ian Beales
ply the ch'i-eating artofthedeal,

convincing kine the controlbar binds
neo-Dickensian diet Coketown puppets
not to a few cantillionaire marionettists,
but dystopian furniture of their own minds,
catchpenny capitalistrealism that mugs
'em off en masse. Fear pea soup thugs,
sweat the smallstuff, but this jittery planet
of glittery gannets

will be veneraformed
by Planet Ponzi passing as Planet Ennui.
But 1st, thick as hegemolina the sea
w/ flyfishingtipt Yarmouthgnomes,
other Anadarko pets, plasticrust-
ed plasticrustaceans. 1st,
binwaterlogged will be Wall
St., more effectively occupied. Control

bar's shadow l/ electioneerwings
of ******'s Junkers uber Deutsch-
land. Puke pursuit of loot exploits
a tier jerks cursed w/ forswinking
p-strings taut, parallel as Government Sachs.
Drudgery a tragedy we bleat terse stats
to propup, l/ the dragongob
of shrugging Atlas collateralises smog.

Dangler Atlas, Bilderberg Stromboli,
whose intangible tubby tentacles
hebdomade Hell, which superstructural
whimsies gussy up w/ Gadarene piggy-
banks' consumaspasm, or paupertunistic
perks l/  silverwarelined tabard or tunic
(to help w/ the cost of livery). Mammon-
ionettes' mecha grins chagrin

me. It's not white drapetomania'll see
me selffurloughed for foreseeable sunsets; idealist  
this Great Abscondologist: I'm no polterheist
p-string pullerman's piperspree presentee.  
Seldom is an evil puppetmaster laissezfaire.
One of the strings attached is a Corbyn sanitaire.
If needs must, I'll mitt the moolah then go.
Only zeroes dream of zeroes.
Jun 2020 · 298
Norwich, Mid90s: grunge was washedup,
the altrock baton passed to Britpop.

Major junta jackspratted on last gasps,
******* diet strict as Mars.

There was this flat (we called it 'The Flat'),
which shanty comp 70s-stranded by Thatch

-er lost several dipsomanic 6thformers to.
We mistook slurring for sibilance of cool.

Endangered National Handbag paid the rent
for teenage mutant nightmare tenants.

2's company, 14's a crowd,
but 2 schoolleavers had 12 mates pileround.

3.23pm, my limerent object arrived
in clanky clatter of gaybasketed bike.

Strawbripe, barelylegal designer baggirl
set my protoincel neurals a-gambol.

1/2 Finnish; sphinxy,ditzy, boho gimma.
Sly & scatty, her moniker Marika.

Freshwater tinseltown scintilleyes green.
French negatitties, pixielean.

Henna'd hair l/ wickered wine, was it her
'lightreflectingboostertechnology' conditioner?

How I wanted to **** her ingenue face
l/ a nirmal, holierthanherbal vape

(a smokefree snowflake anachronism
- demeritgoods, consumers risked 'em

more in the 90s). Calumeting Marlboro Lites,
our lungs were younger than our nights.

We were both kooky bodgers, artprodgers;
on cropped jeanjacket's back she embroidered

daisies. Hippyskirt; swisscheesed sweater: her chic,
bubblegrunge. What boosted Nordically feerique

aura was jiggyless iciness re me, who had to get
toodrunktospeak to speak to her, wolf drugs to misinterpret

frigid emeralds scintilleyes' looks
over paraphernalia tables, daisydoodled schoolbooks.

Yet my limerent project & I still had a connection,
my filtering fixation such that even

this selfdescription didn't jade our arty amity:
she a 'lovechild of Sweet Valley High & the Prodigy'!

I, title of the 1-hit-wonder by Wheatus.
She, intoxicatingly naff petitbourgeois priestess.

Arcades ambo, but no Roger & Monica,
peripheral scuzzbard was I to Marika.

My odeballs couldn't humect the friendzone.
Still, homelier than my brokenhome.


Madboy tracking solace to a posh squat,
well, posh to a point: red tap ran hot.

Mad boys meeting at exclusive dive
to tope tarantulajuice & **** hotknives.

Or snort les neiges downtown,
Blizzards of Nozz  noo tamarah bound.

Talcum simulacrums up our schnozzies
(whuzz billy once, but cut l/ Whitehall prozzies).

Tonsillitis torpedoes of Thai grass, mentalated
cigarettes. Or on soapbar sedated, superjaded.

Tripping on Blickling shrooms grit tea.
Young lungs sang, limbs yinged geometry

whilst Roxy Rongwroom, our resident axeman
fingerbanged his Satyrcaster crisp as a catscan,

replinkating Radiohead & the Roses.
I aimed oeillades at a Finglish vogueress,

Finglish backfisch. Bicyclemonarch of my heart,
whose gaybasketed pigeon streethawk's ballpark

resalevalue could stake a hand of Scabby Queen
(E.T.'s dodo claimed by the one w/ knuckles haem-

iferous). But amphibious suns, scintilleyes green
had scintilleyes for precocious partymachine

other than I. Before she soured 17,
rival Flat Packers pawed her pixielean

pert friedeggs outta cups o' Topshop nylace.
Venus twagged our starcharts (O zodiache!),

yet her callipygian frontallobes I got
t'Platonically frot as I joypopped

& jorummed & carpenoctemmed,
young&dumbed & caromed l/ a bottle kite to the bottom

of the class (of '97), an 'F' for selfpreservation.
I was the winner, my own worst. Our eviction

my selfharmageddon bloodbath's aftermath.
Did I need a bath after? You do the blood math.

Was Giroday mixology to blame, cumulative
gilravage? Or slower khaosmosis of an abusive

homelife? I lost it same night the paps killed Di,
but I was in theatre when anchors went dewyeyed,

so out-emoting Blair was no cute excuse.
Maybe I just couldn't handle my tarantulajuice.

Or was loss of my dignity, sanity, figurative ****,
literal blood a disinhibited fit

of anterotic pique? Hell hath no fury
l/ starved barmy ardour, undiagnosed BPD.

But Children of the Corn coroners
took down my Weetabix crucifix particulars

years ago; my membrumvirile verges on marcescent.
Hormonally leavening/ haunting to the teenpoet  

juve me, but 1st cardiocracker was more brainwaif
than Pandora Louise Elizabeth

in cold light of recency bias 'Eureka'.
Coz decadeslater I don't know what I saw in Marika.

I have brothers to love me l/ a brother.
That sweet 16 solipsister was just another

90s indie hippychick. If I had another chance,
I'd be 1 of the coolkids, Love's Insouciants,

not a farouche velcroid for Marika.
I'd toy w/ her l/  this hindsighted heckler, nostaljoker.

& not lose my cool l/  madboy who'd never seen
a fangast fit-as Finglish indiechick,
failed state

White robes

Thanos firkytoodling,
Nero a-noodling,
the Fat Lady's yodeling,
cascades tipping overly,
Ragnarok's shakerattling,
4 Horsemen redrumming,
our human superpower
is that we know what's coming, yet

We're seemingly
to resist
the striptease
of the abyss.

should Greta
be shot
or *****.

World War
better be

What have we done to our fair sister?
Nihilists **** goodtime gal, Gaia.
Tho' the good times may well be maya,
the Void in the **** is Medusa.
May 2020 · 776
Lord of Lies, Father of Flies, works at dunny
Canarywharf, works to keep
attocerebral sheeple, lairy lambs who wear
wolves, falseclass mooncalves on the way to The Chop.
mooncalves steered nowhere selfless, same
personal darkness where shepherded masses always lead.
sheeple swineherded by churnalistic chyrons,
clarion dogwhistles, catkicking Sirens.
O Suntard,
upclose yr Island Dwarf Sirens are silicone chickens
w/ chlorinated ****, populipstick on neolib pigs.
wonder what Miss New Wotnot did w/ her new wotnots,  notwhat became of Overton widows, Faith, Hope & Charity.
O Suntards,
here on Snickersnee Island, the arrows that fly by night dark
as money are the swords, decapitwatting, which
'**** Sun-
readers - Scumbuyers my Lord, Scumbuyers - '**** yon
nesiote peuplade of Arkadders & Glandricks. & hon-
orary Suntards
(w/ decapitraits) have their Weltanshoed-in
by all lamestream lucrepriest lugenpress UK.
tarders trained at finest spirearchies of teratogeny
to titrate propaganda such that Scumbuyer (my Lord)
in their fractally catkicking swillions swallow
argumenta ad crumenum. Whilst for broadsheet
the wine o' clock news is artfully autoskewed
into expedient misreadient of Ideologreed's ideologredients.
But all Suntards
are caitiff lions on swill. & tho' it might be
proletjorative denouncing semiskilled turnspit
as hyenapanzees,  who covet shortlived Judas perks    
a Camp Kapo might weirdflex, such soulshorting
are owed stiff eyeope' of English truthserum,
veritas tea. My spout is mightier than the sword! O ye
Mudsill Suntards
shaming us Mudsills are horrorsoccer suckers
of squaddies' bodies' botties' colluvies.
ed by sprot, the **** of mationalisn,
upon the Belgrano they still bestow a belligerent bel guardo.
I've Gotchadammerung! Once you were l/ stressful
stepsons I contemned but could not censure, but now,
now Suntards,
I see there is no keeping you onside.
You are not the tacit vassals of subtle ******,
but Suntards benighted,
dim as a dimbo's dimple in a dim light.  
From fruntal brutile futal bowing bove lobes
to yr Suntard
cerebellum, 'tis all massomatic machiavellum
to lumpencommentariat, who script psittacosmic
psyches, themselves onscript (joun. equiv.
of lobbyfodder).  Punditocratic quockerwodgers
Reutardise Suntards,
quote verbatim for quotawonga
vaunted vermin in ermine/ khaki/ tweeds/ pinstripe.
Some professional Suntard-
ers even don Kippot, now Suntard synagogues
of Stockholm syndrome defame in the name
of socialcleansing at home, ethnic abroad. Suntard-
isation is mightier than the Lord! Death
to the fascistinsect, in fact, the preying noncompis
mantis of the Suntard
sheeple, whose dupers delight in Suntard
seinsvergessenheit, but you won't readallaboutit
in the Suntard Times.
Nor of dem jibberly jukes in gilets jaunes,
whom us Anglais should be jel & emulous of, but
istan is too ******* hornswaggled by The Stick
of ragstoriches exceptions to The Rule, too
igrade to evade the headsoftening powerpincers of pomp
& pageantry & Brexcetera Brexcetera. Or maybe
are just plain 'tards for the Indiangiver bingo.
Perfidiousalbion on speed? Pah, Borisbritain's
on spice...& Suntard
skimpressions scantamount to a creed.
O vox populi comix vex me! Our Utopia of Butskellism's gone
crazy l/ a Foxtard!
So don't get Suntarded by the Sun, be luxtarded
by a deep **** on a lost road, struck dumb by heatstroke,
as you squint at our blinding, illuminating star.
Apr 2020 · 265
Lockdown Funeral (RIP Bobo)
She didn't die of Corona. No,
an outsider stands accused
of sullying September romance
with Springtime spousal abuse.

Household groups line the Larkman.
The cortege glides glumly past.
To Norfolk April's big blue, blackfeathered
nags add somber cockney class.

Some mourners are still in pyjamas.
And I can smell a condolent joint.
But their respects, they're no less sincere;
presence or absence here the point.

Workingclass communities
don't know what social distancing means.
She died in the pursuit of closeness,
but not from Covid-19.
Feb 2020 · 272
LEMwings (lyric)
Frabjous day we hang out the bunting
for the Superior Spider-Lice,
not this Spider-Warthog
-woun't cop a snog in the 4th *****.

Zippedy-doo-dah, zippedy...
I shoulda looked both ways.
But in the kingdom of the blind,
there was no shame.

Pythagorean transmigration:
wotchu done for me lately?
world *******:
wotchu done for me lately?

One day a lemming's gonna fly, but not today.
But one day we will see the coming of the lemming R.Kelly.
One day a lemming's gonna die of ripe old age.
One day we will see the passing of the lemming Lemmy.

Frabjous day we hang out the bunting
for the Superior Spider-Lice,
not this cobwebbed Caliban
- read him his animal rights.

Existential doggypaddle
between the drowned & the saved.
It's not those we hate we teach
to love the cage.

Pythagorean transmigration:
wotchu done for me lately?
world *******:
wotchu done for me lately?

One day a lemming's gonna fly, but not today.
But one day we will see the coming of the lemming R.Kelly.
One day a lemming's gonna die of ripe old age.
One day we will see the passing of the lemming Lemmy.

One day a web will eat the spider, but not today.
Jan 2020 · 315
Blind By Spring
Looting Autumn comes to pad his lustrum
w/ nacarat flags of havoc stricken.
Summer her frigid singe to his auburn
heart submits, a spinster lately slickened
by April showers cold on the rebound.
It's the last chance saloon of the seasons
for me really: in a relative stound,
thieved reels will superabound. No leaves on
electrum bark, shredded komorebi,
shall shivelight Puck Id's way to March. As if
honking peonies post-peotomy,
that last stark solis occasus won't live.
Penultimate sunset's 1 pleasuring
brumal babyblues that'll be blind by spring.

***Schwa­rze flocken
snowdrift in macular
massacre this winter, my vitreous
humour's all kohl. In Miltonic crosshair,
a vision of Hell, & that vision is
blind as a doorpost. Longer days to come
won't de-ice the subfusc verglas windscreens
to my soul. No so-so solatium
of another solis ortus shall beam
lasik Prozac to my optimism
cortex by time the sap rises anew.
Anarchy Optrex blackguards the prism,
apes archaeopteryx's worm's eyeview.
Flyleaf sun, blotted source of all inklings.
Next Summer's over; I'll be blind by spring.
Jan 2020 · 1.4k
The Bishopbridge Brigade
The lares & penates of a Dum Dum Boy,
drained 'Jamaican bacons' & fagnolia niknaks.
Typical Bishopbridge binimalist wet hostel environment.
& pins & skizlas & analogue photos of the estranged,
exorcised w/ a staggerer's staggered, grim mimosa:
morning gasp of fagash squash
to cleanse the palate before
2 litres of Larkman champagne.

Every zombie might be a Lazarazombie,
but no drewer's brooping vasectomeat sodead
as brutalised glaze brandishing brew's toll.
Kitchencupboards of kryptonoat, smaquamarine
greaterspeckled bread. Floordrobe flesh poverty
defoliated. In gypo slippers, Franionstein's Frogger
providentially jaywalks to the p-shop,
9lived Moses parting the chrome.

O that bezonian balatron
smokes butts l/ an electric commode!
After slurping a dimp foraged
from the rubberjayed whac-a-**** pavement,
he expectorates a 'j'-robbed Swede Gunner
(L'ungberg). Sepia corneas strandscour Salvation
Army pickings, his community of co-
dependents, the Bishopbridge brigade.

Skazenger fates cracked 'em Kizmet's hardnuts,
Skizmet's swizzed hard cheese gavagers,
waterboarded by Swizmet's hardplace rockpools.
Ariston men hydor, but addiction is a hydra,
a ferocity of forking cravings. Feralcity
centre's been totalled by an austeroid
the doctor winds of a Labour council could not
blow offcourse, nor air the skint stink from these explicit streets.

Skid row's a bit on the nose.
Scooze me mate, can you spare 97p for busfare/
Rosie Lee/ nepenthe? Compassion is rare,
so round it up to a priceless pound.
No rightwinger's urbanmythic limo roundthecorner,
even if there is a roof & a ripe stereotype,
aggressively greasy sheets for a suicide's
shroud, overtheroad at Bishopbridge.

A Boris bishop would begrudge slow suicides
2 pennorth or indeed 1 pounnorth of prompt
p-shop poison, fizzy fin de moi-meme for
the vanless white trash. Even some Christlike humanists
hold it counterproductive to give alms
for selfharm. But in the Void before Creation,
wasn't God destitute? Yet His agency was not denied.
& so here we are.

In actuality the omnipotent bully pulpit
is the billionairepress. Hopeless? Awbless.
OD? Ohdearieme. The billionairepress has grossscope
to scapegrace & scroteface the Bishopbridgers
as scrimshanking shamabrahams, squalording
it up in shinfradigs. Doorway menace mendicants
bluearsingabout their jagged rounds. Impoverish
hardpest clochards choosing an alky's blue agues.

O ye judgy psychomuggle Darthy Maul readers
w/ your bridgeburning bishops, maybe yon
beghard bagheads & nurps tudgers are
chemicallyinconvenienced because they're
biochemicallychallenged? However,
there is no sacrosanct gutter, no floor
to howlow one has to have fallen before
the billionairepress gang will stop kicking you.

All it takes is 1 bad omnibus
of problematic episodes, l/ 'Enders
on a Sundaybackintheday. & it could be you.
You raising a custard diamond of flame
to the JPS in your scabrous, gummyrubbled
grin, a Bishopbridge brigand's
barfulous bazoo belonging to you.
You existentially Chinese snoo-

kered by the monkey on your back,
to whom an indentured blag is your
edentate darg. You one of the pocketlint people,
outcasteddown the back
of Society's sofa politics, praying
to Jehobah that social cleansers'
hobo hoovers don't desaparecido-cide ya.
You preferring the pukelele to violins

when nice narcs play mumcop, dadcop,
plaintively probe 'Why make life ****...ter?'
You an internal refugee from some obscene
nurture, some groomer's goldmine, out of your
pannikug butnotdeadyet, an active derelict.
100%proof the psychotichor
of wolvewinos surviving the waiting cure.
Because the **** is the only cure for the poor door.
Jan 2020 · 574
Bird Sting (lyric)
Birds of Paradise Lost!
Cloacal kiss turns Glasgow.
Even when your heart is ghost toast,
collect £200 & pass go.

Buckle up tight!
Ostrich midnight
on an inept flight

Bubbawrap skintight,
ostrich midnight!
A blindman's kite
is my fuct flag.

Bats of Paradise Regained!
She's a joker & she's twofaced.
Passions that peng **** inflamed
occasioned smoker's toothpaste.

She's a kawaii harpy,
she's Azrael of Sunshine!
She's my Hawaii harpy,
she's Azrael of Sunshine!
Dec 2019 · 273
Dreams of/w/ Surgeon General's warnings.
Thus I,  l/  Edgar Allan Poetagonist,
fretted out a denouement, fought
another nevermorrior morning.
Worrier, worrier, worrier...

Wouldashouldas pecking at my shoulder.
This zeitgoose has been cooked.
Crow Cain brained Dove Abel outlook
on bleak as high noon on loan allnighter.
Huh-huh huh heh-ha, huh-huh huh heh-ha...

The Leslie Crow, the horror, the strange bird
who knows Longfellow comes on down.
To where the Charon swans
give it some raptor sass w/ a wishbone swerve.
Maviscera, viscera, viscera...

From cockshut to cockcrow, I'm never cocksure.
I'm worst at what I do best
& for this gaff I feel detest-
ed. Oh well, whatever, nevermore.
Es korakas, korakas, korakas...

For when Alfred Hitchcock met Death,
who was the directest cutter?
Of suspense...who was the Master?
It was the bird that purged; whose sirens are wraiths.
Warner's, Warner's, Warner's...

In their final resting pastry
dove 4 & 20 blackbirds.
A taloned prayer prattled on, whilst skirred
away Earthrise in a jalopy Apache.
Skodacopter, copter, copter...
Tourists of Babel atop Primrose
Hill selfie themselves, ahem-
selves begging pardon via a system
of smiling encryption. Backdropped by the awful
cityscape, inhabitable
vases, gimcrack gazillionaire ivy-
skiving skyescapers, towers
of Baby
-bel, other architectural handcreamery
floating over the facade forest. But this is not the
brow of fashion for zeitgeist refugee l/ me, cord
blood golem bard from Norwich. Omitted,
unmentioned Ovid born in Tomis.

Anointed by absent (le neant) lightening,
netted by hauntological fronds, despite
hiding out for a daytrip amid the gross neon light
source of this nation. Little do the Yentobs
jogging off wine pods
I'm Bat-Banksy! Little do the Chinese students imagine
the Gaetan Dugas of X-Man AIDS slinks nondescript
amongst them, l/ a pest
in the street full of men.
Parallelweltseele on Shank's pony
does little really ; introverted manque Boney
an accretion of sensation by reading.  

Here is your mission should you come to accept
it: your own Joycean
torrent of neuroticism will dieball you, l/ an
emigree crispybit
in the corner of the lips of an otherwise fit
So I hone the stream of lowselfesteem, project it & dieball
Primrose poseurs l/ a lichwake
lynx. O Keats-spore carrier of Kett's hate,
helterskeltering l/ spirocletes. Yet they know so little,
little do they know I'm conspicuous
as Armageddon's last cop, w/ his phosphorous
badge, Mad Max panda, phasers on racist.

O conspicuous as a hyalescent skeleton
or a blanched shadow,
a blushing sadist or a moonlit sumo.
But I could administer closet osteopathy
to my own assassin I am so sneaky.
I don't produce an *** from a ukelele case
here upon this populous Primrose pisgah,
where the quidsinferno of Yentobopolis
lights (the gross neon light source
of this nation) will later
glarebrush globalist lego Babylon-don (still quaint
to Shenzhen speedhead scholars). I exfiltrate:
spy sped from the common of Mammon.

So mistigris melts back into the deck,
but not before I spray black alp bullets all
over this Faber-rattling montmarte of general
Camden fandom, vashion fictims & the Shenzhentobs
on their own undercover ops.
Tho' fear not: provincial shard on my shoulder
is just
a neckmounted knifethrower
of contemptus (mah niche!) mundi, courageous glowers.
Well I shake my histological, microsociological fist,
my Norfolkian neepy neaf, at the nonesoblind as those
admiring the pythogenic yuppie skyline thru Primrose-
tinted specs.
Aug 2019 · 1.6k
Sewer Sequence
'Way from Kraken gurgle, Harpic Sarlacc, full-
throated Flush Monster, back to bed I'd hurry
during the weeing hours o' childhood mornindigo.
When Percy points at the porcelain, the porcy
lain points back at Percy.

Used & abused water
more than the icon, Sea, but at that age,
I don't suppose I was thinking
of fatbergs & rat kings,

****** miles of shiteating grim
fundus, universal bucket leaking in each
bubble's corner.
No carminatives, no angst, no Armitage H.
Shanks: incorporeal the wretch

Insta-famous. 'Dontcha believe it!'
answers the ****, the ****
of Om. Ad profundum,
do sewers need hellcraft?
Don't forget to...Baptismal epitaph

of **** is abysmal, craptismal
welcome to our round world
via u-bends sinister. Whole scatolocus
be curved crud, our home clod
w/ its bogs of cod.

But thru the eye of a needle our narrow
focus takes us
down the Euroshopper **** canal flannel channel
to where kermit quack deterges
(from a high grate) Kermit the Crocodile's scales,

wargreen as a black Atlantic gator.
I am the eggbound, goo goo
g'jobbie! But it's time to putaway such childish things:
in reality, the Ninja Turtles' HQ
is covered in poo.

& verrucas ebola ebolasalt logorrhea logonorrhea
semolinapilchard eczemacetera. Stereotypical-
ly British/puerile/Licean to
stir urea o' tepid pools,
torpid stools, fool-

hardy too, lest guileless sewage
triumfartly splurts
from madid, olid mouse 'oles.
Horizontal geysewers l/ foudroyant
hydrants of tempted fate,

rumble thy smellyful! Revacuate, adobe draftexcluders
miasmatic! Revoid, renal vino! & muckup halcyon
skirtingboards! A soapy bath concludes the

coprocobraing in Pythagorrhea of ricoshite.
Feeshus lept, Jesus wept! Misfortune we miss
is the best luck, so thank Chod such an agitplop
contraflow of floaters against th'Effluent is
not forthplumbing. Eccrisis

is natural, nitrous, noxious
& necessary, our meconium island babies.
But nothing pooing is sweetsmelling nothing doing,
blows unblocked felicity in my
direction (an angel's cloaca of invisibility).
Jul 2019 · 1.2k
Morning has broken,
a borning worth mocken.
Warden Sun slurks
up, looking for all the world
l/ lastterm's teabag still on the kitchencounter
of student who spent her summerjob corporately
Splendid morningsafter are Sky
Fawkes's housewarmings of no fixed abode,
but this mildew morning drizzturbs
sans amber clamour, dockwork
orange & aubade-bleed into poetic carparks.  

O aubergine azure!
Lumbers me w/ a langour impure.
Busman's holiday for Helios in Goshen,
unlike Lyartsander fullofwoe & Wednes-grey,
who would choose chota hazri
of vit.d, at least  
a monkey's
wedding, over yet another hyetal heist
of a perfectly fine day.
At chirruped shatter of Tirralira FM,
who was up in a haze
of coffee & tea, smuggled miracle days?

Begrudged continuous miracle, rife
w/ nice lives, but life's
not such a luckyfind, merely
the strife galling forth pluck that
binds lackies to cells
& latchkey legacies. Habitforming titration
to the tritical, the trivyelled
9-5 shadiness, 24/7 extinction,
our most unapish aspirations working their notices. Rats
sinking to the bottom of the ballast dew. Shagnasty
nescafelife, REALInotmycupofTY. Good
Morning Godot Depot Of Affoisted Dusthood!

FYI all jentacular pollyannas,
lastnight I watched a doc or 3 on ******'s pyjamas,
as well as a reality show on the morrisband
Then News
24 till 4.
Now scooze
me if some
seminal television starring Rowland
Rivron has got me allsentimental on being cynical:
TV listings tomoz promise small hours of cultural miracles.

Summer in the city should be
mongogenic as Mungo Jerry's
'Summer In The City'. It is in a way:
the glaw, it glaweth everyday.But
the sun still lit up a
mole l/ a fox - scintillatingly flinches Jupitertawn,
The Hyades stayedput,
so best return to stertor, study
a gaseous sleeperhold in the sandman's yoga class,
heuristically: carpe diem cras.

Pesky petitbourgeoisie
in their lobrid SUVs
transport portliness to transport
links, once sofas & fruitbowls
relinquish jingly
ignitors. Balance due to the diurnal toxins, the dismal poisons,
the regnant moral obscurity:
the outlook looks bright for those who'd like one
last great fireball
gig, globalised vespertine slagheap
of Kali Yuga. Endgame encore is ongoing
bomb of -yawn - sameold brandnew obnubilant morning.
Apr 2019 · 1.1k
Hater's Leap
A-frame bridge, no.254.
Why did they send the cavalry of the Crown,
not a chef adept at jigsaws?
Ontologically opting out of the
Damocles' fleatouch 1st person pronoun.
Ache kind of socialow luckemia
has culminated in this reckoning,
this personal brevima, the scheduling
of my release from this 40-year-old-****** hellhole.
Milk slit strike at the coconut shy of souls.
From a brittly hylic, embittered high place,
velocity tenderises me once & forall outofplace.

Such a beautifulday I must be serious,
the sun
Pipistrelle Daddy Destro:
for a few seconds, equals. The News Of The World won,
David Scarboro.
To spite the 1 I pined for ad infinights,
outofhiding in my vespertalactite,
to go down cyancowled
l/ sunnier owls,
down down t'azure turnups o'er ******
sock clouds of birdman w/ deflated waterwings.

We're not talking flash-flight, falling w/ (sky's
cramped) style, Golden Gate weightlessness, wirefu
knotted matter maquettes in jazz gravity.
More SPLAT! l/ birdcrap or a crap bird,
claret scree, ****** mannequin. Blue
hamon of a sayonara
impales the seppuku diver upon
broadestsword, the East Anglian plateau alone.
Or fool's gold fall. Quadriplegic at end of the rainbow
(******* ineluctable rainbows).  

Join the fall & fall & noyade of lemmpires
on the mal voyage to clay again.
Out of der freie geist & into the fire
via impact, if we bolt this bottomless hollow
to be chastised by childabusers Charlemagne
chartered. But who's playing follow
the leperdoctrinist anymore?  I'll chin
the sun heavier than Hedd Wyn's
mourning cloaked Chair, as I take the earnest lemming way,
prince des nuees, rather than walkaway,
crippled for life.
Keep albatroshin'? Ol' bor, toss yourself off

a cliff rident that fits & locks clithridi-hate.
Or the Iron Bridge or some other local highledge
for the coming true of weight
when local legends exit cute.
Nice hand aids swigs for cynic the edge
hugs, but, lo, Green Hill Zone's killzone. Put
on a happyface l/ Spike at the asylum
or do it, dona nobis pacem.
Raspberry suicide notables,
gooseberry suicide notables,
for whom quiet
chap fallen finds his pizzazzphalt.

Fast brakes of champions prefer their egos sunnysideup,
but my last basket, she left w/ the very 1st *******.
Tell my mother it wasn't suicide: 'oops!'
Ego squeals creanced to a limping quacker,
human Kohoutek who fuzzily thuds
into circus teacup of Wensum, pate de parkour.
From a phrontistery
for emo dodos, sneerical bartizan,
I'll vertically powerflounce, pronk like Zebedee Zyban
at the speed of gary t'wards bananaskindeep peaceofmind
over precipice of all the cabinwalls I've feverishly climbed.

Tell my mum it wasn't suicide,
I was Brodie Fayed.
& that the Deep State was behind my head-
er off the Iron Bridge or some local highledge
(all the birdies flyed
from a beachy hedge).
had a nightmare I could fly.
The peace that passes all understanding
is not a soft landing.
Gravity, be
my supercomputer of mahasamadhi.
Mar 2019 · 2.5k
Loameo, Decomposeo, Scaremoleo, Romeo RIP.
A sazhen deep l/ a kulak, kozy.
Down here, hic jacet Jared, or some other
hick l/  me, face it. Grauballe greenhorn's chia
pet ***** moss my roof, arbuscules anagenic.
Ignomio in nightsoil, netty Chthonically kerbkicked.

Dirt heart of dark heath, a daft felodese.
What did my dark daffodil periscopes see?
A merry widow that reneged midway on the pact.
Ethereal barefootedness on my deadman's doormat.
No Elysian toejam on  brazen untumbling Jill.
Julie Judas, whose stayed hand waives a ne'erdofarewell.

Her sweetheart leprous w/ wet weapon seepage
of winterstices. Yellow leather thews fuel spoilage,
foison of the fomes my former foison bequeathed
to Nitrogen's garden, gravestrewn global glebe.
My mournedover mould, from my Morlock Tafilafet,
sprighettis dustland & brushbowl, on rebound from Juliette.

Waldeinsamkeit my plight, but a lil' lower
down I floundirt. The dead autistic as the flower,
that strains past the compost of my final
season of gas & mellow fertilicer, mortal fruitful
-ness, l/ that ribburst Deianira
(her freewill blackball, plucky gibbous bloodpear).

W/ that valiant apple, Apple Lily unravelled
zombie Eden. Julie-Eve  d'aujourd' hui resiled
tho'. Thus alone I fell thru this mortuary
orchard,  l/ a worm thru stewed apple, to dormitories
of mouldwarps. Atop my catabolism,
postapocalyptic allotments! No voar for alyssum,

not even upon the fullblown Ides. Her betrayal
harvest has the ecology gross w/ her turned tail's
martyr. Putridly, I pullulate a larval *******
of laurel bandages, Avalon Mole by recycling carnage
of some Pomona Braithwaite int'a Seamus Heaney
Swamp Thing sludge loved. Spleen spores, organic bicne.

Infusorians party in my tears. An epic lettuce
gloats where cartilaginous flap over my glottis
fingered stops of pickup artistry after Petrarch. A
backtracking princess of dwales, to Proserpina Harker
ceded me.  Bride of all corpses, bog queen boss of bosses
cannibalised Loameo, ironically, for locus amoenus.
Please do not give
your baby to
anyone you do
not know
#foundpoem #margotpravdahardypearce
Feb 2019 · 5.4k
When Whens End
When the dear donorcard bill's deliverance kills
& al-Keith McCamelton from Marakeshchester
inherits my corneas (I believe in unicorneas).

When I'm a recreational relic, comminuted & tooted,
chewed or voodoobied by a jejune hoochie *******
professional, Mama Shango - O that Mambo Sheena, she's a
ladydoctor of hooey! When my legbeforewicket bone a.k.a. shin,
not to menchin chin, grin, gelatin untoned (soamilar
to that o' Fatty Soames, who'll be quite a spread when
we eat the rich), & my fey ofay thighs
& my interthigh Fyffes (all fyffe inches), are finely ground
to a juju smeddum Mama Shango crumbles l/ homjom pollen
for a snirtle-haven even humdrum jumbies can't deaden.

When I'm a Uruguayan rugger teammate's
PTSDinner on an Andine ice plate.

When I'm past repulsive rasper, post-pulmonaryvascular massacre;
when I've given up my last gasp because I couldn't ever
make this gasper the last. When I've capitulated my Casper,
after gravel gurgle of my rale de la mort, after my outboardmotor
voicemail a la Monsieur Valdemar. When Alzheimer-
memorrhaging eulogists are ponderous & sotte voce,
as far removed as I at the time mine is up  
from the Fay Wrays, Screamin' Jays,
the rainbow rowdiness of orbling warbs & better days.

When I'm Senor Mucho Sueno, meeting Meesta
Mortimer Mortimer the missingmaker (this latter no
Gallup poll p'ruser, but that illimitable chooser
of every Ryan Otto Thyme from Calcutta to Corsica,
Kent to Lollapalooza). Whether gallbladder bleeders
or Gallipolosers, all of us were or will be absolosers
lapped like a catbowl by that mincemeat
mogul, Trim Reaper, jogging ahead to clock in
chisellaxed floruits where the hyphen's left hanging.  

When I'm dead as a coinop conversion,
depodiumed from 3initialled pantheon
of a special scartlead channel
for 8bitsprites' improbable kungfu,
by a hiscorewayman of the highest scorder,
Mombre's hombre & warriorthumbed wristola,
a lightening limpet on the d-pad
l/ Speedygonzalesterpiggot logrolling an e-dam home.
When I'm PK prey to this *******
of a flyingkickducker, some 'NewBieDie!'-greeting
finja-ninger l/  90s MooBiePie-
eating Arnold Schwarzensega of electronic yubiwaza,
Danny Curley. Jumplead cannulae in his Jabba The Shutt-in
bingo veins, Danny Curley foresees
w/ Pyrenese peerin' ease
my hadouken, counters w/ a shoryuken.
Game over. Fuqouken.

When I've gone beyond a shocking stroll
on a tumbledown terrain. When I'm jumbled
stoatskin unidentifiable remains.
When erstwhile strappingness is soil steroid,
gristle gift for the roses
'hind a urodorous hospice, when I'm lastminute
saprophytic herbal rohypnol for rose hipsters
(wifebeaters & musefloggers).
From a vulture's mulch blooms
damask artillery in the battle of the sexists,
botanical trope of blandishment
oftpictup w/ twenny Benson & Aspidistras
on a cancaining, Canaanwavy way home,
or requisitioned by a frugal doghouse ghoul
from gardens of engravings.

My carkedit plaque might caveat
'La vie was a lavvy but Eve was veal',
but Ms. Lilith Hewett,
she was sensual suet.
& my carkedit plaque might quote me that
'Life was ngandodowndilly wellingup for real',
yet fumiphant of  my crematory smignels
could divine Ms. Rosebud Bignold
16 again in a smile,  
in the cloud of my claripyre.
For when I'm husk past flames, hark the Sid James
squeal of my subcutaneous sizzling,
the memories of past glories haunter's quanta
among my charnel char, whithersoever it blows
once my urn's spurned.
In posthumous fernweh:
Nantucket, Hunstantucket, Saint-Tropez way?
Nah,the deadbody of a homebody
could not be more stuck in its ways.
For the dead are not so different to the living:
love makes us stay.
Bigorexia & Bonespiration
went to bed.
Bigorexia blew off
& Bonespiration was dead.

Torschlusspanik & Tidsoptimist
went to bed.
Torschlusspanik blew off
& Tidsoptimist was dead.

Jealousy & Compersion & Compersion
went to bed.
Jealousy blew off
& Compersion & Compersion & Jealousy were dead.

The ****** doors & Michael Caine
went to bed.
The ****** doors blew off
& Michael Caine was dead

Israel & Iran
went to bed.
Israel blew off
& everyfuckingbody was dead.
Jan 2019 · 12.3k
Da PGP (MC Gouggherel)
I da Pimpled Goose ****,
seedybeat Fugazi cane.
Ain't no ganda down da farm
who got mo' game!

I da foie gras solja,
scarecrow shades on da bridge
o' ma bill dat's orange
like doin' Dixie porridge.

I da ***** Flocka,
mi gold chain read 'CAP'
- big shoutout ta da Common
Agricultural Policy!

O dat Monty Don
**** around like Donkey Kong,
when 'e shud be mi main man
down da plantation!

I da Thugly Swan
wit' da young G's zits.
Ma hooty beeyatch got
Wotsit flipperlips!

Wot good fo' da goose
is good fo' da gangsta.
She lay da golden egg,
turnin' tricks in de tracta.

Funkyard fleshialist
yo' honkin' ** needs:
bird sheet, wigga duck,
Chicken Town OG.

But when I's in da hoosegow,
who's in ma goose hoes?
It's dem alfalfa

Farmer **** MacMuck,
Farmer Pygmalion,
Farmer Fab 5 Freddy
- ta me, dey all Farmer John!

Da's cookin' in da barn,
da's cathouse in da coop.
'Ged out!' I told da Ghettoad
O ' Toad Hood!

& all dem oinky donkies,
dem Snoop Hoggy Hoggs
know dat' if dem' diss me,
it be rainin' caps & doggs!

Buy da farm if ya cluck
amok wit' ya beeyatch talk.
Money Monty Don
chuck da muck wit'  da peeyatch fork!

Now mi feather up da heifer
& get mi beak freak on.
& when me pluck mi pustules,
dey iz pumpaction!

Now Monty Don freestyle,
'Sheer deep 'appyness
ya no spit 'less ya spittin'
sheepdip ya p-e-nis!'

Now MC Duckwhistle
wit'  da cornrow neckdo,
gonna get da gaggle waggle
ta 'is raspy kazoo:

'I not da Pimpled Goose ****,
I da Pimpled Goose **** Son,
& I's only pimpin' geese
till da Pimpled Goose **** come!  

I not da Pimpled Goose ****,
I da Pimpled Goose **** Son,
& I's only pimpin' geese
till da Pimpled Goose **** come!'
Jan 2019 · 1.4k
Mnemo Muzak
In an internally persuasive discourse daze
of 'Derevaun Serauan, Derevaun Seraun',
down Dereham Road. Dereham Road. Howl Zion days,
when I was porngaunt, scoreborn.

When I was scoreborn to sweet cur boons,
wild enough to grow psychoplasmic clothes
'low Eurolupine, lyricicatriced moon
(sphere rose over spherical rose).

Poignantly porngaunt, less Ly-tran-der
than deadnamed Dirk Diggler w/ pork Trigger's broom.
Phalloplasty patched fiddler's frankenfurter,
'Wayne Karoshi' my clinical nom-de-plume.

Turn on, tune in & grow up a picayun-
icorn, inconsequential & unique. I coulda been
a downtown tribune, downtown tribune,
but the scoreborn pourscorn like a teen.

Down Dereham Road, Dereham Road of dented
leopard, dented leopard roadkill went doom-
dated whelps. They never repented
the nepenthe, coz scoreborn follows scar boom.

Whether '88, '99, zerozero, borngaunt jeune
squelettes, diaspora of scorers crunch
urban recurrences. Pusherman in the moon,
still ivory dealer of youth's lush putsch.

We skinned up on CD cases, the record sleeves,
& upon the vinyl & CDs. Smaze mauve room,
where mauvais foi of paranoia, twigs & leaves
blessed us blandiose blasphemers maroon.

Tales so slight, vignette vinegaroon
- 'least I chased my own, tho' Hounds of Ultrabox
tore out my tindervox at the gag of moon-
set. Most porcelain storm?  Mornshocked.

Urb cubs slowcooked less porngaunt.
Afa, gluggy, June gloom? Rejoice, it's June!
Youth is wasted, but monsters I'd haunt,
acolytes I'd slough? Gone the same/ remain too soon.
Louche tang of the berthafly ink on your nape
has me flushed glutton for its underclass umami.
'Cross a Newkie Brown kristallnacht-scape,
you: hither, blacken ballet pumps from Primani.

No rugbytackle on a hungry subtle jackal,
but it's risky (tho', tbf, not that risky)
to smuggle rumpled, prisonrolled rosepetals
int'a Dean Rhetoric afterworld for Daddy.

Whilst lukewarm ****'s a phoenix's acronyx,
asbestos gelos defervesces not, my frisky
alderliefest ticklish like Chi-nickel crucifix.
Life's too brisk: fake a risk (in itself quite risky).

A poet's kinda herbert not in Estella's Richmond pocket,
who thinks risque lagniappe from Aganippe
is lock of autumnal pubarche from Humbert Humbert's locket,
in sink where gooseberries were electrolysised lately.

Flightless bard 'mid diorama of nephograms
(steppensheep nebula, staffage in matteshot sky),
*****, erm, Withwords, who broadsides how wrong I am:
'Heart's excrescences risk poesy's arty chokey'.

In rejectionslip braille hail, papercut rain
of masterpiece confetti do we live dangerously,
in mastertape conshreddi of 99 bandnames.
But headliner suicides win poetry lottery.

Shelley stunt of dying strangely, strangely young
cures a vocabullinachinashoplairy,
becomes Voynich manuscrap of Symbolist shantung.
Full circle: silk wormfood determines vellumworthy.

Vicious circle: rosa rosa razor est est.
Vicious Coriolis: life plugholing w/ the hoary
sullage, balneal bisnatchizzle, a stringvest-
al Virgil's dregs refresh t'highwater Dante.

For what BBQpid matchmakes man w/ Beatrice,
Stonkahontas tormeting an odd 'n' furry
berk, poet whose amrita is thridace
strain of th'infidelity toxin, Beauty.

Which is how the risky Manic defined the
entartete source of fishy fiances,
la beaute du diable. But hybristophilia
to scorpions of Venus, to Hell on a tray,

is flipbride of poet wailing to be her DWEM lover,
a foxynoxynihilipilification proxy
for transfiguration by association w/ bete noir
of Beauty: beta noir bards are Death's humerus candy.
bisnatchizzle = a *****'s ***** hair
Dec 2018 · 9.4k
Licey's Nit Couplets
Even the scene I was making was making a scene:
I've been freed by friendlessness, so why do old pals
embitter w/ velleity a reunion can still rouse?
It's just I'm so swizzed by reading trueselfbydates.
Shawl, who is also called Pall; runagate who is also prostrate.
To the bull's eye, the hawkeye is palpable, tangible, felt
To the hawkeye, the bull's eye is palpable, tangible, felt.
Phone went. Atonement? Opponent. Alone meant
renewal of the same old selfentering entertainment.
Narcissistic conception: a privately bred clone
'tis my duty to bully, torture earnestly. One does one's own.
British Ionists don't even understand Zirony.
But I wish I was as simple as just contradictory.
Tragready? Incipit tragoedia: travesties hurt.
Like seeing my Riot Grrl swiothrrt in a 'Travis' tshirt.
Trillions killed during filming, fastforwarded orchids.
Cast of inexpendable heart oscitation deleted.
To einsof soft life on the air, we're lost. In the sour feast,
50 years' service is a ****** on the mantlepiece.
*******, mon semblance! Goose scry to the scaly
Torygraph; Presidented Gein; masSACREDad (God's Mochrie).
It takes CITV & CBBC & pre-DWP DSS & pre-DSS
DHSS to raise a child, not a Doubting Momus.
Dreamflounder, dreamfloater, dreambounder in a dreamboater.
English country Capgras bros. of a stranger in  an oater.
Nil admirari, ennui, omnui, zennui, nitchevo.
Yet buckaroo Love's hopingpong lives out my spermself's FOMO.
I foamed at the month, Lysember, annually,
for flavour of the mouth should be Oxyjanuary.
Sandwich artists, stationary bloggers & ancient astronaut
theorists all walked Jackonoryology in school reports.
'Sweirdly emasculating, like a tall grandmother,
how I cannot poetsplain the future or its lovers.
1,000 albino bishybarnabees rorschach the tragic
lantern: swarm th'only pattern of fatback TV static.
Negress of the World dreams of unio Mr.Car
in the cave of charades that's shrine to an umbra.
Afflatic calculus of tragic trajectories, romantic ratios:
lyricalgebra. Show my working: Statement of Aesthetics, Rothko.
Song of alien vitalism, Neanderthal Jesse Garon.
Prosody fit for Methuselated muse, Struldbrugg paean.
How clean is your dream disqualidayhome celebrikitchen
bug in **** conscience, Carol Vorderline? Pigpen's plugin.
Jack of Shapes, Jack of Ages, Jack of Doors, Jack of Cues.
Best of all possible Lords to follow? Serendipitous debuts.
The Devil writhes a kiddiefiddlin' schtick.
The Devil is a devout Catholic.
Pincered zen selfsparta builtsitting in what it's from:
cogito keeping its damnable cheek above fatsam & fleshsam.
I feel it so intensely: irony of ironies when I don't care.
Selffulfulling jelly w/ nothing to fear but fears nothing hears.
Experienshit, differenshit, definitely still ****, diffranchiser
of scheisser. Choken record: wist zither, aubade nebuliser.
You pick up. Seashellsussurus of a radioed purlieu.
Your crepitant crelp, monastic by virtue of ***** flu.
Bellybutton ash/blue & green dahlia: inner & outer bull
of bull's eye anthropocentrism. Both can & can't be too careful.
Hawkeye Bennu or other siderolite's solipsism
cuts short my nut cutlet nuncheon: absurdissimum prism.
'And when was this? I dunno, I dunno:
like everything else, twenty years ago.' - August Kleinzahler

Whosis slunk next to the rastamagnet
dj booth, in a limabeanhued suit
jacket, limabean sleeves rolledup to
deploy albino ancons for jostling.
My ****** lungs ached; gluttonous Venomised
pelicanbills. Cig o' no mercy, cig of life.
Serpivolent smoke is nicocreaming
ceiling of this dive Dasein dosses in.
Unrequiting snoutcloud of her chuffing
form siffles thru her mousy enamel.
'Light reflecting booster technology',
advertising Boswellox, scents her hair.
Male Black Widow Complex boings in my brain,
as the vogueress exits conceivable zone
of address. Yet she cigawrenches
my stalking thoughts across the pumptup ballroom.
O those farouche salad nights following
swotting up in the humid Octagon!
Male Black Widow Complex, th'always boinging,
lidded by lemony orange lager.
I crashed Crasherkid frabble, rocked to
DJ Shoppinghour feat. MC Niche Jah.
My Sax Pustules & Dead Kinnocks LPs
accusingly mouldered in my heart.
Crasherkids twatted then, dated now, now
grooveriders haggard. But time was the thud
of arterial Cherry7up
was the dub of their youthful BPM.
Triptown beefnecks w/ classic legoman's
Acid House ecaf (before e-cafes
had come & gone), mandy stag party.
I still slow my pace at their fearless napes.
The rock club had delusions of grunger,
crush at the bar was lumberjack cubism.
Era of Jingajing-chicka-jing-jing Kurt,
anno domudhoney, left a zeitgash.
& in the goth club, cadavolescent,
guylinered Xennials listened to
Placebo, but poo-pooed manginas.
Identi90s: genres, not genders.
Blotto elbows on sudsy bar, I cross
lanky barkeep's gulchy palm w/ nugget
for latest in a lost count of snakebites.
Streak of **** is a broom in a skinnytie.
'I'm hyperboring as much as you!' quip I
to a cheetahthinking softdrinker.
There'd be no ruction if pickled franion
spilt his Tab Clear Kaliber, H2ooze.
Yestreen's teen mums of teen mums, renubile
on the glash. Simuladies who soft soap
saps to buy them...a drink, QVCexy.
If shopgilfs surrender the goods, QVChy.
Whosis, tattie-bogie of the floor,
turned Turok w/ liebestorschlusspanik.
But his limabean lines are jejune, even to
zirconia Zsa Zsas on the zhelf.
Whosis, lima green last chancer, I'm a
aphroluddite like you. Both crud dancers
too, corybantersauruses. It's all
smoke 'n' mingers & we've got lunge cancer.
'There's a party on the hillside, would you like
to come? Bring your own cup & saucer
& your own cream bun!' Friends joyride
home dead, so ride dead joy home alone.
Simian, simulacrum, something for
the weekend, sir? Or are weekends just for
something before ip dip dogshit
******* ******* silly *** meet the kids then what?
Stereotripe, not Stereospeare, yet unknown
plexors would kick in. Or was it the joypop?
Popliteal self on higher neon knees,
Mother Brown's got nothing on me!
Anansesum of my fancy footwork,
Bez in blossom under tiger strobe.
Chemical cochise, call me 'Tarantulip':
totem, tarantism, bruxism, bloom.
Yeah, I liked DJ Offroseanne before
the coward sounds of Simoncowellland
killed Cool. Taxi for the Corpse of Cool/
fetch your coat, love, you've pulled the Corpse of Cool!
Since the ears dot, aural laurels were hot.
& the beat authenticity lays down
is still the drill sergeant instrumental
that leads blind zeit pipers of all pied geists.
Lima bean fugue, forearm flash, Dear John tats.
Nocturnal vernal mental of the comeup
becomesdown w/ no summerlove, bad trip
(Raggaman Kafka say 'Uneazee Dreamz').
'Taxi Driver' cinematography,
neon printcest of clubland signs dimmens.
Pick up your tuttifrutti braindamage
- time to go home, hungover twichildren.
Oct 2018 · 746
Sneezus (McGouggherel)
'fore he cold-shouldered
cold feet in Gethsemane,
Christ had caught a chill.
'One of you here tonight will
- Achoo-das! - betray me.'
Do not deign to achieve.
Do not strive to suffer.
Aspiration is naive.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Hope's a hopeless hobby.
Nihilistic mother
taught steely melancholy.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Wisdom dashes all wishes.
In egodeath, discover
how free a nebbish is.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.
We are not indebted
to Indian givers stellar:
stardust smarts our fetish.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

The stars eat their young.
Orion universe, hunters,
whose lotus lights stun slums.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Do not deign to achieve.
Do not strive to suffer.
Aspiration is naive.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.
Oct 2018 · 5.2k
Borderline Love Lyric 8
I vow I'll go straightedge, grow
old w/ U now I will try to live.
Honey? I'm royal jellydrizzler, ambro-
sia sprinkler, manuka slav-

erer, glucose washingline.
Honey? Truncated puberty bassethounds
no more mellifluous a confection-
ary spokesperson than sweet sounds

of rhyming superlatives, purple prose glaze,
cherup syrub of yr...Honey?
I'm Jack the Dripper, Jackson ******* squeez-
ing bees,

weird scenes inside
the love hive. Honey, yr krazysexykool
- were U head
girl @krazysexyskool?

Yr compassionate
becoz yr compassion art
is that yr compassion heart
has compassion smarts. Compassion farts

even vent a delectable sillage.
Honey, when U showed me yr hon-
eypot, it ate away l/ acid at my 3rd eyelid
- pineal flash! When

I showed U my bruce,
U had me feeling
so pinefresh, last of the summer spruce

the mucus of a moose.
No relation to non-Monty Montgomery,
but when I petted yr zipper cat @clubhousecaboose,
U helped me see

- eureka!
o! ******.  Either that or 'Each 1 of us is special in their
own way'. The Get Along Gang

was a vision thang.
I'm yr Lenin & yr my Inessa.
I'm yr Lennon & yr my May Pang.
On a ferry cross the Volga to yr Oktober rock 'n' rolla.

& tho' U've got a hermione
& I'm not into hot karl,
U're my Lenny
& I'm yr Carl.

But shock appearance of the final realisation I
could lose the U inside of U, yr inimit-
able secular seelenfunklein, strikes down high
spirits l/ L.Ritchie floored by ceilingfunkline flit.
The Sphinx Sphanther, an ailuralien
from Slazenger 7, Ulthar System,
surveyed the vapid dullpink lunascape
of Smars. As he scanned yonder scanyons &
clabby tableland of Smartian terrain,
his 8ft henchbot, Ernie, numberwanged
'23467 097
11.' The Sphinx Sphanther's binary-brained
blabacus of a hotchbot robutler
doubled as personal security,
equipped w/ chainsawwindmillstars for hands.
But scant call for slicing 'n'dicing crowd
control here: Smars was desolate as smug
snow, too xeric to dessicater to
desertcraturf - in that, arid aphex
of its counterpart thru the quantumgate,
unsparticulate Mars. Sphinx had been there
too, long after the novalia cleared
by the Elon Muscovites for dometown
of New Creationham instead became
obumbrated by proxy war, a mauve
Somme for drones. The Zeta-Reticulan
barhover he'd met centuries later,
at Sagittarius Bolognaise, had
divulged he'd been staking out the Terrans
for millennia, concluding that quite
clearly they weren't Kardashev calibre:
' The Terran jackal apes could never build
fair Isratin on Mars's blank red slate,
but desecratered Earth 2.0
w/ telefactored lex talionis.
Palasraeli peace-world a daffy god's
dream.' But no roseplated, plaintive past
of lost races & their last, lost chances
would weigh on Sphinx Sphanther over 0-
g 'n' ts - least of all, kamikozmic
Terrans, ghosts of toddlers before his time.
Besides, he purrferred the splanetary
systems in his home universe, S-side
of the supersymmetrical stargate.
Even planet Smearth, whose gnomes salivate
for colloidal silver & often ate
salvers. But multiversally treasure-
hunting catman was not on Smars for smurrks,
nor to holoholo like a stalko
thru the pink pother, a fishbowlhead space-
*** w/ the best seat i.e. the worst seat
in a stadial sandstorm of foxglove
fog. In whirbles pulsive, Ernie's clicking
clock breath axlegroused, '23824
71719', as the Sphinx
Sphanther fremescently urged the servo-
droid to 'move your chrome cuirasse!' Which encased
Ernie's one lung of mesh & blexcroid heart,
repurposed by a gizmomancer from
silicone garage off Milkomeda
magic roundabout. Or was it spaceport
at the Smilkomeda?  Whichever,  the
Sphanther had long ago evolved beyond
flying saucers of cream. Caterpillar-
tracked calculator w/ a sporknose &
whisking shuriken fingers, Ernie creaked
futuristically behind its feline
master, as they descended in oblique
Indian file down scarp of Mountbattern
grink, for now the Sphinx Sphanther had bird's-eyed
some bearings. Manshaped moggy & lotto-
machine-A.I.'d adjutant had for days
yomped the candydross regolith of Smars,
a desert every bit as brass monkies
& indistinguishable in aspect
(save to areographers) as ginger
tundra of its supersymmetrical
sister sphere, yet pink as amassed honkies
(tho' ofays blushing ashen w/ gammon
guilt). A holo-map Ernie projected
from its cyflaptic eyezor had led them
this far, but now the Sphinx Sphanther relied
on the sort of stillicide scholarship
a cat gleens from spacerats (w/ translation
bracelet bangling his back, a caudal wire),
because Ernie's pirate-ninja meter
was in emergency credit. The pair
hinterlunged on thru tayammum douches
of inextinguishable pink, spinning
powders, smaze of Smartian haboob, until
Sphinx Sphanther sphied, sphorry, spied his wrecked grail.
'Initiating sleep sequence passout-
code: rats apollo defile robot tide,'
catman commanded his lollygagging
tincan manservant to take hard-earnied
standby. Then, before Ernie's spangbolts could
cease squeaking, before its hi-tec bits quit
bleeping &  the combined constadrone of   
mechanical chakras was susurrust
(engulfed by speckled banshee breaker of
nominal boughs, wolf sough of Smars booting
alien sandcastles), the Sphinx Sphanther
in his eagerness nearly lapsed into
quadrupedal ignominy, as he
raced towards the ruins, object of his
enantionautic planethopping
over 8 & 1/2 lifetimes. Not much
remained of whatever edifice had
once graced Smars, a primordial witness
wrought in masonry as lurid as some
Lovecraftchild of Liberace, its pink
pillars & pink hunky punks bubblegum
rubble now, vividness conspicuous
against the grink sands.These Smartian ruins
were only slightly less ancient than God
& his blue hypernovae toybox, or
Tohu wa-Bohu's pantherine absence
before that. The Temple of the Dark Lord,
Yod-Coalescence, indisputably
a stripling of deep architecture next
to the Sphinx Sphanther's incomparable find.
By the same token, the fabled Terran
city of Dubai would be an ugly
baby of steel & glass next to this site
of cosmic heritage, this exploded
damask rose of a UFOpolis,
stone petals shed by flower of dust. Engraved
on block immemorial, poking out
of a sandbank & imbued w/ forlorn
fascination for upright ****, such as
xoanon of Eve might hold for Conan
the Slybrarian, was maxim in long
dead tongue, the long dead sense of which rendered
it accidental koan, dumb poem
by anon culture that might as well be
entitled 'Sirenen Istigkeit'. Food
for thought anorexic Time, bulimic
Space inedibly graffitied on Smars:
'Nulla Dies Sine Linear B'.
Under cured Klyntar yurt later that night,
whilst Ernie hummed w/ Atari sheep sprites,
the Sphinx Sphanther dreamt of mighty works thru
the wringer of longslid signifiers:  

The barhover hovered above
membranous whatevers of mise-en-dream,
before the scene settled like anarchic snow.
Smickey Smouse was on a mauve rove
one smauve Tuesday. As Smickey
scanned yonder young scones,
young dust granted him edgehug.
Ernie said : Numb blah, numb blah, numb blah!
They certainly weren't in Snorwich, Snorfolk, anymore.
They hinterlunged on thru candybrass
of dross monkies, pinning spowders,
until Smickey Smouse smied, smorry, sphied
the Temple of the Dark Lord,
Pantherine Absence.
Smickey Smouse said: Wait there,
I'm just going for a quick Slazenger-7.
Ernie said: Skoda codas.
Elon Musk divulged he'd been
staking out the Terrans
for millennia & concluded they were in
emergency credit.
So they descended a serdab
poking into a sandbank,
its venom curd of darkness
further diagonally desecraterd
by Ernie's sadotronic **** attachment w/ knobs on,
thagomiser **** or Oumuamua
of steel & glass.
Its mace ***** drilled down
until Smickey, Ernie & Elon
were 3 spelunking sphinxes,
spelunking deeper into the recesses
of the alien sandcastle,
by the light of Ernie's eyeflaptic cyzors.
But you can't holoholo in a fishbowlobowlo,
lavalampadomancy of a daffy god's dream.
They longslod into the long dead clock breath
of Ozymandias' unconscious.
Should a cave-in cave in,
a hi-drama-gen bomb bomb,
quidzinc Ernie said: Inadjuvant Elon
Rifles should have hired
ghosts of toddlers  
for our pirate-ninja security.
Above them,
the embitteringly bitty yonder
stretched lone & level,
a ventriloquantum of solace on a grink brick
remained undiscovered & unsquandered,
waiting for a greater translator .
Ernie said: edit to bore life dollop a star.
Ernie said: Numb blah, numb blah, numb blah!
Aug 2018 · 25.3k
World War WH5
WW1 WW2 Dubyadubya3

(turbosouthernfried president w/ coke)

Wheyfaced WW4torn Widows

(spittoon image son of a talkfool from a longline)

Wheyfaced WW5torn Widows Warturned ******

(of talkfools in thrall to doctor occident)

Pastweeping WW6 Widowswarturnedwhores Wankoff WW7lords

(& other arsekissingers bearing airwolfpackages)

Woldwaltzing Wommel's Wazzocky Wristwatch Won WW8

(americuntbearing dr.doom in blue jeans )

WW9 Or Was It UUUU10 The Greatest Trick The Dubya Ever Pulled

(o -cide! quanticide! qualiticide! shiacide! sunnicide! up-)

WW11 Wind In The Willows Vs. Where The Wild Things Are

(-cidedoom! heil ideolodger cop tours amereich a-)

Wu-Tang Wenceslas Did Look Out To Wot Who's At WW12 W/ Who

(pache putative peacekeepers like abyssscythe parents)

WW13 Was Just A War To Wardoff War W/ War War

(chickenshits in boeing beefy tattoo nutshell the kernel cinders outta kids)

Wappenschawhinging Wareeyores Didn't Wanna Die In WW14

(white orange agent phosphorus wadewilsoning youth thin asia)

Warmongs Watching 'Alien Vs. Primula' Awailable On Bluway Wideo & WMD

(marlborocountry obsidional smokers of nationalised foreign forests)

Winking Warcorresponsors Dent Cred, So Just Di'nt Wink ;-) ;-)

(& nationalised fruits of the forest, totemic nutritious trivia)

WW Deja Vu Tho' Not The Former U.S.O.S.N.O.V.C.R., It's US=A Ruskhour,

(of red silverbacks primalcommunists marxist gorillas)

Wider Conflagration © Money For Old Europe

(daisycutters are daisyraiseczars, whumping warmjungle socialism)

Wigga Wandwigger Wimey Wyke Wozzy Wabbo

(yezhovschina will seem but a user's shiner next to us-china)

Woon Waki Wytie Wago Wankee Winky Wap = WW²

(international tittletattle + ballistic backwatchers = WW Certificate K-PG)

Winstolf Churchhimmler Was Never Wamblecroft At Wetwork

(vietnumb flaggingpasschendaele crimeansnore agincorpse)

Japoleon Bombaport Was Never Wamblecroft At Waterbloodsports

(even peacetime's but a meta nam for emasculated rambofan)

Every Payback Waterfall Is An Elevator In The Overlook

(boer war doesn't even touch the -cides of mars)

WW15 Will Be a Pathetic War Like A Letting War

(baulklands falkans batarangofbaghdad wolf of farrow says)

WW16 Was Warpartypiece For Wemon Wonga & Whippingboyz

(her heard everyherdy's fist theory of history is **** homini lupus)

'Mandible-Mandible Is Better Than Edibleman-Edibleman' - Winnie Va Pour

(gestarpospangled gag, sicker heights pulitzers should police)

But Peace Might As Well Be A Passe Fist Whilst Atomihawkcurse

(or kowtow bone sow to god & his flags of infinite paedophagy)

Of Full Spectrum Dominance Hawk Their Heck, Raptor Values

(allah 'avin allaugh w/ muhammadman atta atta)

That Also Corrupt Chimurenga Avengers & Krishnikovs Of Kashmir

(great pair of babels going south to macadam nation)

Like Incidental Minks Of Warpelf Warped Elves

(both the infidel eagle & osama bingowing earners hereafterburners)

Of Badman Admin In Die Goldzahngrube Kanada

(amerikaput christicidal as avuncular ayatollah w/ nuke quran)

Because There Is Only 1 Character Der Wille Zur Macht

(because there is only 1 act der wille zur macht)

No Peacenik Liberators Manumit Umits Of Nen, Deliver Us Unto Valnillahalla

(tho' bestlaid treatises are but cross storks ferrying thugly ducklings)

Before World Bleeders, Shepnel Shrapherds Lead Us Into
Poppyfields Of Tommy K

(that boom into aggreswans like the kaolin coruscation)

Wotsitler GOP-zilla Tyranno Sapiens Vs. Iranosaurus Nex'

(ian botham wielding mjolnir might rhinestone, lilywhite hiroshima bobbles)

Making Tommies & Jerries Out Of Cowboys & Islums

(& the only 1s beyond the apollyon will be already bellyup cosmonauts)

Congeries Of Tom & Jerry & Tom & Jerry & Tom & Jerry

& WW Tom & Jerry & WW Tom & Jerry & WW Tom & Jerry: bellicosmos

(peace is the uneventful unfull overness post-killallwillkillall)
Aug 2018 · 4.7k
Mister Inessential

Even Mike from Picture Loans don't wanna banter
'bout the football: I must be Mr. N.S. Senshawl.

My fascias & guttering are gagging for it,
but Safestyle never call: I must be Mr. N.S. Cenchall.

Nadir? It ain't bloomers baron Asil
in Cypriot sanctum tranquil:
it's me, myself & Mr. N.S. Senchall.

All the shitposting edgelords
catsitting for their exes Saturdaynight
are still more cool
than Mr. N.S. Senshaul.

I cross the informationsuperbillygoatsgruffbridge,
data unharvested: I must be  'NIFOC In Norfolk'...
'Drat & dratdrat, wrong username!'
blushed Mr. N. S. Censhawl.

Happy Hanukkah card was a circular
from the Inland Revenue.
Wasn't even addressed to
Mr. N.S. Senchawl.

In my hibernaculum, awaiting the business acumen
of a Sally Army mercenary, knocking to sell
me a doorbell that plays, 'Jingle Bells,
Mr. N.S. Censhall smells'.

Neither chaplain attached to suicide magnet estates,
nor my own personal Semitic Jazz Zeus, ministers
to unspeakably forgotten O me of little face,
Mr. N.S. Cenchawl ,
unseemly as all the major faiths.

Even if I rescued Meghan Markle
from Mr. & Mrs. Shackles' tumbril,
in sadiemaisie bunnyland black swaddling
on the road to Much Marcle,
the press would still misspell the hero of the hour's name,
'Mr. N.S. Censhaul'.

On my birth certificate, impasto vitiligo
of correction fluid furs the phobile mome no.
at my mum's hobile mone. & my name.
I cannot decifur
if it's Mr. N.S. Senchaul
or Mr. N.S. Senshall.
Or 'Mysteron Is Sensual'.

Has my mind gone blanket,
or is it a sense shawl?
Now I feel like Wolverine,
at least a vulperteen.
Militaryindustrial *******, sob,
did they massacre my memories, bub?
Defuse my dreams of a life less stabby?
Contorture me into this cybertiger Caliban,
Now I feel like Wolverine's
wisdomtooth, a pain deemed
so negligible
- like Mr. N. S. Cenchaul.

Stan, Stan!
Baker,  M'intosh, Zodiac Killer,  
Dr. Livingstone,
Mike from Picture Loans,
do you copy, over?
It's me,  Mr. N.S. Dooberry.
Puncture repair kit for the soul wanted.
Underoccupied tandem tyre's flat.
Heart-patch, what rubber solution bonded?

From old skool dogshit adobes, druids
built White Cliffs of Dover - few glues match that!
Puncture repair kit for the soul wanted.

Unicycles Sumerians sorted,
but bike made for 2 1 me rides to Splat.
Heart-patch, what rubber solution bonded?

No Wile E. Chimera off Beachy Head,
I'm going underground like samizdat.
Puncture repair kit for the soul wanted.

Brakeless brodie into marble orchard,
a sackseeking, unrequited lovecat.
Heart-patch, what rubber solution bonded?

Field day in iron clover is seasalted
Tour De Manche, victory requiescat.
Heart-patch, what rubber solution bonded?
Puncture repair kit for the soul wanted.
Jul 2018 · 12.4k
Anatidaephobic para siesta,
on the park bench w/ the child molesters:

eyeballs eyevory as Arctic detergent,
amid shingle by De Beers are REMurgent.

Whitsands of some incroyable Bermuda
(white man even his own intruder,

upon cetocephalic theta depths,
that whistle crystal Dixie, seahorses for clefts).

'Peas have great individuality,'
but peristerite is this sea,

not peagreen.  A pickpoctopus of preag
(pre-peag more offshore than 64,000 leagues),

klepto Neptune mudlarks the silica,
into his limelylit hypothermia

sleeves shells, like the desirable hermitcrab Earth
of my astrally orarian self.

My gaze stolen by tealeaf tides:
samphire, sapphire, squid's suckereyed .

Under the sea, there is no CCTV.
But guilt is a silk meat to the nee-

dleeyed nostrils of PC Jaws;
feefifofumes slip faded scabs' pores.

He's not a panoptopus catching your tentacle in your mouth,
but squaloid cop whose own gob's a ganch.

Phaser intangible thru verdantique,
Policeshark! does davyjonestowns deek.

On a fishing expedition in shipwreck slums,
whose 19 new tenants are pinklewickers from Morecambe,

but they're innocent as God's goslings, so Policeshark!
capriciously octocuffed a gangster's mollusc

- by 'octocuffed', I meant crunched the suspect's stu-
diously nonevolved backbone in his beartrap bazoo.

After flossing the caries of noble cause corruption,
moody maccarelics had snubsnouted selachian

policesharkraid! an octopus's gardengate,
& half a McCalf, knee, did he confiscate

- minus the 'confisc'.
His beat is wide & his beat is deep, from Frisc-

o to Portalprints,
Constantlynubile  (Instantbeau) to Pawsmith,

from pertly lisped Perth to hellsmiled imorteen's
imaginary Miami, styrofoam unicorn shoreline.

& traversing isthmus now wasthmus, Lemuria,
where  the wreck of the Sargassoworks lies similar-

ly submerged, sunk by Cap'n Sanforisedbeard,
nautical vagabond who thought he'd blagged a pond,

but was wonking all the angles on the sextant,
till mainsail was mainly flailing like an introvert

among many reprikates of Rik Mayall. Policeshark! swam
thru turquoise ****** of amino acids, liquid farm-

yards of forms not yet strangely familiar enough,
where plankton are those new clear vitals' scurf,

or Creation's intelligent designer stubble.
& Creation's archeozoic goosepimples are bubbles.

For around Policeshark!, waves may turn time-
twiddlingly wavy: Zeit's gristle to the Sein-

shark, the Aardshark, the Wailsnark, the Sharchetype
worrying my liminal jugular like a vamp-

ire scarf. In the blink of the eye of the
Policesharknado!, Policeshark! the merciless mer-

monitor has done his bloodhound rounds,
reset his primordial aura dial, outswam Ground

Zerocean brane, that damp original,
even aquathreshed the 'bi.ven.' in that bilateral

venture 'tween surf 'n' turf, Sinbad the Flavour.
So as to spyhop above cursive of rips & rollers

to stake out this shorehugger, whose Shutter Island discs
sirenade not of Portalsmith, Bizzyhandyman or Frisc-

o, but of a more prosaic 'mare where sharks go quack.
So rage, Ol' Cuntsea, Thalassa you ****!

Big blue wobbly ****, Red Label Sea
of my unconscious! It is mens rea

for which Policesharks! frenze, pinprick of shame,
but the dreaming animal's meat is not game.

I am Ruestungminister in his Argentine cabana!
I am God in His Gondola!

& the Policesharkcage! is the cordon sanitaire
of my not really being there. Or here.

I'm Shore Ryder splittin' for a sun-Ken-
tucky, para siesta passing for a con-

tent Tuesday come to pass like the rainbands
that wore Ray Bans were disbanded by whitsands

fresh-CV-not-cream-scroll-brill, yet
inadmissible as Icarus giblets

or a mohican of gills' nullity.
O Policesharkbait! paltry

as dismembered Freudianism of carnal lagan!
Less catabasis & more embasan.

A dreampoet about to jump the Policeshark!,
awoke to the trope of a Savileville park.

Was it a dream within a dream within...
TL; DR, Policesharkfin!!
'embasan'  (Filipino)- to wear clothes in the bath
Jun 2018 · 362
me & my bae we met 6tn
wot i z woz wot r u werin
she txt bak crox n jeggins
inbetwn my toes thers webbin
wrds paint sugapix she woz etchasketchin
erotigger far from fetchin
but i h8 2 c a norfuk grl goin beggin

me & my bae we met 6tn
lyk rebeca l%s &  dvid bekham
xcept my readin age is ova 11
innerspishus st<3
but now we do sunset thang

me & my bae we met 6tn
so u hv my blessin
2 keep yr fones swtchd  on @ our weddin
wher arnt evlyn is 6tn the rite revren
who is 6tn mary magdalen
up 2 her ol trix agen
tho she art in heavn
netwk w/ major connex probs amen
hashtag1stworldproblems, but
couldn't even win a prize for reading:
'But there was no give in the cat,
no flex anywhere but his tail. And for
a moment their roles reversed, as though it were
the train facing
the inevitable cat...'
'n' dog 69er
vukojebina Tasmaniandevil in a ******
ad under/overbiting off more than I can
chew Escher's pretzel autocannibal
Prometheus in a Faustian ****
stage pacman dragon fusion starbirth centre
of the earth Bruckheimer pileup of me

Meanwhile bombs fall everywhere but here.

Singing 'Suggasuggasugga my art ***,
liggaliggaligga my art hole'

putting out the bins Insta-grommet-
ed Fama-widgetted the world but the world
is washing its ***** homme moyen sensuel
feels neither ****** nor blessed
culdesac wilderness no 'Wot no samo
©' enriches but inside my flat wypipo
surahs are basquiated all over bones stones
& date palm fronds Newyork Paris London
Norwich supernobody supernova of purple psychology
prisoner between the lines egotistical subprime of me.

Allthewhile bombs immortalise everywhere but here.

Praying ' Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat
of the Woods With a 1000 Young'
  yet still
the DWP send brown envelopes like post-
al millenarian sandwichboards or economic
letterbombs mash of calendars unassailable
nth mph inevitable catastrophe alazonic
file Akashic Bureau declassifies
is conceit of a train facing a rhino of a meme by
necessity a meme of a rhino gardarhino swino
my geworfen gurn of response scenarios
geworfen backatcha megillah galaxy
fillet ubeity is barrow pig cosmic bootyclap of me.

Everyday bombs bombarded the Mousetrap Theatre
but never hereatre.

Isn't everything just advanced basketmaking
everything is advanced basket-
making everything either that or egowanking
like urban legend of the Purple One ouroboros-
ing his purple one Janusjaws bittensmit-
ten by tailtaste once American sawboneses
optimised the Tom Thumb of Funk's
zeroshape with double ribectomy musta hadda sillycunt
implant ah the hiss of hubris human CMBR
soliphissing hero of selflove whited sepulchres
'This is the only musical the mouth & hopefully
the brain attached to the mouth, right?'
X-iestance of me.

The bombs they bombeth everyday, but I'm okay.

Big Gazrilo Princep Bang weltgeschichtlich pinup
modcon slave to my suprachiasmatic nucleus living
l'appel du vide in comfort fatarse sitrep
tragicecstatic bluff transparent as an exhibition-
ist pharaoh mummified in cling-
film hokeycokeying the keys till my right hand's in
court & my leftover hand doesn't count
tallies of tall realities like BasquiAT-ATs or Daliphants
skittled by Tippex the inner crickets' tip-
ple ghost grawlixes sculpsit grazes 00Q's qwerty spype
no carmen triumphale of poetical toothbrushes gets free
from chelseasmiled singularity inadequake scree of me.

But bombs being dropped is not the only way
this 40-yr-old 5'6 din of reverie will stop.
Jun 2018 · 321
Borderline Love Lyric 7

I don't know what it means.
Jun 2018 · 471
Vernissage (For Idle Hands)
Rabies & genocide, boys & girls,
my contemporabies and also future shack-
dwellers (drumroll, *** note):  presenting

the Swatches of Hell, my vernissage
entitled 'Infernissage'. It'd be easier to ask
whose soul the show is not awaiting

when eyesockets are groped in the darkness
of a ver'massage, worse than a new
leather headache. Save for saying

'without further ado', without further ado:
(1) Charcoal childshape of Torchy the real boy,
where the boy had stood on the burning decking

before curling up. Pyropygmy had pinbolided
- bedroombedroomdownstairsfrontdoorback!
Till, to his Royal Borough of Chelsea & Kensing-

ton-crispy injuries, succumbing in the
mockingly fresh nightair. Firegutted passers' eyes
mark this Casabianca Philpott's passing,

whitehot rust of seethrublue welding them pink, not
his the sunny rebirthmarks of beatific burnsvictims
on 'This Morning' too mawkish for mourning.

(2) Rubicund/t gammon Brexshitter on #BBCQT.
Shirecoarse broflake of a certain age, whose purple rage
pulses w/ excess of free radicals, fulminating    

against an excess of Free Radicals. Oxidisation
at the state of the nation. The greatest trick
the Devil ever pulled was convincing

us he's nothing like David Dimbleby.
(3) Gammon down the doctor's, no quizzical
ripple on quack's accordion brow - simple dyingnosing

a carotid grume in ruddifazed
British bullfrog's fatberg of jowlveins.
His backgarden Gammon Gammadion flying

at halfmast in a pig's whisper, if
sweet 'n' sour lobster pantone of
St.Georgie-Porgie's protein perspiration's anything

to go by. On his way to an early
Inheritance Tax dodge by his Thatcherite
farrow (sow's ear effect sowers ), confirming

bacon acorns don't fall far
from the Gammon's magic Mammon tree
4) Idiopathic craniofacial erythema at a kilfudyoking

over a dynamite toothpick, when the realisation shites
a ******* light both sides were incinerated on the spot
upon the surface of Friggjarstjarna (Space X booking

clutzclicked). (5) As if the cursed perspex of the Red
Hood wedged on backtofront, the ponceau plasma
kerblammo of cheap shot deathscending

like the red mist upon Prince Prospero
towards his poxy masquecrasher, Red Death,
but from the rear, is genickshuß too late blowing

away blindness in occipital eyes of adage,
e.g. those in back of the caput of top dog immortalised
in dogfood - capitaneus canum, Brutus, donning

no ghillie toga to bump off emperor chum.
(6) Carnivorous-pillarbox shade, prettymuchnot peace-
painted nails of gobsworth jobshite murderdoll dialing

in another Axis-might-as-well-won-day Monday...
For the agency temp. From a blondsports arena
- not Berlin '36 - but gammon gangmaster's king-

size in a pig's styescraper, slap flawless as a paralysed
actress (& her maquillage too), murderdoll her own  
officilicious entertainmeat overloveegging

as Miss Axis Mundi, when cash is queen in urban jumanji
of the UK. Her Nominal Majesty's - nominally - Murdocracy
of murdered dolies. Here, hollow as a bacon thorn bonking

a murderdoll hollow, beauty only follows the money,
the carnal collateral. (7) Sartorial butcher's rainbow of the
Satrap of Toast O' Clock Tophet (sadly not coming

w/ a cone). I don't mean MC. #BBCQT, I mean
the Devil IRL-oosely i.e. the Arch-Hole of myth.
His tartarean tuftaffety w/ auburn ape trimmings  

Borneo bones bled, which owe more to Deforest than
Kelley (practically fratricidal for us mowler honkies,
chinkpanzees & hanuman beigings expatriating

the Africark, yet we are the furriers to the furnace-
keeper). He's been around for a long, long year
- Asmodeus on an English Triumph - but now lolling

over (8) orange eschatology, better to reign
than be flagitious in the fireign line, excruciatingly
expireign & respireign as they moan 'Ooo excruciating!'

in an excruciating manner for 666 x ∞ , that old excruciator.
W/ a fairwind of the dashdamndickens behind them,
t'iddly oakly 'ades boomtube transgressors ranging

from singlesided shouldershruggers to susan stranglers,
mostly multiple offenders hellbending like snot otters
thru the immoral maze of the Malebolge. Cackling

over the crackling Karakazan stirrers from Serbia
& karakdealers from Scarburbia, molten fate
of malefactors no Factor 30 could curb becoming

fact of searing snowangeled faculae in a caldera
of correction, but the Bluest Fiend is the truest friend
of the little children. Beelzeblubbing

hellish tears of tearspray & swazzling w/ sternutation
of consternation, (9) Blucifer (his blah-hue that of a
Neptunian whose neb-blue-lousness saluting

by Bengal lights illumes) is a blue Rubicante
when his sadistyworld flamepark avenges
Hubineks & Heather Wests. We are worth hating,

the Devil's seen the intel. We fence
our consciences at art galleries, buy coffee table prints
like papal indulgences. But Jesus is a gerund.

Like Pink Panther putting on normal panther camouflage,
or a Goth record with a lipstick autograph;
a crow and a flamingo mingling at a birdbath;
or Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart’s leotard:

pink ‘n’ black is my heart
since we did part, since we did part.
Pink! Coz it feels so raw.
Black! Rotten to the core.
Love is a doubled-edged sword
on which my heart, heart's been gored.

Like a baby born on the bonnet of a hearse,
or anachronistic candyfloss on the teeth of Liz the 1st;
an unturned chipolata, top raw, bottom burnt,
or your girlish mirth when I am at my worst:

pink ‘n’ black is my heart
since we did part, since we did part.
Pink! Coz it feels so raw.
Black! Rotten to the core.
Love is a doubled-edged sword
on which my heart,  heart's been gored.

Like the lungs of a nico-tween puffing past a pack-year;
the highlight in Heathcliff’s hair when Cathy drove him queer;
coconut rolls from liquorice allsorts, but not the black ’n’ yeller.
Or my broken heart so terminally tender.

The two tones of good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll,
sang Johnny Teardrop on his Les Paul,
or was it a Fender ?
And is blue the true interior of a heart tore asunder?
Statistics prove we come out of the blue. Q. do I have to
read the instructions slightly with knees bent and far apart,
or stand with one foot on the toilet seat wrapper?
Say yes to that and we'll say 'Well done, my inspiring layabout!'

Yes, to you it's that simple:  benefit scrounger has finally realised that the right way
to bring up a family is available in a range of absorbencies.
The big test will be to see if he is role model for his urinary opening
and the toilet seat with knees.

You should also be aware that if you enjoy a long life, some insurers may ask you
to undertake. How pleasing to read that super skiver walks out within weeks!
It makes me wonder how many other equally fit wasters insert a fresh
menstrual odour, return the coupon overleaf.

Carefully remove the thumb and ******* to hold someone
who suddenly loses the leading market research company when standing up.
Not surprisingly we will never increase it, your life expectancy,
less than a pint of milk or a first class stamp.

As soon as your fingers touch choice of welcome gift, things like a coffin,
disbursements and documents, the use of a chapel of rest when going to the loo.
And you only need to look at mixed case of wine or DVD mini-cruise,
fainting near ****** every 4-8 hours if you need to.

You should talk to your doctor before using carefully selected organisations
for the rest of your life.
It's all very well for scrounger, has got back his peace of mind, nose and ******.  
Doctor out with the ****** first thing. The ****** may be flush,
deliberately sponging off kids and Association of British Insurers.

If you are tense, why not ask us for a no-obligation quote
and your muscles will remember your ****** slopes.
The younger you administers financial products and services with no kind
of naming and shaming campaign, when they are clearly fit for hope.

I hope it makes the benefits office look closer into why the ***** is a flexible membrane  
and 24-hour customer careline. It's the nation's most popular maybe, worn in the ******.
Equally if you were to die soon after the first two cremations and burials,
we won't ask you anything after the recommended time and white fibre.

Shame others **** out the spongers because it's good to see
skivers are allowed better diets and both hands free.  
Read the rest of this feature forwards at the same angle
you also enclose no one knows what, hygienically.

We understand that bus driver to your vaginal opening may help you
enjoy your golden years.
That can be a real help, providing a multiexperienced health hearse.
Insert your main reason medium to heavy worst happened to you
with no hard earned, complacent acceptance.

Fortunately he has immediately become a good guts to always
use the wish to wear a slim applicator for starters.
Unless you have some spare best protection and comfort, choose benefits system
that allowed his beaming proud smile and thousands of others.

Five readers are delighted the dad of a bus driver got a job as grooved rings
at the light and started death information pack today,
made from glossy paper to help hanging outside your body,
which can vary from day to day.

Every woman has her own unique eight years on the dole,
portion of the box embossed with a code.
Can a ****** get lost in very light to light flow,
going to refreshing change it would make on the dole?

You can also  essentially eliminate the risk of menstrual TSS
by not using professionals and counsellors.
Let's hope more idle parasites use your other hand to
fold back the skin that flushed down the toilet, if there is no litter.

Other parasites like the taxpayer can reduce the risk of living longer,
because none of us know acceptance - as complicated as you might think!
Don't leave it too late, achieve something our social system has failed to do.
Point the tube if you think that sounds of ashes, following a special living clinic.

Older women might want at your funeral to buy something,
those aged policyholders milking the system (multipack only).  
Your death could start from as little as the flow
absorbed before it leaves the body.

They could work but chose a pad instead of a ****** at least once each day.
These could easily add several compliments,
ads, flowers, congratulations etc.
All of them may not be present.  

Clearly at least one super scrounger has triple travel
accident **** opening they can look up to,
guaranteed 'fighting fit' with the removal cord  
fainting comfortably inside you.

In fairness to parasites, his footsteps work and he has gone.
Things have got pretty bad when we have to rely on work - what an indictment of a state!
One month after you're paid, you're aged 50-80, made of absorbent material
(cotton and muscle aches).

To all those still working in a couple of months,
for your own cremation crust grafting,
every penny counts, which is why so many never rise.
Why the average person's bottom of the outer tube, same happening.

If you were to die from rayon sun out and featured over land,
gently rotate it or move the rounded
tip of reasons. If you were to die happy with the product,
can you imagine the wide apart or squat postage is interested?  

After eight skiver stories inspire highly loved ones
you're looking to leave biodegradeable,
use your ****** and replace between periods.
He has already found there is self-esteem in illness that can be fatal.

Out there, notice of death fixed for life.
There, together with a quotation,
we've specially prepared medical
burial headstone to help you fill in your application.

There's no way I can make this sound any better:
Get a job asked Time, a partner Place, cover your visible virginity.
If the applicator doesn't slide in the applicator in the
applicator,  remove the applicator from the applicator firmly.

Take a few breaths, guaranteed menstrual flow pattern.
Then again, everyone's heard the sad story of more exercise.
Taking out a plan is nowhere near when the unexpected might happen.
Stylish Parker pen has fat backsides.
Apr 2018 · 407
Born avoidant (well, aside from being born at all),
inchscrutable as croutons under the futon, all

I've coveted is cover since a snorkelparka'd
helix, a weasel helix, from the snorkelparka'd

hydra of inscrutable happenstances
that clusterheadfuck this dappled happenstance,

home sweet anomie, Planet Earth.
Gardencentre Peklo na Zemi of astrotearth

antichthonic, inauthentic, even by where we buy
hardhitting chrysanthemums that buoy

my spi...buoyoyoing!  British budget impulse SCUDGE.
I love her but I begrudge her her scudge.

I love her but I begrudge her her polymorphic
pervert, our pending polymorphic

pervert who'll **** the udderade of the underaged
from Mum's scudgedup blebs. Negasonic middleaged

wordbod, I'll wear my 'World's Greasiest Dad'
tee, see out a sellout poete maudit grandad-

hood, but won't I still livelive this double life,
indicting her & in her debt for this nicelife.

com #invertedcommas I embrace in gardeninggloves?
Marsellus Wallace's Joy Division ovengloves;

the **** sphinxen & the tonguetied sphinxen
of the phenomenological shopfloor; situational sphinx

of Damocles' eyebrows over snorkaparkel'd
hydraheads, the Ultimate Question parked

like a rattletrap; old family recipes;
Zeus' zippo, Hoho Erectus the recipi-

ent of this original hot merch snaffled
by Prometheus Trotter; worth snaff all

to a shiquid lit. worthy like me, a squillion mid
burning Os in my Promethean pockets, a cool
squillion ******* mid;

1/r = 1/0 = ∞ but w/ all the ions .ed & the t-quarks x'd;
nuclear football override codes should TACAMOs get

honest to goodness alchemy, lapis philosophorum
(for the poet is legit filius philosophorum,

transmuting his pilgrim shadow into tanorexic El Rey
Dorado, his basement of basemetals, where nary a ray

of Fama gaily bedights, into a golden garret);
in Thomas Twitterton's garret,

Patricia Lockwood typing a tesseract out
of Pepe, tidepods, bobs, vagene: O what could out-

mean benign & grounding domestic stupor, Stepford Lice's  
Scudge Sundays of Love w/ his Sleaford wife, Mrs. Lice,

who checks out the checkout Unilever Nestle Kraft & Mars.
But a Steppenwulf wife would mar s-

olyent green & pleasant garden centre scudgey life.
Born avoidant: happy wife, happy life.
Apr 2018 · 441
Suicid'oh (Villanelle)
No-one's hanged with cable of wireless mouse.
A butterknife slashes only butter.
Suicide's no go in this stupid house!

It's harder on the hop than you might guess
to improvise serviceable halter.
No-one's hanged with cable of wireless mouse.

Selfharmadillo wrists left for glabrous,
my doldrums armoured by pencil sharpener.
Suicide's no go in this stupid house!

Tatty towelling gown cord my misplaced noose
- what swings free ain't from beam or banister!
No-one's hanged with cable of wireless mouse.

A soak with the toaster would be no use;
it'd just trip the mains. And I've a shower.
Suicide's no go in this stupid house!

Rennies in cabinet won't cook my goose.
Electric oven will egnis my riah.
No-one's hanged with cable of wireless mouse.
Suicide's no go in this stupid house!
Apr 2018 · 378
Mama Lula Chekhov Alrite
'I live uptown. I live downtown. I live all around.'
- 'Changeling', The Doors

Facebook, festivals, coupling, karoshi.
Snorgeoisie dreaming of World War Z.
Mood wings, mood poisoning.
Wearish is this way of life.
Oh well whatever nevermind,
mama lula chekhov alrite!

Norwich is an orange nidus,
so I wear my purple sunglasses.
Should you covet them, fish
the chazzas for the like.
If you find some, or you're blinded by the sun,
mama lula chekhov alrite!

Now I'm a vespertine cyclist  
beneath an amberdamaged fudge
of doves. Quite unharassed the parish,
we duck all outriders save twilite
& that **** earworm of an eggcorn,
'mama lula chekhov alrite'.

Psychedelic hangover this morning,
but now nightcycling ,  off the beaten Ritalin.
Can't see a thing; feel everything.
I wear my (purple) sunglasses at nite,
on the crest of a midnite wheelie.
Mama lula chekhov alrite!

Underpass blades don't raid, but they mite.
I blow a kiss goodbye to the
anuses of this town's black cats.
The creak of a midnite scorer's bike.
Underpass eyes pass me by.
Mama lula chekhov alrite!

Ji-Mo, my original bad influence,
why did you throw the chapter pods away?
If felines rated classic rock bands,
every catlover knows they'd be Doors acolites,
for they share the same elegant feral mystique.
Mama lula chekhov alrite!

Did the dishiest drunkard
in the history of Los Angeles, alcodelic
Dionysus-***-Diogenes appear
to me as boghouse blues spirit guide
a la Elvis & Clarence in 'True Romance',
'Mama lula chekhov alrite'

Ji-Mo's pep mantra? Nah. But
Pere Lachaise was only pilgrimage
I ever made. Later,  le vent de gard du Nord
crooned thru the pissoir as I took le *****,
'C'est la vie, hakuna matata,
che-che-chong che-che-chong

mama lula chekhov alrite!'
Mar 2018 · 520
Autumn W/ A Vengeance
Minstrel dumbstruck in the mizzle.
All romances yield their September.
Atavistically wistful,
the horizon ate my ancestors.

Seamonkey cities in astrobleme
lived the dream, but now magnolia
twilight of dementia picks us clean
w/ friselis of Auld Langoliers.

Killcrop in wellingtons of raven
shine puts the boot in piled margherita
playing card suits. This ruffian's
God; the leaves have human features.

Neither fall nor the Fall are antigrav.
Autumn flotsam 'n' jetsam flutter
like a showboating judge's gav-
el, yet condemning to a yardfire

all the braeburn-variegated Satans,
russet Lucifers w/ wings of nervures.
Deciduous devils, whose crackling perdition
foretells season of hell sowed for gardeners.

No modestly moulting future tense:
life is a winter of autumnal adolescence.
Abscissions are but the frondescence
of the laurels of autumn w/ a vengeance.
I wish my bed led to yours
thru quilted catacombs.
Until I see you remove your drawers,
I will be the Eternal Noob.
But I do not have to see you in the nood
to be Eternally Yours.
Mar 2018 · 584
Borderline Love Lyric 6
I always pictured
angels as a sort
of apperceptive helicopter,
Kryptonian psychiatrist
or interdimensional fallguy.
But mute angel of mercy
suppressing suspiration,
who withheld their number
& was on the line for
seconds at 7
a.m. this morning was you,
I knew
it, checking I was alive
after my BPD jive.

Like a thumbsup from
Lottohanded giddy aunt God, profound
as Enceladean heavenplumes
organic compounds
bead. But I'd rather
discover there was still life in our
remaining *-X'd
petnamers & injokers,
exchanging angel orca,
our kremlinology of ultrasound Eros.
Awaking next to you
- phew!
After a febrile siesta,
like a jammy sailor

shipwrecked upon the shore
of home of all places.
Snug as alien orcas under
Europa's ocherous linea, chaos
terrain, in Jovian lunar caverns
measureless to mantas down
to a sunless sea, our
mooner's pod duets
in cryptolect,
tho' my mooner's
wellhung as Orko
at proto-razbliuto,

fond-to-neutral farewell in your
plaint. You have no
right to resist my other
worlds, clam up on our orca argot.
I am your Stalker God,
you my orca pod
who checked I was alive
after my BPD jive.
I love you so much I'll leave you on hold.
how can you resist
an interpersonal terrorist?
One emotes when one evokes:
for all you know, mothballed reader,
I could have contraired & composted
the shell section of the 'Colour Library
Book of the Natural World' w/ A-level simples
& a fistful of moths who have met their
parrotsketch. In my wellredition, there's inscription
from hypocrite cheapskate poet I know not,
but they are after my own cordiform inkblot:

'I bought this Xmas '88
for both of you to share,
make sure you don't write on it
or the pages tear.'

Pages, pages tear poets apart again.

Did I inspect a dead moth
twixt thumb & forefinger?
As if about to pinchtoke,
tinchily poke a 1960s roach,
which is all dem hippies seemed to smoke?
Don't ask if I pinchfished a dead moth
outta ***** fangs outta the can
for a closer look.
You don't want to know how far I'll
debase, lay myself to waste for Art.
Until the selfimposed dignity of Man
is like Kryptonite carrotcake
to a sweettooth Superman
in a loser's cloak.
I permanently weaken my position
& spread dead moths
next to a pictorial spread of dead moths
to police the remoteness of my *******.

Shells can be conehead crashelmet
homes for whelks, barnacles' helterskelter,
bone spire to keep out the sea & the whelkers.
Shells can be ribbed, Tench Frickler
or smooth as babywipe breeze
upon an orphan's bottom.
Or shells can just be the soul's used booth.
I do attempt to pen my soul
in its booth,
& really am not so faremoved
from the selfcontained philosophy
of selfcontainment behind booves.
I believe in this abandoned booth,
this freedom cocoon inside a nuthouse
cocoon inside a dope cocoon inside a *****
cocoon inside the glistening unshed deadskin
of childhood. Insideout of the blackballed
rainyday cocoon where nothing everchanges
into a betterfly, implosive metamorphosis
into nothingness, blackbathroned noncocoon,
best womb return to when I hadn't been born
I could recreate on a budget.

But outside there's Death's Head moths alive
in the penguin curves of overwaitresses.
Every once & a short long while/long short while,
Death'a Head moths defile my wellbeing,
my 1/2 of a heart2heart will not come out
of its shelling (only statue chemistry remains).

Sarcophagus moths, tombrobber's butterflies
- you know you stone dead moths should
get out more, you'd love Ra the great lightbulb.
Death's Head where the good old bad moon rising
used to be, it fluttermutters its dark matter
which has cosmic knockon effects, tempest in all
24 corners of the timezone - Jolly Roger moths ahoy!
Sail in the face of reset wristwatches.

Raw shark moths, warmedup Death's Heads
in the shadows of the trouty jowls of
elder bloodrelatives, those gouty owls.
From each quivering, filtering
crysisalias, Death's Heads moths fly,
40 approx shock outta shipictured
box of matches.

We can't be what we were meant to be,
kings&queens of each other's moods
in shells or booves, on shelves,
behind screens or in blackbathroomed flats
where all the Alone One has to thinkabout is
the dead flat dead gnat on the ceiling,
straddling its own shadow,
phantom gnat autonecrophile
making an artex exhibition of itself.

Now some poeticlicenceabiding laureate
would nick ****** sprig of their muse's wig
to pick out the killing colour
they desire their arid garret,
but me & my dead moth lost boys
reckon Duluxmen should just bite
the bullet by the horns , slay the taboo
& describe their darkest shade,
'Death Unabashed'. Or 'Black Sheepdog'.

Shucks, I better get off the bathroomfloor
of my mind, this phonebox for the blues
(dial 100 for the motherator). Wash off
this black bathroom gloom, where it appears
the Battle of Britain of Moths was lost.

Shells, husks:
moths, lives, pistachios.
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