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Liam Gwynn Jan 23
Eyes white as ivory staring blankly from those rancid depths
Legs trembling and heart stuttering at the closeness of death
Retreat away from stinking pit into the light
Where a man oh so “civilized” and skin so white
Will pull me from despair into a beautiful white haven
A false sanctuary where not is true and all are craven
A poem I wrote after reading Heart of Darkness.
Liam Gwynn Oct 2018
I swear I can fly
when no one can see
I take a look around and leap
I soar through the sky
my fingertips run through the sea
while the world sleeps
I am truly free
salty air and a gentle breeze
branches snapping across my cheek
a dog yipping at my feet
from green to blue without a clue
blindly I spin through buzzing bees
like a bat out of **** I pass the highest peak
but before the morning birds can trumpet their first tweets
I fly through the window and slip through my sheets
mother opens the door letting in the morning light
unwitting to my breathtaking night
Liam Gwynn Sep 2018
The lonely spire of a tree
Casting a shadow far below
Sprouted from a rocky cliff
Bark ravaged by fire and wind
The Green at war with the Grey  
Branches livid with moss and leaves
The tree is full of life
The birds flutter back and forth
Filling the air with a joyful noise
The shadow it casts is a pleasant release
From the Eyre of the blazing heat
I lay and write all day
Languid and free
Thanks to the trials this Tree faced
Liam Gwynn Jul 2018
A light pulls me in
******* away my time and ambition
like a mosquito hungry for blood
I welcome it without hesitation
offering it all it desires
giving it all my attention
my life out of focus as I stare at my screen
in need of intervention
I just wasted my whole day on my phone and figured I'd write about it.
Liam Gwynn Jul 2018
A boy lays in the grass
watching the mountains so vast
hoping one day he'll be free
to stand as proud as these
Liam Gwynn Jul 2018
Her hair free in the Wind
The taste of salt on my lips
The sun burning through our skin
I never want to go home again

— The End —