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Liam Erasmus Jul 2017
Have you felt the spaces between seconds
In the daytime?
Have you touched the shadows
In your bed?
Have you noticed the silence
On the inside?
Can you tell stories of the battles
In your head?

Are you haunted by ghosts
Of passing time?
Have you had thoughts that run
But don't end?
Do you have keys to the exits
Of your mind?
Or are you trapped in dark corners
With no friend?

There are lies that you tell
That you're fine.
There are bruises that heal
But don't mend.
There is a sadness in you
You can't hide.
There is a question you ask
"Will it end?"

I can't tell you in life
What you'll find.
I can't tell you if it
Will soon end.
But I know that in life
There is sunshine.
And I hope you will find it
Liam Erasmus Jul 2017
Studying the symptoms of drunken nights
I suffer a desolation of spirit
***** shots and wistful kisses unstolen
Sip sip spew sip
I've spent ceaseless days in beds unwishing my existence
I'm too young to be this sad
Liam Erasmus Jul 2017
And my bones are old
Yet am I young
But my heart is not yet
Burdened among:
The trill of my laugh
The echo of friends
And the scars that fine
Loving amends.

So still shall I age,
Become and old sage -
Yet between then and I
Lies fairgrounds of time.

A life of happiness, shall I try
To live before my time to
Liam Erasmus Jul 2017
and i kept trying to draw your face
but everything was wrong
i couldn't find you
in the charcoal or the paper
or the map they made
through the brightest parts of my brain
where i kept you
in a sunny day

when will the storm clear?
Liam Erasmus Jul 2017
Today a young bird fell out of her nest.
Her parents did not sing today.
I passed by her broken body
And noted the distant tragedy.

There will be less birds to sing tomorrow.
Not by one, but many.
And we will make removed remarks
About the quiet sadness
Of the birds in the early morning.
But we will not know
How it feels for a bird
Whose destiny is flight
To fall
Without knowing its true ease of movement
Without feeling the pleasure of its birthright

Sometimes the trapeze artist's net simply
Liam Erasmus Jul 2017
I was
(In my thoughts)
In pressed flowers and a drunken night
But it was you, really
And my head was light
But I could still think
Even though the water was dark
(I was unhappy)
And we'd forgotten those stars
For a golden moon
(Because I realised you don't)
And you told me of a man
And a beach and a rock
And I went to bed
(Love me)
In memory of the first of January, 2017. The night I realised the girl I had fallen for... would never really feel the same.
The poem may seem abstract, but it tells of the important parts of that night. The hidden message is easy enough to decipher (hint, it's written like this)
Liam Erasmus Jul 2017
I found myself
Ripping off
The pretty petals
You'd grown so well
And in that
I found my answer:

For all the damage I'd done,
"She loves me not."
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