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Who created me and why, what did you have in mind?
21/F/India    A scribbler! Bibliophile! Logophile! Grammar Nazi! Hard core introvert! Striving hard to be a poet!
21/F/PH    A speck in the universe.
winona louise anne
19/F/Philippines    mediocre
18/M    Hey. I'm Danny I write poems, sometimes..
Sahir Bhat
William Sexton
13/M/floating in the void    easily inspired || don't take my words as gospel || not as formal as he should be
19/F    Smiling and laughing are my favorite hobbies
my bed no longer feels like home
Baylee Beausoleil
20/F/Las Vegas    I punish with my tongue and survive with my words. My book “now you know” is available on Amazon!
18/F    An overthinker with thoughts that resemble the darkness of a blackhole.Books are my escape from reality.Writing is my escape from getting sucked into that previously ...
Elizabeth Oyibo
18/F/Iowa    "I will never be anything other than a tragedy"
Lynn Hamilton
I am not a 'poet' but I do love to scribble and my scribbles usually form within a few minutes (as you can probably tell). ...
Brooxana Pierre
Faust Morningstar
22/F    Beginner trying to find meaningful things to do with my life.
Nathan Smith
27/M/Michigan    Newly sober and took a shot at poetry and loved it
Jordan W
19/M/Guelph    Sold my soul; never to get it back
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