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Hope Brooks Mar 31
I never knew how far I'd fallen,
before your gaze fell on me.
My heart started to roar
loud, and thunderous, raging like the sea

I opened my eyes
and to my own surprise
there was no wing to catch me
No silver clad knight
awaiting in soft moonlight
meant to set me free.

I found my love
rifling through keys I had long forgotten
I thought it funny and a bit strange
that my heart may have grown rotten

I was wrong of course it hadn't blackened
as I had often thought
It was never stone nor made of metal
It is still open - just can not be bought

My heart had grown heavy
I had so much to carry
I felt much like Atlas at times
But, truly, I am still a faerie

A pixie, a sprite
a woodland delight
that is as carefree as can be
I still sometimes drown
in unheard sound
just whispers of Reverie

I love my own little world
but I am no longer a little girl
I have put away childish things

Reality seems to have fled
as the streets give up her dead
Hearts mourn as Fae sings.
Hope Brooks Mar 30
His eyes burned me
His gaze transfixed
the first dance,
of apprehension

In circles we'd spin
on merely a whim
curiosity was loves invention

Looking for who we are
looking to who we've been
the keys to wisdom oft mentioned

Granted entry through weakness
or maybe strength of heart
the fear is the prevention

Bringing back things
I forgot I could feel
the heat, and the tension.
Hope Brooks Mar 30
Translation is key
in prophesy
and also, it must be spoken

Young men and women
hiding gifts, God given,
because they think it makes them broken

United we stand
through times' sand
carrying but a token

One of affection
or one of affliction
or a secret we had awoken.
Hope Brooks Mar 30
The realm of reality slips from the grasp
in the small hours of morning,
when the chill doth last.

When traveling through the night
by the waters raging,
you wish to see a light

There is always one to be found,
if you look sky ward
as you are oft bound

Walk, do not run, to the guiding force
that tugs at your heart
and through your blood, does course

Given to you from birth, a passage rite
belief handed down through generation
brings the clearer sight

Everything we were, and who we are
are an amalgamation
of our victories and scars.
Hope Brooks Nov 2017
I cover up how cold I feel with a warm smile
Slowly recede into my mind, and hide for a while
fear begins to creep in past my defenses
until the chill of it overwhelms my senses
I drive the dark interstate from thought to thought
disbelieving what I'm thinking, and the pain its wrought
I don't shed tears on the surface, I've taught myself other ways
I silently drown in my sorrow, pray, and wait for better days
So I'll let myself smile, or edify, to better hide my pain
as I sit within my mind, and slowly go insane
Tears are for people who let their pain escape
the pain within my brain rarely takes a shape
When it does, Its a slowly spreading darkness, it forms a raging sea
it drowns me deep within it, I choke on insecurity
Hope Brooks Sep 2017
Lets dance to the beat of our entwined hearts -
Until the song is done.
Lets sing in the shower of our affections -
and just let that shower run.

Life gives us but one chance -
To find the mate for our soul.
So hold on tight to me forever -
Because you make me whole.

You have mended a broken heart -
That to I thought there was no cure
Hold me tight for the rest of ever -
And know that my love is sure.

When you smile, My heart alights -
With an enduring flame.
It takes away my breath -
Every time you speak my name.

I hope that I am to you -
At least what you are to me
You are the last my heart will love
For only you hold its key.
Hope Brooks Sep 2017
He spoke in tongues of demons
That dwell within his mind
But could also converse with angels
in the tongues of their own kinds
And as you look into his eyes
and see not an ounce of faith
It had been taken from him
and thus he'd become a wraith
a wailing spirit longing
For heavens cool embrace
He wanted to find his peace
but fear was etched upon his face
He did not want rejected
for his heart could not bear it
So he wandered life in misery
Through God his sins were acquit
Sanity seemed to flee
And doubt replaced his love
And all the while he reached out
To his God above
Fear replaced joy
Had the demons won?
They stripped him of everything
would he be undone?
He wanted to climb out
of the hole that he had made
And every time he fell again
His heart would also fade
Love could reach down
and pull the man back out
if only he would grab her hand
and let her erase his doubt.
Peace, Love and understanding
Is all I want for him to have
To quell his anger, quench his thirst
and finally again hear him laugh.
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