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a q u a l o v e Apr 2019
I find beauty in the things that break us,
maybe even the things that hold us in prevail.

I believe you can love someone in silence,
yet it always leaves me longing for a figure in my emptiness.

I distance myself from
my innocence,
my mind,
and my love.

I crash into waves of emotion,
my uncertainty always fills the air.
Along with my decaying nostalgia

I engrave the worse of consciousness,
for in ways I will never forget the affliction
I cause for my mental stability  

a q u a l o v e Jul 2018
all my demons
rest in my head
dragging my sorrows
through-out the pain

amongst lonely eyes
fear takes it form
white lies
a q u a l o v e Jan 2018
i have taken your mess
in as my own
and i have found myself
creating our home.
a q u a l o v e Jan 2018
My yellow love
Shines in your atmosphere
Giving you a power
That offers me a happiness
Within your arms.

— The End —