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lexi 5d
I denied its existence
shunned it
certain I'd never experience it

then I met you
doubt crept in
insecurities waltzed through my mind
how could you love me
when I wasn't one of a kind

I tried to tell you
convince you
but you didn't care
you loved me regardless

you made me feel special

time has gone by
and you're still here
I love you more and more
with every passing day

you're unique
you get me
you're loved
you're mine
stay mine forever
I love you
lexi Mar 2018
I thought about you
But I wasn't sure if I wanted you
But then you came
And drove a panic attack into my brain

I couldn't control myself anymore
I thought you'd stay around a lot more
I was managing, faking that I was fine
But then you left again
Something tells me this won't be the last time
lexi Mar 2018
Did you even bother to listen?
Did you really hear my words?
Or did you just judge me?

Once upon a time, I thought you cared
I thought you loved me
But you never did

You taught me a lot, you made me smile
You made me feel important
For a while

But your anime-like eyes turned dark and cold
Skin so soft and smooth turned rough
Sharp was your tongue as it cut me
Deep were the wounds that you made

Now, you stay there
A lack of emotion all over your face
Now, you just stay there and watch me bleed

— The End —